451-449 Preparation for marriage

 So let's do it.
 Me and Prathi's belated wedding.

 Prathi wanted it to happen now, but in a hurry, we'd miss the boat.
 A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

 It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and if something goes wrong here, it can't be undone.
 It is often said that it will be a source of sarcasm for life.

 That's why I'm going to prepare for it carefully and make sure that I can do it without any mistakes!

 Now that the precedent-setting wedding of Arowana and Puffa was a huge success, I'm going for that one!

 So let's get all the things you need for your wedding!
 Let's make a list of what's out there first!

Wedding dresses.
Wedding rings.
Wedding cake.
Bouquet toss.
A gift.

 That's about it.
 First of all, a wedding dress is a must, since Astares and Puffa, who got married earlier, were wearing one too.

 My Plati will also be dressed in a gorgeous wedding dress on the day.

 Making the dress is easy.
 We'll just ask Bati to make it.

 I'm sure he's accumulated a lot of dress-making know-how from his many weddings, and I'm sure he'll be able to pull it off easily.

 Next, the standard gift is a plate, so we'll leave it to the elves.

 The wedding cake is a fresh one, so we'll make it just before the wedding.

 The first thing to start with is........

I think it's the wedding ring.

 Engagement ring.
 A ring exchanged with a promise to each other until death do us part.

 Since ancient times, the grade of a wedding has largely depended on how many months' salary the ring you give when you propose is worth.

 There are even anecdotes of fierce men who dove into caves of lava caves and waterfalls to get a pair of rings.

 I was rather shocked at the fact that I hadn't even given my wedding ring yet while married, but this time the slogan is 'it's not too late' for everything.

 Let's get the best wedding ring for Prathi!

 But here's where I realized Hatta.

 Did we exchange rings at my brother-in-law Arowana's wedding, which should be a reference for everything?

 I don't think I did.

 It's not a good idea to make assumptions.
 This is a fantasy world. What was common knowledge in the previous world I lived in could be said to be common knowledge in this world.

 The marriage of a man and a woman to leave behind the next generation is common, but isn't it natural that there is a difference in the details of the marriage? 
 You must be wondering, "What do they do with wedding rings in our world?

"Don't they have a wedding ring supplier in this world?

 Just to be sure, I asked a few people on the street, but they all said, "What's that? The response was.

 I knew you didn't have a wedding ring.

 No, this should be taken to heart as an opportunity to do the opposite!
 If no one else knows about it, then it can become a trendy concept known only to me.

 I'll be the one who writes a new shape to this world's weddings!
 I'm kind of on fire when I think about it!

 So let's get to work on your wedding ring!

'What? What? What is it with you, sir?

 Prathi nursing Junior.
 Me touching his left hand closely. Especially the part at the base of his ring finger.

 I'm sure Prathi is embarrassed and confused. I haven't told him the real reason for this.

 I thought it would be a surprise for you.
 I'm not going to be able to tell you what I'm talking about.

 The gift that resides in my hand, the supreme bearer, is also easy to measure and remember the size of things I touch with precision.
 I touched Prati's ring finger and measured the width of its enclosure.

 Now we have all the information we need.
 All we need to do now is make the product!

Okay, thank you! Now we can take it to the next level!
'I don't know what you're doing, but you have to hurry, don't you? I can't sleep at night because I can't wait for the wedding!

 I was glad that Prathi was looking forward to the wedding like a schoolboy on the eve of a field trip.

 But you'll just have to be patient and wait for a little while longer. I'll produce the best wedding ever!

    * * *

 And I'm going to make a ring, but it's easy to make.

 Because I have a supreme bearer.

 This gift given to me by Hephaistos, the god of modeling, has the power to draw out the performance of the item in my hand beyond its limits, and that power can also be used to make things.

 I've created many different things with my own hands in the past.

 This time, I'm sure even the ring will be easy to make by myself.
 The materials were the familiar manna metal.

 It seemed like a nine-tenths victory with this, but there was a problem: "It's tasteless....


 This is what I let slip in front of the prototype.

 I shaved and kneaded the mana metal based on the measurements from the platys to complete the ring, but its appearance was, well, tasteless.

 In a word, it's a metal ring.
 It's nothing more, nothing less.

 Normally, a ring is what you would call a ring, right?
 It's an accessory.
 Its appearance should be decorated in a variety of ways with fashion in mind.

 It could be finely carved.
 There are also gems.
 Most rings would be sprinkled with jewels to make them more fashionable!

 But the wedding ring prototype made by me has no such fancy elements.

 It's simple and rugged - like an eccentric old man living deep in the mountains.

 It doesn't have the glamour associated with marriage!

 Yes, this is the only weakness of my ability 'supreme bearer'.
 It has no characteristics related to artistry at all.

 Thanks to this, I've created a prototype ring that is not interesting or anything in terms of design!

 That's right, thanks to this shortcoming, I'm relying on Batty to make clothes and the elves to make dishes and household items.

 I didn't expect it to be a bottleneck here as well...?

 If I give such an uninteresting ring to Prathi........

 -- 'What? What a shabby-looking thing. You don't love me to wear this crappy thing as your wedding ring. I'm divorcing you.'

 What will I do if I get in trouble?

"Do I need a new approach to this...?

 If you can't do it yourself, there's always the option of outsourcing, right?

 So are Batty's clothes, and the elves' crafts.

 The same could be done with a ring.
 At first, I thought handcrafting was the ultimate in heartfelt work, but how many men in the world propose to their husbands, and how many would be willing to take on such a difficult task?
 No, I don't think it's a fraction of a percent. I don't think he's a fraction of a percent.

 So I'll hire a professional to make the ring and show the amount of love I have for you by the amount of money it costs.

 That's three months' salary!
 I don't make a lot of money right now, but I'm not on a payroll!

'Then the question is, who's going to make me a ring...?

 I quickly search my brain to find someone who could deal with this problem.
 The people I've known and the connections I've built up are fine assets to me!

 I will use them to show my love for Prati.

 Then it occurred to me: dwarves.

 These are the species that are said to be the best at making things in the world.