366-364 Martial Arts Competition Qualifying

 We were invited to the Royal Seating, which was a great place to watch the games.
 It was built in the middle of the open-air venue, and it was also the highest point of the venue so that we could see all the qualifying games going on at the same time.

 If I were to call it a privileged seat, this is exactly what I should say.

It makes me feel uncomfortable to be in a place like this...!

 It was like he was cheating.
 I felt that my common sense was embedded in my bones.

Isn't this necessary?

 Prathi says, fondling Junior.

'It's your duty to watch the royals, too.
Yes. Wushu competition is not just a contest of strength. It's also important to find a talented mermaid warrior. It's a good idea to have a strong mermaid, regardless of her status, because if she wins the tournament, she'll be the center of attention.

 The mermaids who are successful in this competition are given a royal welcome and important posts at the palace.

It's not just a matter of time before you get a chance to make a decision," he said, "the royal family also has a role to play in making such decisions, and I can't afford to miss any of the matches. It's a great opportunity for me to get to know them better," he said.
I see...!

 Thanks to Prathi's commentary, I felt a little less guilty, but I'm not actually royalty, so I don't get involved in such judgments, and I've been worried that I'm still out of place! I was beginning to feel uneasy about being out of place.

It's a good idea to keep an eye out for them because they're not going to be in the same place as you. Prathi-chan, you'll take care of that for me.

 Dee-dee, I don't know, maybe I should try harder too?
 I don't know anything about watching sports...?


'Speaking of which, where are Prince Arowana and the King? I haven't seen him at all?

 Normally, they are the ones who should be here.
 That's exactly what they should be doing, as the heart of the royal family.

''Those kids aren't here. Because of course they're not here...''

 The queen chuckled.

''Those girls are contestants themselves.

    * * *

 Well, that's right.
 I heard that Prince Arowana won the tournament last year, and of course he's competing in this one too.

See, he's just playing in the other block.

 Queen Sheila pointed to a rather exciting game field.

 Prince Arowana was there.
 Would it be a lot of fun if the prince and the previous winner were to compete?

''Mom, what are your brother's odds this year?''
1.01 times. Well, it's an ironclad bet. It's not worth the bet.

 You're betting on it!
 But that's how much Prince Arowana is the best of the best. He's the most likely candidate to win.

 It's just before the match, and it's still the calm before the storm, but his opponent, a male mermaid, is overwhelmed by the prince's dominance and is trembling.
 He was a boy mermaid who was not yet old enough. Maybe it's a strange coincidence of luck in the lottery, or maybe it's just a pity that he suddenly ran into a potential winner.


 The referee called out mercilessly.
 With that, the boy mermaid was blown out of the match field.


 Eh, what?
 What happened?

 A moment passed and I didn't understand what happened. If you're going to sit on the royal throne, you have to find someone who's useful, right?
 ........Oh, it's okay. Because that game is for royalty?

''........Brother, you just pushed your opponent out of the way with your spirit......?

 Platy commentary.
 To be able to do that?

''Arowana-chan has really grown up in her warrior training, hasn't she? The amount of energy you've put into this project is far greater than you were before you left.
Of course. Lord Arowana has been through countless hazards in his travels!

 Mr. Ardhaeg was proud of his personal side.

 But Prince Arowana's rapid progress did not stop.
 He showed his dignity even after his victory.

The winner is Arowana!

 Almost at the same time as the judges' declaration........


 A beautiful mermaid swims up from outside the game field and hugs Prince Arowana.

"Isn't that Puffa?
Isn't that Puffa?

 Puffa, the Frozen Cold Witch, one of the six witches.
 You'll be able to see that they're all in the same position as last year, assisting Prince Arowana with his seconds.
 However, she's undaunted.
 You're not afraid to embrace each other.

That's a masterpiece of Atai! We're going to go straight to the championship!
'It's Puffa...! I'm glad you're happy to see me, but aren't you a little too casual about it! They're looking at you! There are a lot of people watching!

 A man and woman hugging each other in the middle of the game field would attract unwanted attention, and even more so when the man on the other side is a prince.

"Who's that strange old lady hugging the prince?
"She's so beautiful!

 A voice said.

''I heard that Puffa was Prince Arowana's second man since last year. Was he that blatant even then?
I don't know, I haven't seen it myself. I don't know, but obviously they've been raising the bar since this year...?

 It was this year that Puffa got engaged to Prince Arowana.
 However, because her background as a witch prevents her from getting married by the balls, she can't just marry outright to gain the support of the people.

 Prince Arowana and Prince Pahwa are not quite ready for the wedding ceremony.

I guess their strategy is to build on the existing facts by showing everyone around them how much they love each other.
''How far-reaching...?

 I could sense Puffa's strong will to marry her no matter how long it takes.
 But, Mr. Puffa.
 It's easy to forget that you're a wanted person, but you're a wanted person, so you don't want to get too big a deal out there?

''Well, for that amount of time, Prince Arowana will be able to win without any problems.
We'll be in the finals for sure.

 Just as I was about to turn my attention to another game.
 I felt a tremendous chill. And from up close.


 It's Queen Sheila!
 Queen Sheila has a dark aura about her!

All over my little Arowana, you goofy cat, you unprincipled slophead!
No, no, no! That said, she's my fiancée! You're entitled to be sticky and not a slopper or something...?

 No, even so, I know that there is no room for logic to intervene in the daughter-in-law issue.

But don't feel like you've won. I've already made a move to shatter that sweet plan of yours........!
Do you have a typing machine?

 No, I'm sure that's not how it was supposed to go down...?
 Before the queen could wonder what on earth she had done, she found out the answer.

 At another match, she announced on a high note.

''Let the match begin! That's it!

 Another blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment happened again in another place.

 When I looked to see who in the world had won, I saw a huge man mermaid who made me cringe just by looking at her.

''That's it!

 His Majesty Nagas the Mermaid King!
 The father of Prati and Prince Arowana, and the husband of Queen Sheila.

 He submerged his opponents under a single blow, naturally sending the crowd into a frenzy.

''Tsutsumi ee! ''His Majesty the Mermaid King, you're so good!
"Even though it's been ten years since you've participated in this tournament, your strength hasn't diminished at all!
His Majesty Nargus, who in his youth once set an unprecedented record by winning the title for fifteen consecutive years and has been preparing for induction into the Hall of Fame ever since, is competing this year!
It is said that this tournament will provide an opportunity to see how much Prince Arowana, his successor, will grow up.
Will this be a generational shift?

 The crowd was also excited to see the participation of the two princes.
 The man behind this tremendous turnout is....

"Mmm-hmm, watch this, you unworthy wife.

 Of course you are Queen Sheila.

I won't let you marry her while she has a black eye. If you don't beat my darling, the engagement is off. Keep that in mind.
When did that happen?

 The recklessness from Queen Sheila was amazing.

 The martial arts competition is now in full swing, and even the fate of the two loved ones is at stake.