433-431 God catches

 It's me.
 I wonder what's going on with Bacchus?

 After Oden was finished, I was the one who came up with the idea on how to market it.

 Bacchus wanted to make a big event like the old expo and serve sake and oden in front of a crowd, but I was the one who waited.

 After all, when there is an event, a drunkard makes maximum noise and eventually runs amok.
 That's what had gone wrong at the expo.

 So why not do it on a smaller scale this time?

 Since we have a full line of sake and oden, why not make it like a small izakaya (Japanese style pub) and let each and every drunkard who visits naturally taste the sake?

 Bacchus agrees, and surprisingly, he himself ends up being the owner of the izakaya.
 The building and land used for the restaurant was already owned by the Bacchus Order, so they sent an orc team to renovate it on the same day.

 I was casually reminded of how great the Bacchus Order is that they are always holding down the prime land of the Magic City for something.

 This is how Bacchus Tavern was started.

 The main dishes are oden and farm-raised sake.

 Bacchus himself said the first day was well received, so I'm sure they'll continue to do well in the future.

 I guess I'll have to go check it out on the second day.
 With that in mind, I moved with transition magic. I entered the demon city and came to the place where the shop was located.

''Help! Help me, saint!

 Something about Bacchus was trapped.
 He was wrapped up in a length of rope, unable to move.


 I thought I'd come to inspect a peaceful tavern.
 How come we're about to run into a bloody mess?

Are those the ones who are tying up Master Bacchus?

 Verena, who accompanies me, pointed out.
 I can't use transition magic, so I'll always have to be sent back and forth. In addition, if you're going to be walking around the Demon City, a local guide would be reassuring, so I asked her to accompany me.

 The group that Verena points out to me is a group that looks badly patterned from what I see.
 They don't have the appearance of soldiers or officials. The clothes are mixed, and they look like plain clothes.

 So it's not like it was an upper intention to tie up Bacchus.
 So is it a private fight?

 Then I, Saint Kidan, am here to help you.
 I will help my friend Bacchus, and I will make the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz suck your blood!

One moment, please.

 Verena stops me in my unusual tension.

''Could it be that they are from the Tavern Guild?''

 The Tavern Guild?

''In the human country, there are only adventurer's guilds, but in the demon country, there are guilds for every type of occupation, and they provide mutual support. The Izakaya Guild is a guild that split off from the Restaurant Guild and was formed by a group of shops that serve alcohol and food.

 That's how individual vendors help each other and band together to protect their business.

''Why are those tavern guild people tying up Bacchus?
Probably because they were operating without a license.

 Come to think of it, I didn't think anything about that when I opened a store in the Demon City?

 Even though it's a different world, the Demon City is a law-abiding city with a suitably advanced civilization.
 You need a permit to do business there, right?

 Bacchus's goal was to spread the splendor of alcohol and the deliciousness of oden, so he overlooked the money-making aspect of it.

 And this is the result of that?

 The people of the guild in the tavern, who looked like they were not very good, spoke to Bacchus, who was tied up.

You're not going to be able to say no to who you're doing business with here, brother?

 It was the very thing of a scary person asking for shovel money.

 Hey, is this okay?
 The Tavern Guild is a legitimate organization, right?

If you want to run a restaurant in the Demon City, you have to join the Tavern Guild.
Ignoring it is picking a fight with us. Huh? Are you going to do it?

 It's the perfect time to get involved, people in the know!
 No.... we've got to get to Bacchus as soon as possible!

But that's weird...?

 Verena seems to have noticed something different.
 But now is not the time to be pretending to be a mystery novel like that! We need to intervene immediately!

It's true that operating without a license is a problem for the Guild. But is it really such a big deal that so many people come here to surround it? There seems to be some other reason...?

 And while I'm doing that, Bacchus is tightened up and in a pinch.

'Kyah, help me! Please help me!

 See, she's screaming like a maiden!

We have to help them as soon as possible!
No, let's wait and see what happens. The only way to resolve this is to find out what they want.

 Why are you so cold-hearted, Verena-san?
 In the meantime, the Tavern Guild's people are surrounding Bacchus...!

We don't usually push this hard, but we have a reason to. But there's a reason why we have to push so hard this time.
You! Where did you get this sake?

 A bottle of sake was sitting on the table.
 Isn't that the daiginjo sake that Bacchus made himself?

 I'm sure he brought it out of Bacchus' oden shop....

'This is a new kind of liquor created by Lord Bacchus, the god of alcohol, Nihonsh! Why would such a valuable item be in your shop as an unregistered guild member?
''I've already figured out that this is a rare brew that was only served for one day at last year's fair! And that it's made by Master Bacchus!
Spit it out! Where did you get this drink? Tell me!

 Ah, so that's what it's all about.
 The "Sake House" was open to the public for only one day at the Farm Fair.
 The new Bacchus sake served there was legendary.

 As a result of the closure of the brewhouse, these new brews became coveted by the drinking public, never to be consumed again.

 If it was suddenly available at an unknown restaurant, would the izakaya industry change its mind?
 It's a surefire sell-out product if it's served in a restaurant.

'Tell me! f*ck off! Where did you get this drink?
The new brew made by Master Bacchus. This is not the kind of booze that an unlicensed Mogul store should be serving! This is what we, the Tavern Guild, have to manage and distribute properly!
''Even our sister guilds, the brewery guild and the liquor store guild, have to make sense!
''I can sign you up for a special tavern guild if you're honest and spit it out, Ora!

 Guilds are subdivided according to the type of work...

The guilds are categorized according to the type of work they do. The vague division of guilds into different categories is always a source of trouble.

 Verena also said with a dumbfounded face.
 In the meantime, the interrogation of Bacchus by the Tavern Guild continued.

''If you still won't speak, or if you insist on not speaking.......!
I'm going to make you talk with your own food...!

 They took out the oden that Bacchus serves in his shop.
 The temperature is just right and it's simmering.

Now, talk quickly, or I'll put this hot oden in your mouth.
'Where do you want to start? Is it the radish with plenty of hot juice? Or is that a cancerous thing?

 What an outrage!
 It's against the treaty to use a good oden as a torture device!

 I can't take it anymore!

Stop it, all of you!
"Aah! Who are you!

 The ragtag ragtaggers of the tavern guild were surprised and confused by my intrusion.
 I can't forgive these guys for what they did!
 I called out to the trapped Bacchus.

'You won't have to endure this anymore! Reveal yourself! Let them know who these guys are up against!
'Oh, saints! All right! You're lifting the limiter!

 Bacchus, in response to my call, released his divinity.
 Until now, in order to be the old man of the oden shop, he dared to block the demigod power, but he received my permission to release it.

 The ropes that had been tied up with the divine power that blows up are also naturally released and sent flying.

This is aaaaaaaaaaah!

 The astonished ragpickers.
 They completely regain their divinity and look up at the emerging Bacchus.

Let's hold back! I know who this person is!

 I was the last man standing.

"He is the god of wine, Bacchus, the creator of wine!
What? "Ewwww!

 To the guilds that handle alcohol, Bacchus, the god of alcohol, is the god of worship.
 They tied up Bacchus, interrogated him, and even tried to get him to eat hot oden.
 How punishing!

'I'm sorry! Forgive me, ooohhhh!

 The ragpickers are lying down in waves all at once.
 So, is this case settled?

    * * *

 By the way, the hot oden was cooled to the right temperature before everyone enjoyed it.