236-235 Misunderstanding resonance

 No, I don't think so.

There's a village nearby! When I received the report that I was going to visit my neighbors to greet them, I thought it was my role to do so, of course.

 But then Oakvo ran for office and said, "I'm in charge here! Please let me take care of it! I was pushed out of the way.

 So I've been waiting incessantly for the return of Okubo, who was headed to greet me at the castle on the hill.
 Now it's too late and I'm still waiting.

 I wonder if I've said hello properly...?
 I wonder if he's been fighting with the villagers...?

 Harriedly, I watched the mountain path down to the village, and eventually saw some people coming up from the other side of the path.

 It was Okubo.

 They returned safely.
 There were also a few figures that we hadn't seen on our way out. From a distance, there is no doubt that they are human beings. That is to say, they are probably the villagers.
 The fact that they all seemed to be enjoying themselves in a state of mild intoxication told me the success or failure of their greetings.

'My Lord! I'm back now!

 Okubo said in an unusually good mood.

''This is the representative of the village at the foot of the mountain. We have been asked to accompany you to meet my lord!

 The old man, who calls himself an elder, is a representative who is also the head of the village.
 Okubo's greeting was so polite that it developed into a drinking spree, and they had been drinking away until just now.

''Well, well, well...! I'm sorry to hear that my orkbo is not working for you? I am the master of the orcs here!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no....

 The elder was in a better mood than he expected.

 He felt a great sense of relief and freedom after finding out that the monster, which he had thought was the bane of the village, was harmless, and that he was a good neighbor.

The vegetables we received as gifts were so delicious that we used them all up for the feast. Everyone in the village said they had never eaten anything this good before...!
No, no, no, you don't have to give me that kind of credit.

 I will send you a replenishment later.

 The success of the greeting was evident just by touching this atmosphere.

    * * * *.

 The elder went straight into a tour of Okubo's castle.

The elder went straight into the castle of Okubo. This is a very impressive structure. I didn't know that Orcs could build a castle with such precision...!
No, no...!

 The Orcbos are praised and feel like they're not evenly distributed.
 But these oakbos are a special category of orcs!

That's a relief. To be honest, we were very relieved to hear that the monster was the first to settle in the area.

 I didn't realize I was giving you such a skinny feeling.
 I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner.

'But it's all right now that we've cleared up the misunderstanding, right?
As a matter of fact, there is a problem, sir.


"When we learned of the monster in the hills, we sent word to our lord at once.

 The monsters are here!
 Put a soldier on the line! Kill the monsters and get rid of them! Help!

 It's a plea.

I ran the fastest horse in the village, sir.
So has the news already come through...?
No, he's the fastest runner in the village, but he's also the most lazy person in the village.

 You can't do that.

Just a few days ago, he came back once to the village, saying he had taken the wrong road. He's just a nobody.

 So you couldn't call for help for a month?
 What are you doing, when the very survival of your village hangs in the balance?

But in this case, that's how the injury worked out for you, isn't it?

 The misunderstanding was cleared up while the fast-footed directional deafness was moping around, so it all came full circle.

''And just now, he came back saying, 'I finally reached my lord!
That thing!
"The Lord is going to rush over with his troops within five days, I hear. Indeed, the lord is truly a good lord, showing mercy even to a small village like ours~~!

 Is the lord such a good person? I thought some of the patterns might be badass, but...!
 But this time it's backfiring on you!

 What do I do? Based on the totality of what the elder said, the soldiers led by the lord will be here in five days at the most, right?
 And he has a strong will to fight.

I'm sure they'll understand if I tell them what happened.

 Okubo says it sounds easy, but I think it's naive.

 A castle is essentially a military facility.
 It's a building used for war.

 A castle is built to protect and efficiently kill the enemy while holed up in solid facilities such as walls and gates, that is what a castle is.

 Those who are in charge of administration must have such an awareness very strongly.
 Take the lord, for example.

 When that lord comes to you with the intention of fighting you, will you be able to easily back off by explaining that you have no hostile intentions and that the castle was built just for fun?

 Those who would simply believe that would be at the mercy of something like Zhuge Liang Ming.

''Then what should I do...?
"We can't really attack him........!

 The most peaceful solution would be to tear down the castle they built and leave before the troops arrived.

 But the castle was built by the Orcobos as a hobby and fun to build. It would be a pity to end it in such a miserable manner.

 Protecting the castle, convincing the approaching lords, and protecting the peace of the village.
 A brilliant plan that meets all of these requirements...!

Well it's no wonder.

 It occurs to me.

'I'm going to do the only brilliant way to make it all come full circle. Orcbo, I'll make some alterations to your castle, and I hope you'll agree.
My Lord!
I'll take the lead from here! Everybody needs to get cracking, man! We only have 5 days to make our deadline!

 Thus, our preparations to intercept the lord's army began...!

    * * *

 And five days later.
 Exactly five days later, as promised, the lord arrived with an army of soldiers.

 There are hundreds of them, with an army that is even greater than I imagined.

 Is this the plan to surround and kill the orcs that are stronger than men?
 But I won't let that happen.
 I am ready to intercept!

Now, OkCbo, tell me your war speech.
Are you sure you don't want me to run the division?

 The Orcbos asked back with concern, but they had only come out to defeat the orcs.
 What would be the point if the orcs didn't greet them?

''Well, if that's the case, I'm going to go...!

 From the top of the castle, I watched Oakbo as he walked down the safety path for officials on the mountain road.

''But ... are you sure this was the right choice?''

 Another Orc asked worriedly.

''If you can't get them to back down in a negotiation, are you being too rough to try to fight them...?
I'll be fine. I'm sure you'll say we're just friends if we have a fight.
I won't say.

 They also say that fighting is the supreme communication beyond s*x.

 We dare to use battle to communicate our harmless feelings, which words alone cannot convey!
 When we have clashed with each other with all our might, we will realize that we can understand each other.

 That's why I've been working to improve the Orcubos' castle and rebuild its defenses.
 I had to make sure that the attackers could repel them without suffering a single scratch.

 In other words, I made it an attraction of intercepting positions.
 The castle was turned into a mass of attractions.

 With that attraction, we can show them that we mean them no harm, not just with our words, but with our actions.

 Okubo, in the face of the lord's army, speaks up.

'Well done, army of men who have come...! I am Oakbo, Lord Oakbo of this castle...!

 The villain's performance is magnificent.

If you have the skill, challenge my castle. If you can successfully reach the tower and complete the attack, you will be rewarded handsomely. I hereby declare war on the battlefield. This is a siege. You will attack the castle and we will prevent you from hiding in the castle.

 The name of the battle was chosen based on the knowledge of the world I was in before.

 Wind Cloud Okubo Castle.