352-350 high elf

 The change came from some other direction than what I expected.

 The normal elves who could come and go in and out of the forest freely reported.

''The human nation has been destroyed!


 Wasn't a country meant to be destroyed? Well, it has existed since before Warawa was born.
 But when he heard the report, he honestly thought, 'So what? That's all I could think of.

 We, the Elves, have no part in the world. We are not concerned with the world.

 But according to the young man, it is different.
 The reason our forest is drying up and narrowing its scope is because of the legal magic used by the human race, isn't it?

 The mana of the human race had been forcibly robbed from the earth, and because of this, the power of nature was diminishing.
 If the human nation was destroyed, then the magic his nation had put up for defense would stop, and the mana that was taken would return.


 Then the warriors would not be destroyed, right?
 Our forest will also stop declining, or at least not perish.
 If all goes well, the returned mana will revitalize the forest and it will return to its original, rich, great sea of trees!
 Just when I was exhilarated to hear that it was a wonderful thing....

 Then another change came from a different direction.
 The Demon Lord's Army has come to visit me in the forest.

 According to them, he is the one who destroyed the human nation.

 Are they coming to tell you that they are going to change the ruler?
 No one will ever rule in the Elven Forest.
 The elves will only serve the forest that feeds them.
 If you want to play ruler, go outside the forest. This is none of our business.

 What? What's the difference?

 I thought you were here to compel us elves to swear an oath of obedience.
 I'm not sure I've ever seen such a thing before.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not one of them.
 But not you demons.

We want to see the rebirth of the Elven Forest.

 I was surprised to see one of the demon tribe's men coming out of the crowd.
 It was our own kind of elf.

"I am Elzariel, granddaughter of the mighty Elf warrior, the valiant Elmoelus.

 Well, when was the last time you left the forest for the grandson of a madman?
 Why is such a person in the company of demons?

Things are changing fast out there. And that's why I'm here with the Demon Lord's Army.

 What do you say you want?


 The food chain?
 Shuffling, shuffling, shuffling....
 You eat the forest? How dare you!
 You want to hurt our already dying forest, greedy greedy bastard!

'No! Plant it! It says plant a forest, plant a forest!

 I've been listening to this story of the outer elves for a while now, and I'm beginning to understand what it means.

 The idea is to revive the forest by planting young trees in a place that is now dead and vacant.

With this method, we can restore the forest much faster and more efficiently than letting nature take its course.
"I think this project of the Demon King's Army is worthwhile, and I came to see you today to ask for your help in this time of hardship, as you have never abandoned the forest and continued to live here.

 It's been a long time since I've seen an elf outside the village.
 But our business is of no consequence.

 I've said to him.

I understand what you want to do. Now get the hell out of here.
They can do whatever they want to do in the outside world, whether they fight or kill each other. They can do whatever they want in the outside world, whether they want to fight or kill each other. That is why we will not allow them to interfere with us.
But this is for the reclamation of your forest...

 Do you think we're obligated to follow them if it's beneficial?
 That is disgusting and kind.

 Listen to me. This forest belongs to the elves who adore and respect it.

 I will not allow any outsider to tamper with it.
 Nor will they meddle with our godlike forest.

 A forest is only a forest if it is nurtured in nature.
 Nurtured efficiently by human hands? I've had enough of your profanity!

Such an act is an insolent attempt by men to rule the forest. It is the daughter of the forest and the elves will not tolerate such evil. If you do so, know that you will be punished accordingly.
"You're not just going to help us, you're going to hinder us?

 Elthoelmoels' granddaughter suddenly turned to look at me like a wild animal.
 It seems to be a warrior's bloodline.

It's a good thing that the outgoing elf is a stray cat that has lost its elven pride. They don't even understand the nature of the forest and are sympathetic to the fools out there. An elf like you is no longer an elf!
'I didn't think I could talk to a stubborn man clinging to a declining forest... but it was still a good idea. But this is already decided. You old-timers can't overturn this!
'You think he's going to come by force? Good, I'll show you that there is no one who can defeat an elf in the forest. No, you are an elf. But will our failing instincts in the city be understood by us?

 And so the negotiations have come to an end.

 Sooner or later, new rulers will come to conquer us.

 It's no big deal.
 This is the same thing that has been happening since the time when the tribesmen ruled outside the forest.

 Many times the greedy royalty of mankind have compelled our elves to follow their vassals and send some of their best-known elves to the palace to serve them.

 Every time we beat them to a pulp.

 I don't care if the outside rulers are men or demons.
 We Elves will always be independent!
 If you don't agree with that, then you can always call me!

    * * * *

 A few days later.
 The demons were attacking us after all.

 Fools. You can't get away with it because you're too small and narrow, but the elves in the forest are invincible.
 They are perfectly hidden in the trees, completely oblivious to the fact that they are hiding in the trees, and they can shoot hundreds of arrows that nullify their defensive magic.
 You'll be reminded of the fear of your hunted prey.

 We were annihilated by the goblins that seemed to have been sent by the enemy.