363-361 Oath of bright red tomato

 Pasta was introduced to the farm.

 It was the horkosfone that made the most use of the pasta.

Natto spaghetti is up.

 I was also making natto spaghetti with natto in the pasta.
 The erosion rate of natto is too high.

 Ever since pasta was established on the farm, Holkosfone has been actively mixing natto (fermented soybeans) with the pasta, cooking natto spaghetti and serving it to the residents.

 Thanks to this, the residents of the farm have come to accept the notion that pasta is a dish that is mixed with fermented soybeans.
 If it was served with natto (fermented soybeans) for the first time, one could not help but think so....

 I watched from the side and thought so.
 I'm not saying that natto (fermented soy beans) spaghetti is bad.

 But pasta is not only natto. I want to tell everyone that it can be combined with many more things to create an infinite variety of flavors.

 If it goes on like this, the possibilities of pasta will be closed off to natto.
 That would be unfortunate for both natto and pasta.

 So before that happens, I'm going to open up new possibilities for pasta!

 Holkosfone has started adding mentsuyuyu to their natto spaghetti!
 No matter what kind of authentic spaghetti you make, the impact will be inferior if he completes the ultimate spaghetti with fermented soybeans and the highest rating from the residents.

 We have to hurry!

    * * *

 So I'm going to make spaghetti with meat sauce.
 After all, authentic spaghetti is meat sauce.

 A pasta dyed red with tomatoes is the essence of spaghetti.
 I don't want my friends on the farm to think that natto (fermented soybeans) pasta is my primary dish unless I show them that bright red pasta.

 Anyway, I'm going to make spaghetti meat sauce!
 For this, you need meat sauce.

 The meat sauce is made from a combination of ground beef and tomato sauce.

 They are the first thing grown on our farm.

 I bit into one of the first tomatoes to ripen on newly cultivated farmland. I still can't forget the freshness of the tomatoes in my mouth.

 I don't think I've ever had to use a tomato in a real meal before.
 Until today, I've never used them for cooking, except to bite into them or cut them into pieces and put them on salad.

 We don't use tomatoes in miso soup in our family.
 It's very exciting to make a full-scale cooking process out of tomatoes.

 Now, let's make a puree from the tomatoes that will be the basis of the meat sauce.
 We stewed them until they had lost their original form, and then crushed and strained them to a mush.
 And then the Veal comes.

'Here he comes.'

 Why is this guy the first one to show up every time I try a new dish?
 Do you have a special sensor?

 Normally, Prathi would show up as a set, but since Junior was born, he has been fluctuating between showing up and not showing up.
 I guess he didn't come today to take care of Junior first. I'll bring him the finished product later.

'Oh? That's a tomato! What are you going to do with them in hot water?

 Then, the fast-paced Veal turned his attention to the meat sauce he was working on.

The tomatoes taste great just as they are, don't they? Why do you put it in hot water? Will it be like a boiled egg?
No, you won't.

 In the meantime, the tomatoes were boiling over and turning to mush.
 Veerle looked into the pot and pinged.

''I get it, this is...!

 He found out what it was.

It's tomato ketchup!

 How do you know what tomato ketchup is?
 ...Oh, yeah.
 I remember making tomato ketchup once, in this world.

 That was when I tried to make an otherworldly sausage.
 Ketchup was still essential for flavoring, so I made it.

 What, I was already cooking tomatoes.

It's close, but it's something else, and it's not the same as ketchup.
What? I'm looking forward to the ketchup because it's good, too!

 Veal is getting very interested in this.
 Anyway, the puree is ready, so I set it aside for a moment and fry the other element needed for the meat sauce, the ground beef.

'Oh!' Meat, meat!

 It's the same in every world that gets excited when meat is thrown in.
 And in parallel, I also start boiling the pasta.

 I finished the fresh pasta the other day, and then I made the dried pasta.
 Now I don't have to start hand-rolling when I need to.

 While the pasta was cooking, I finished the meat sauce.
 I mixed the ground beef with the sludgy tomatoes and it was starting to look like meat sauce.

 I read off exactly when it's going to be al dente, so I colander up the pasta, put it on a plate and pour the meat sauce on top!

 Spaghetti with otherworldly meat sauce!

'Oh! Spaghetti with no natto? How original is that?

 Natto spaghetti is the standard on our farm.

'But it's good! It's delicious! This ground beef sauce is so juicy! And the tomatoes are still nice and red!

 But the meat sauce was also a hit.
 Veal, sucking down the spaghetti without bothering to turn red around his mouth.

'I love the red color! It's the color of the flame breath we dragons breathe!

 I'm glad to hear that you like it.
 Now, since we're here, let's give Prati a taste of it. I transfer the leftover spaghetti to a small plate and go to find her.

 I headed to the bedroom, thinking that she was probably with Junior, and sure enough, she was there.
 He had some kind of uncanny look on his face.

'Even though it definitely smells good in the air. I can't leave a sleeping Junior alone so...!

 He was making him put up with it.
 The meat sauce spaghetti that was offered to him was already slurping up a delicious-looking spaghetti.

"It's superimposed.

 Eat lots of food and produce tits for junior to drink.

    * * * *

 Now that we've gotten a feel for the prototype, let's get to the mass production of spaghetti with meat sauce.
 Then we'll feed a lot of it to the farm and let everyone know that spaghetti isn't just about natto.
 When I returned to the kitchen, a certain number of people had already gathered there to do their best.

 What's the matter?
 Did they get caught up in the smell of meat sauce too?

 But that's not what I heard.
 It was Viel who collected them.

You guys! Today I'm going to feed you spaghetti with a difference!

 To my surprise, Veerle is going to make his own spaghetti and serve it to you.
 Are you trying to recreate the same recipe for meat sauce that I demonstrated earlier?

 I've never seen Veal do such a thing before, but today, what's going on?
 Have you become a rival to Holkosfone, who makes all sorts of Natto spaghetti?

The first thing to do is to boil the noodles.

 I threw the dried pasta into a pot of simmering water.
 The water is properly salted and the noodles are boiled in a certain way, so he's pretty handy.

And when the noodles are just right, I pull them up...

 Move it further.
 Huh? Where do you keep the meat sauce?

"And throw ketchup all over it.

 Veerle, you bastard!
 The ketchup you keep in the fridge and put on all your pasta?

"No, you didn't, Veerle! You're not! What do you put on your pasta with meat sauce, not ketchup?
It looked like such a pain in the ass to make! It's the same thing anyway, so why not put ketchup on it? I've been thinking about that since I saw Master making it!
"Not the same thing, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 Spaghetti with meat sauce on pasta!
 And then I put ketchup on the pasta...!

 That's a Neapolitan, isn't it?

 That's not the same thing as a Neapolitan!
 Spaghetti Neapolitan, which no real Italian would approve of, has already landed in another world!
 And by someone other than me!

Oh, it's better than it sounds.
But it's half-boiled pasta cooled by ketchup.

 I'm sure you do! Because essentially, the way to make a Neapolitan is to fry it in a frying pan while tossing it with ketchup and other ingredients!
 But it's still quite popular!

'Ummm, that's not a good response yet. Master! Together we're going to study more perfect spaghetti with ketchup!
No, I know the perfect recipe for spaghetti with ketchup!

 It's called Neapolitan!

 How can you be so studious, Veerle?
 In the end, the new Neapolitan we made was a hit with everyone on the farm, including Veerle.
 ...and the meat sauce too!