234-233 Story of building a castle

 Now that I'm done making dried bonito flakes, I'm using the extra time I have in winter to expand my culinary repertoire.

 And then, just as it was happening.
 And then Okubo came to ask me for a favor.
 Not only did he come to ask me for a favor, he came with many other Orcs as well.

"I would like to ask a favor from you, my lord.

 It's rare that the orkbo's come to ask me for a favor.
 Although I brought these Orcs from the dungeon to facilitate the work of my farm, they are now fine companions and have been of great help to me in many ways.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of it.

Let me know.
We are all very proud of what you did the other day, my friend.

 I'll start with a weird prelude.
 The Orcobos have improved quite a bit since they came to our house, but they've even learned to be strangely ostentatious.

'Mana Metal's ship! Your immense skill in perfecting something so strange and rational, something no one could have imagined! We were overwhelmed from the bottom of our hearts. That is truly divine work!
No, no...!

 That's a bit of a compliment, Mr. Okubo.
 Do you want a zucchini?

"We were still chickens...! They have built many houses, warehouses, and waterways, and their achievements are still not even close to yours...! And then I thought of it!
We want to do even better! I want to build something that's never been built before and learn more skills! I think!

 Building something that's never been built before.....

Building what?
It's a castle!

 A castle...
 What is this guy talking about?

 No, no, no, no, no. My little Okuboes are seriously asking for it.
 I'm serious about listening to them.

Do you want to build a castle?
'As you wish! The biggest thing ever!

 On our farm, the orcs were responsible for building the houses where the inhabitants slept and woke, the storehouses where the harvest was stored, and various other structures.
 They are very powerful people.
 Before I knew it, I didn't know that I had grown into such a great building enthusiast.

 You have come to take pleasure in building things, haven't you?

 There are many kinds of debauchery, female debauchery, food debauchery, and other debauchery, but this is not the time to talk about "fukke-dobaku" as the ultimate in debauchery.

'Oh no, but wait? Where are they going to build that castle?

 I don't think it would get in the way of building anywhere on our farm, would it?

 It's a castle, right?
 It's big and opulent and built of stone, right?

 How are you going to build that on my farm and use it?

Don't worry about it, my lord. The castle isn't built on a farm.
Not on the farm?

 So where would you build it?

"Lord Elrond has seen you on your way here. A land in perfect condition to build a castle.

 Aileron the Elf?
 The girls were originally a group of elven bandits who raided the Demon Land of Humans, but after living a life on the run because of their thievery, they ended up in our home.
 It wouldn't be surprising if they saw something on the way there.......

''I want to build a satisfactory castle in that place!
Wait, does that mean we're going off the farm? I'm gonna miss you all so much when you leave the farm...?
We've already arranged for Mr. Veerle to bring you to the farm! And when we get there, we'll set up a transition point so you can come back every day, at night! With shifting magic!

 So many things are perfect.

"With your permission, my Lord! Please!

 I'm worried about releasing the orcs that have been living on the farm all this time, but I can't dismiss them for asking me to be so serious....
 There's extremely little to do in the winter, so it's good to make up for it.

For goodness sake.
''Thank you!''

 And thus began Orc's trip to build a castle.

    * * * *

"....This is the perfect place to build a castle...?

 I was curious and I had some free time, so I decided to accompany Okubo and the others on their castle building expedition.

 I'm not going to be able to get the best out of it.
 I think it was about three hours of flight time.

 It was a small hill, and when I stood at the top, I had a great view of it.
 Looking down, I saw a large river flowing by, and beyond it, a magnificent flatland.

I'm sure it would make a great field if we could cultivate it.

 Is it no longer an occupational hazard to think that it is?

"Oakboro Leader! This land on the hill! It's flat and vast! It's a great way to build a big building!
That river! Isn't that river just a natural moat! You can even use it for drinking water!
"Hold on, hold on! If you use river water for drinking, you have to take into account the possibility of poison being washed away from upstream! Split up and start investigating! Go find out where the water source is!
"We're pretty sure this summit is where the castle will be built. Let's check out the mountain path leading up to this point! Let's all have a meeting to see what traps we can set up there!

 The enthusiasm of the Orcs is too stubborn to pull it off.

 Come to think of it, I heard that castles were originally used as war facilities to hunker down and fight back when the enemy attacked.

 When the Orcobos first said they wanted to build a castle, I thought they just wanted to build a big building, but that's not the case.

 These guys are trying to build a castle that can withstand a siege...?
 If we can just hole up in this castle, we can fight for ten years?

 Where do they get this knowledge from? So this is the passion of a building enthusiast!

"Transfer point in place, sir!

 Verena, who had casually accompanied him, was working.
 Now the orcs can come here whenever they want to....

 The orcs began their winter crafting and castle building.

    * * * *

 .... a month later.

 I was visiting the hilltop again to see how the orcs were crafting.

 A castle on a hill.
 I came up with the idea, but let's not say it. And the people in the other world wouldn't get it anyway.
 And it's not even on a cliff in the first place.

 .... a moving castle on a hill.
 I've mixed up too many things.

 Regardless of that futility, it was already pretty much finished.
 On top of the hill where it was just a flat area when we first arrived, a magnificent castle had been built.

 Built in stone in a western style.
 The protective ramparts and side towers for guards were solid, and it looked like they couldn't be cut down by a little bit of effort.

'My Lord! Wouldn't it be cool if we put a catapult here to throw stones all at once?
We're designing a long-range catapult to the other side of the river!
Look at this place! We can aim at them with arrows through this hole in the wall!
''It's Sunpaw, an enemy trying to pass through this passage will fall into a pit and beat you up from above!

 It's good that the orcs seem to be enjoying themselves, but what kind of impregnable fortress are they going to build?
 It's a facility that has become too stripped down to a fighting spirit.

 The castle is not yet completely finished, and although you can hear the sound of a hammer here and there, it is practically ready to deal with the enemy even if they attack now.

 But what are we going to do with it after it's finished?

 It was the beginning of what can only be described as "I made it because I wanted to make it" in terms of motivation.

"Okubo Reader! My Lord! Oh my God!

 Something about one of the orcs rushed over to me in a hurry.
 I'm glad I was there too, and I'm going to report back to him.

'I took a break and took a quick stroll around the area, but I found something outrageous!
"There's a human village!