147-146 auction

 I am Shax, a merchant from the Devil's Land.

 It has finally come.
 The day of the big sale of the summons you entrusted to me by the Demon Queen Astares!

"But that doesn't mean...?

 The Demon Queen, who had accepted the invitation as a client, was not happy about it.

I said that I wanted you to help me sell them, but I didn't expect you to do it through an auction.

 That's right, an auction.

 The venue we had set up for the auction was already packed with customers.
 A lot of customers.

It was worth all the effort to advertise.
'I understand your enthusiasm, but did you have to go that far? I thought for sure that I was going to be selective in selecting the customers that fit my size and needs and selling them directly to them...?

 That's usually the case if you're in business for the wealthy like we are.
 We often go directly to the customer to get the order, rather than selling to them.

 But the way we sell depends on the time and circumstances!

''The dress that Her Majesty the Demon Queen is wearing has been talked about for a long time. To put it bluntly, they were envious of it.
Oh, really? I didn't know that!

 Many of the noblemen of the Demon Kingdom asked the famous designer to make this dress for them. "I want a dress like the new Demon Queen. And.

 However, the things that are produced in this way are all very different.
 The difference in materials or the difference in ideas, none of them are far from the originals.

 The more common they were in circulation, the more the original owned by the queen would be envied, the more people would be willing to buy it, and the more valuable it would be.
 A completed expectation inflationary spiral!

That's why. When the existence of the Demon Queen's secret exclusive designer is revealed and his work is put up for sale, it can't be helped but attract attention.
''Is that so...?
If this is the case, other customers will not be happy that they have been excluded from the sale. If that happens, our company will lose a lot of money because customers will resent us.
"And the auction and...?

 If we can advertise to our favorite customers at the same time and have them gather in one place, we won't feel unfair.
 In addition, due to the system of the auction, it is also possible to raise the price naturally.

''With Her Majesty the Demon Queen in attendance, the credibility of our products has been raised enough. I can't thank you enough.
It's what we said. I'm sorry if you don't cooperate a little bit. I've already let some selfishness pass...

 That's right.
 The queen asked me to act as an intermediary for her products, and I accepted, but in the end, she didn't reveal the identity of the hired designer who tailors her clothes.
 In the end, she didn't reveal the identity of the designer who tailors the clothes for her.

 I was promised victory if I could get an exclusive contract with the designer, but I suppose it would be too greedy to try to get all the money in one go.

 For now, let's do our best to get the profit in front of us.

''Then, Demon Queen. I'll record the highest bid, please see it here!
Oh...! Don't be too obsequious...?

 As I take the stage, the audience applauds as I take the stage.
 I wait for the excitement to naturally die down before I begin my speech.

"...ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming here today. The Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a special auction!

 Another round of applause.
 Waiting for it to subside.

''We have a few good pieces of your designer's work that Queen Astares has kindly provided us with! First of all, let's give a big-hearted Demon Queen a round of applause in appreciation!

 I won't forget to lift and flatter those in power.
 If the Demon Queen feels good about this and lets me slip up about our exclusive designer, we'll make some money.

 You have to make sure that you've laid the groundwork before proceeding with the main story.

''Then, let me introduce our products right away!

 At my signal, the dress attached to the torso takes the stage.
 There are a few garments entrusted to me by the Demon Queen this time, but among them, the most luxurious one is thrown in for the first shot.
 No need to put out!

Item number one is the perfect formal dress for a lady's outfit. You'll be the center of attention when you wear it to the ball!

 A chorus of enraptured sighs could be heard from the audience.
 Because of the nature of the products, most of the visitors were ladies. You've got it.

''At this point, I would like to get to the secret of the dress of Demon Queen Astares-sama that I have been drooling over. First of all, this fabric! It's not like what we know!

 It is smooth to the touch and even gives off a faint glow.
 I've never seen such beautiful fabrics. Even I, as the head of the Grand Chamber of Commerce, am well versed in all kinds of goods.

This is a cloth called silk, also known as silk. Also known as silk.

 A commentary by Queen Astares.
 It sounds like a passive-aggressive tone, though! An unfamiliar name makes my heart skip a beat with curiosity!

'It's a fabric made specifically in one place. I don't think I need to tell you that the quality is quite different from the cloth we know.
'Not at all! But that's not the only amazing thing about this dress!

 To avoid staining the dress, she carefully hems it through her gloves, revealing the lining.

'See! The seams on this dress! If it's a garment, it's sewn together, of course, but with this dress it's on a different level than anything else!

 When I saw this for the first time when I was checking out the product, I too was surprised and balked.

'Perfectly even seam spacing! And straight! It's hard to believe they were sewn by hand! Whoever sewed this up is truly an act of God!

 A product with so many noteworthy features, how could it not sell for a high price!
 That's why I'll sell you for the highest price possible!
 Hence the auction!

'Then it's time to get into the bidding! The lowest bidder is...!

              * * *

 The final item, a shirt worn under the skin, was successfully bid on and the auction ended successfully.
 No unsuccessful bids. Furthermore, all items cleared the expected bid price.
 It's already woohoo.

''No........I'm afraid the bids are all astronomical......!

 The Demon Queen Astares was surprised by the amount of money she was making.
 However, this auction would not put a penny in the Demon Queen's pocket.

''Are you sure? For this sale, our company and the creator will split the proceeds 50-50.... I'm sorry to the Demon Queen for giving me this precious opportunity...?
''It's fine, I'm just happy to know that his efforts are recognized by the world. Of course, make sure you have a receipt and a payment notice so that people don't think I'm the one who cut out the middleman.
Of course that's...!
And I have one last favor to ask of you, though.

 The Demon Queen. Here, she suddenly hid her voice.

''Actually, I have one more piece of hers on hand for sale.
What did you say?
It's not personal. I don't make them for the world to see.

 Why would you tell me that right after the auction?
 Why would you tell me this right after the auction?

I know who I'm going to sell this dress to. We want you to sell the clothes to that person, and we want you to be able to sell them to a reasonable price. For a good price, of course.
What, huh?
And I'm sorry to be the weird one to ask, but can you sell it to me in such a way that I can't find the sales channel for it?
Especially lest he know I'm involved. He's a very perceptive guy. You can leave the details up to him. If you succeed, I'm sure your faith in the Chamber of Commerce will be solidified in Master Zedan's time.