218-217 Turbidity

 I noticed that there were more breweries.

 Originally, it was only one building.
 But before I knew it, it had grown to three.

 What's the meaning of this?

 Am I hallucinating?

My Lord, have you not received a report?

 An oakbo who was passing by told me.

''We've built an extension at the request of Lord Bacchus. He said that one building wasn't enough...''
And you said you guys built it...?
We haven't had any construction work for a while here again.... It's been a long time since we've all been roused...!

 Before I knew it, the orcs had turned into building junkies.

 How dare you try to take advantage of these orcs' desire to build and give them what they want...?

What do you think you're doing?

 I stormed into one of the three breweries without a second thought.
 But Bacchus wasn't there.

"Master Bacchus is in the winery now.
Oh, hi, I'm sorry.

 A priestess who is a Bacchus devotee told me to go to the next warehouse.

'Oraa! Are you in there, Bacchus?
He just moved to the warehouse in Nihonsuch.
Excuse me!

 I apologize to the Bacchus priestess again, flatly.

'Here?! This time it's here!
Master Bacchus reminded me he had to get to the brewery and returned.
"What the f*ck?

 Bacchus, don't you think you've been bouncing around too much?
 So we changed our tactics and waited in one of the warehouses, and then Bacchus came out of nowhere.

"Oh, you're a saint? What's going on here?
I've been waiting for you!

 When I questioned him about building the brewery without my permission, Bacchus didn't take offense.

It was necessary to make a certain amount of good sake. All you have to do to drink good sake is what you have to do!

 There was no matter that took priority over this demigod more than 'good wine'.

 .........Well, it can't be helped.

''Next time, make sure you get through to me as well.

 So this story is out of hand.

'But more importantly, we got a prototype as soon as possible! I'd love for you, the owner of the farm, to taste it too!

 And the switch in the story is tremendous.


 You've only been at the farm for a couple of months and you're still here...?
 Normally, alcohol is a drink that takes years to make and there's no way it's even a prototype yet, right?

 No, but if it's a different world, that means there's a way to shorten the production time.
 We probably have some memories on our side too.

So what have you got?
Wine! Nihonsh! Beer! All the stuff I want you to drink!

 Don't get all folded up.

              * * * *

 Since it was so important to me, I decided to try it with everyone.

 First, the wine.

 We had been growing grapes for wine in the dungeon orchard, and it finally came in handy.

 It's a rich, sweet and fruity wine, the complete opposite of beer.

 The demigod Bacchus, originally a wandering alcoholic beverage god, is said to have been a fruit wine that represented wine.

 He was used to making this wine, and without consulting with me, he was able to produce it in no time at all.

This is a good wine, isn't it?
'It's sweet and easy to drink. I prefer this to beer.
'Is it the ingredients? I think it's better than the wine I drank back home...?
That's right, it's made from grapes grown by Saint Francis!

 As I suspected, the wine was very popular with the ladies.

 The wine was a big hit with Prati, the elves and the satyrs.

 They poured red wine down their throats in wine glasses that they had been urgently produced by the Poel Squad. There was a unique s*xiness to these women.

              * * * *

 Then it was time for the next round of sake tasting.


 Bacchus is kind of excited.

 This is the sake that Bacchus had tried to recreate at my suggestion.

 The sake is made from rice.

 When I first instructed Gala Rufa to make this sake on our farm, the rice was not yet ready.
 Now that Bacchus has taken up residence, I asked him to give it a try, and he has succeeded.

'The biggest effort of the year! I got the idea from a saint and brewed a brew in a way that I've never tried before, you know!

 As a god of sake, I can't blame him for getting excited.

 The prototype sake that Bacchus had made was a purely white muddy sake.

 This is the first thing you will encounter when making sake.

 Rice is boiled until it turns into porridge, and then fermented with alcohol to produce turbid sake.
 Because the fermented rice remains in the sake, it is cloudy and white.

 The cloudy residue is then strained out and only the clear part of the sake is pureed, which I am familiar with.

 That's what I'm familiar with.

 I had never tried this type of sake before, but it was delicious.

 My preconception was that it was just like amazake, but I was wrong.
 It was a real sake.

 When I put it in my mouth, the mild sake taste unique to sake spread out along with the substantive texture of the cloudy white color.

'This is a wonderfully crafted sake.

 He got a passing grade from me and gave me a big cheer.
 The god of sake has put his heart and soul into making sake.

"You can make more muddy water from this and make it clean.

 I'm not going to say that sake is better than muddy sake, but you can use the muddy part of it to make sake lees and use it in many different dishes.

And you can distill it to make shochu, too. It's a dream come true...!

 If you distill sake, you can make shochu. To put it very crudely, that's what distilling is.
 Distillation is what it sounds like.
 It's the same thing we learned in science class: heat water to a boil and turn it into steam, then separate the water from the impurities.

 The same operation is used for liquor, and distilled liquor is made by separating the water from the alcohol and making the alcohol content higher.

If we can drink so many things, I want to drink distilled liquor. Well, it's impossible to do without a special distiller...

 Let's leave that for a later date.

 More importantly, there is a segment of the population that loved the muddy wine, just as wine was popular with the ladies.

 That demographic was the oak and goblins.

'This is good,'
'It has a sweetness that eases the bitterness of life.
'Sip it, the memories seem to permeate my mind.
I'll have another one.
I'll take it.


 The orcs and goblins are getting more Han-degree.
 Sake is raising their Han-degree...!

    * * *

 And finally, beer.

 The beer was originally made on a farm, but it was developed by Gala Rufa, produced by the orcs and goblins, and then officially transferred to the Bacchus.

 That's how they made their first beer, though.

""Ha ha ha!"

 They clash mugs of beer poured over each other.


 Beer is still good, too!