375-373 Wool Mystery

 Today, Batty came to me for advice.

'I want to make a warm garment.'

 Batty is the garment maker on our farm.

 She used to be a soldier in the Demon King's Army, but because her family was a tailor and she herself had a dream of becoming a dressmaker, the supply and demand for clothes on our farm matched up.

 So Batty has been making clothes for us for quite some time now.
 She finally wants to try her hand at something new.

Winter is coming soon and I want to make winter clothes in preparation for it!

 And I want to make winter clothes for that!

 ............I see.
 As a person from another world, I've already experienced winter in this world twice.

 The first time I was caught off guard and didn't deal with it in time at all.
 It wasn't until the second winter that I was able to prepare for it in earnest.

 In the meantime, I'm sure Baty did a great job as the only person who could make clothes.
 The first winter, he hurriedly put together a warm cotton comforter, and even the second winter, he made warm fur coats for all of us.

''Well that's right. We already have a fur coat, don't we?

 So even if we were to make warm clothes, it wouldn't be a new endeavor.
 Our farm has even more residents, so I'll have to shake Batty again to get him to mass produce clothes........

''It's not.''

 Batty says.

'Furs are great, but I want to make something more, something different, a warmer garment.

 Batty says.
 The main material of winter clothing is fur.
 The idea is that animals wear fur to survive the cold, so it would be warm enough to strip and wrap them in it.

But that doesn't allow for creativity!

 The creators said it was a bother.
 What does that mean?

Fur is already a complete design, so there is little room for creativity on the part of the creator. And since fur is already a complete design, there is little room for creativity on the part of the manufacturer.
It's not exactly loungewear.

 Thinking about it, it is true that in the past winters, even if we warmed up the room with the stove, the clothes were made of silk or cotton like in the summer, and we had to put on a futon or a shaggy coat because it was cold.
 It was cold, so they wore bedding and shaggy clothes, or they wore fur coats indoors.

I don't want to wear that kind of thing anymore.
This winter, we want to make beautiful and cool clothes that are designed to solve those problems! As a designer!

 As a designer, huh?
 Bati is also the representative of the most popular fashion brand in the capital of the Devil's Country now.
 His consciousness is growing.

So I thought I'd like to borrow some wisdom from you, saint.
You ask and I'm treated like a box that's got a good idea...?
Do you have any ideas? A fabric that isn't as exaggerated as fur, but is as compact as cotton or silk, yet more insulating than cotton or silk...?
Like yarn?

 Don't even call it wool.
 It's the standard for winter wear. You could make a sweater or a belly roll out of it, and it would keep you warm.

Wool? What is that?

 Don't you have any yarn?

Don't you have any? 

 Do not underestimate the other world.
 It is not uncommon for people to not understand what is common knowledge in my former world.

 I've been thinking that this world is naturally here too.


 This is a world where there are even goat beastmen, and I thought that there would be sheep.

 But there aren't?
 Sheep, are you out of this world?

 If that were the case, there would be no wool, and there would be no sweaters, scarves, bellies, or woolen pants made of wool.
 I can see why Batty, who is supposed to be an expert in clothing, is puzzled by the idea of making winter clothing.

Are there any sheep in this world?
I'm here.

 Which one is it?

 Are you here?
 And they don't use wool?
 What's going on here?

I don't see how a sheep could possibly have anything to do with making clothes...?
I mean, aren't sheep raised for the sole purpose of hunting wool?

 Although I may grow it to grow other meat.
 It's delicious, isn't it, Genghis Khan?

I don't think we're quite on the same page here. Isn't that usually the purpose of raising sheep?

 Something unexpected came out of an unexpected place.

    * * * *


 It took me quite a while to come up with that, too.
 I've only seen it in the movies at best.

 In the old days, especially in Europe, people used to make paper from sheepskin.

 In the same way, it is common in this world to make paper from animal skins.
 I heard that the large sheep farm in the Devil's Land is also used to process the skins of all the sheep into paper.

By the way, what do they use as paper in the mermaid kingdom?

 A passing Prathi passed by with a brief answer.

 Well, how one uses natural objects depends on the culture of each place.

 But once you understand, it's easy to understand.

 All you have to do is get some wool from a sheep farm that is run for the purpose of making parchment.
 I suppose that in our world, people only focus on the skin and not the wool.

 I can see a future where you can buy sheep for two or three pounds and be very happy about it.
 Maybe you can get it for free!

''Um........I don't understand what the saint-sama is saying from a while ago.......?

 Batty was looking at me as if he was looking at me as if he were a poor person from earlier.

''Eh? Why? Wool. Wool! If you can make and knit that wool, you'll have a perfect winter coat!
That's why I can't understand the wool.

 The conversation is still not engaging from earlier.
 We are at odds with each other's understanding.

Because sheep don't have hair, you know.


 In order to prove it, I left the farm and visited it.

 This is a sheep farm in the country.

 I heard that the demon king's army is directly involved in purchasing the sheepskin produced by them.

''Paper is an essential part of government affairs, you know.

 Batty, who has accompanied me as a guide, says.

 In contrast, this is the first time I've seen a farm in this world.
 No, I've never seen a ranch before in the previous world, but I've never seen a ranch before.

 Even I can understand the strangeness of this ranch.

 This place specializes in raising sheep that are used as raw materials for parchment under the direction of the Demon King's Army, so all the sheep that are grazing here are sheep.
 And those sheep.....

"They don't have any hair!

 No hair!
 The whole body of the sheep with no hair, exposing its smooth skin.
 It's like the skin of a newborn baby.

That's right. If it had hair, it would get in the way of writing and you couldn't process it into paper. It's the absence of hair that makes it such a good material for leather paper, right?

 Batty tells me as if he were admonishing a child.

 I found out the true nature of the discrepancy that I didn't understand for a long time by seeing it for myself.

 An otherworldly sheep.
 It was a sheep that didn't have a single hair to make it easier to produce parchment.

 This doesn't even give me the idea of switching to the textile industry!