377-375 rejuvenated wool

Heee! That's disgusting!

 The owner of the ranch, the demon tribe.
 The bizarre happenings in front of my eyes have scared the shit out of me.

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the sheep I touched grew firmer and firmer at an amazing rate.
 The fuzziness grew and grew and grew.....

It's time to stop this.

 And even though I thought, "I'm not going to stop," it continued to grow.
 It's all by the power of God in my hands.

The only thing that matters is the power of God in my hands. What's going on here?

 Even Bati was surprised by this.
 It's a good idea to let go of your hand and fingers, but they are in serious trouble because they are entangled in the wool.

 I managed to forcefully pull my fingers out, but by that time the surface area of the sheep had grown to about six times its original size.

"What is this?

 The sheep's surface area was about six times its original size.
 The smooth, hairless sheep was now a lump of hair so large that we could look up at it.
 He was so fluffy that I couldn't even see what was inside him anymore.

''Aaaaaaaaah! My sheep is aaaaaaahhh! My~~~!

 As expected of a rancher, he rushed to the clump of hair in a hurry.
 To them, livestock is an important asset and a companion to live with. You can't blame them for being worried.

I'm fine.

 I take a couple of steps back and then pull out the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz and release it.
 Pastor, your face turns pale when you see it.

''Don't worry. It's definitely not going to be like what you fear. He's getting a bit cramped.......!

 I'm going to unleash the blade of the Evil Sacred Sword at the mass of hair that is difficult to determine if it is a living being or not.

It's not a good idea to be able to tell if it's a living thing or not.

 The one who screamed on behalf of the sheep itself was the rancher.
 A moment later, in the wake of the slashed lump of hair, there stood a sheep that had been sheared off and became hairless again.
 There was not a scratch on it.

''Your holy sword is just amazing.

 I calmly respond to a compliment from Batty.
 It's true that the holy sword is actually more awesome, and I feel like I've lived through the experience of peeling potatoes and carrots on a daily basis.
 With the sharpness of this evil holy sword, I could scrape off the skin of vegetables with extreme thinness, and the same was true for sheep's wool.

''Well........this clipped hair.............Ow!

 A crisp sheep.
 Once again, he head-butted me again and went back to the grassland.

 All that was left was a vast amount of wool.

This is the wool of a sheep...?
That's what we've been told doesn't exist...?

 Both Batty and the rancher are curious about this mysterious object, a wool that they have never seen before.

It's so fluffy. It's so fluffy, it's not even close to goat or cow hair!
I'm sorry, sweetheart, but we have to go back to the farm and get the goblins. Tell the goblins to bring along their spinning tools.
I understand. Oh, excuse me, Uncle, but can I set up a temporary transfer point here?

 While his uncle was dumbfounded, Batty set up his own transition point and flew away with his transition magic.
 I've been waiting for this to happen for a while now.

 I'll use the time I have to wait and wash this wool.
 Prepare for the proper treatment.

''If you have a watering hole, can I use it?
Huh? Oh.........?

 The completely soul-deadened rancher obeyed my request in a good way.

 The wool has just sprouted, so it wasn't particularly dirty, but I'll wash it anyway.
Using the effect of the "supreme bearer", the dirt sloughed off and dried quickly.

 In the meantime, Batty returned.
 As instructed, with a few goblins.

 Again, as I had instructed, each goblin had brought a spinning wheel and other spinning equipment with them, and they were all ready to go.

'Alright, spin yarn from this wool!

 The goblins in this region who would do this are excellent.
 They are experienced in hand-spinning from the yarn and cotton spat out by the vigorous silkworm on a daily basis, and they are not intimidated by opponents of a slightly different hue.
 They work quickly and efficiently, and in no time at all, the wool scattered around the farm disappears and is gathered into a few balls of yarn.

 The goblins of my farm were quick to praise their speed.

Now, let's take the yarn we've created and...!

 It was my turn again.
 I already had a crochet hook for knitting in my hand.
 While I was waiting for Batty to bring back the goblins, I chipped away at the wood to make it.

 I shaved the wood with the evil holy sword Dry Schwartz, of course.
 The holy sword was very successful.

 The crochet hook scooped up the yarn and the yarn and thread knit together.
 Normally it would be a tortoise step knitting, but I have the 'supreme bearer' so it goes crazy fast.

 While Batty and the rancher are amazed at how fast I can knit, I'm able to finish a sweater.


 It was a simple, hastily made, but tightly made sweater.

After all, the clothes made by the saints don't have any decorations at all, don't they...

 Batty is going to ruin it the moment he's done.

'That's OK! That's the way I'm wired, you know?
My clothes are still very stiff, aren't they?

 Even the goblins have failed me!
 Okay, that's why I'm going to let Batty do all the clothes making.

 This sweater is a prototype, so to speak.
 It's proven that you can take yarn from the sheep of this world and knit it.

 And the rest.....


 I bowed to the owner of the ranch.
 I bowed to the owner of the ranch with all my might.

Could you let us buy this yarn for you?
Eh? Me first!

 The rancher is perplexed by the proposal out of the blue.
 It's only natural.

Of course, these yarns come from the sheep on this farm. You, the owner of the sheep, have the right to raise those sheep! So I have to buy it from you first!
But that said, it's a little out of the blue...?
I already have the money for you.
'So much!'

 When I sent Batty to call the goblins, I had him prepare it with me.
 This money was given to me by Mr. Shaks of the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce as payment for the paper.

 By giving this as payment for yarn, the wealth is being returned to the rightful party..., supposedly!


 The rancher's ability to think was paralyzed by the surprise of being up and running, but he accepted it without much resistance.

The sheep that I touched will continue to grow hair from now on. The sheep I touched will continue to grow hair from now on, not as rapidly as before, but it should grow at a very natural speed.
Is that so?

 That's what I sensed through my 'supreme bearer', so there's no doubt about it, right?

'Let's touch the other sheep and keep their pores open. From now on, you can shear the wool that the sheep grow and sell it to a tailor to make a living. I'm sure you'll make a fortune.

 I'll tell Mr. Shaks to take the initiative and buy up the sheep.
 With this, this farm and the sheep should be able to crawl out of the gloom of bankruptcy.

''Oh........! How thankful I am...!

 The rancher was finally able to swallow the situation and fell to his knees on the spot with tears streaming down his face.

'What mercy. What a miracle you have done. ........What kind of God are you who can perform such a miracle?
'I'm not that big of a deal. I just wanted to digest my karma.

 No, really.


 And then the sheep tackled me again, headbutting me.
 What the hell are they doing here?


 Thus, I had successfully cared for someone who was about to lose his job from the otherworldly technology we had leaked.

 As an aside, the ranch would later become famous for 'growing hair from a sheep that was not supposed to grow hair'.
 Gentlemen from all over the country who were suffering from hair loss would come to the ranch and try to get their fortune by touching the rare and shaggy sheep.