481-479 New Emperor Development Report Twelve Dragons Revolt

 There's something of a cloud in the air.

 Bloody Mary, one of the most powerful dragons.
 The cronies who have been working on your sister, Marie, to ensure her safety, have now revolted?

It seems that a mistake has been made.

 Sister Mary," she says.

"You've made a mistake in your existence. Do you want me to make it right, or do you want me to make you all disappear right now?

 You're mad at me, sister!

 That's right, she would be a bad credit to the leader of the pack and a dragon if she was left to fend for herself after being rebuffed by her cronies, who should be her loyal servants.

 In order to protect her own pride, she must kill all the dragons that had joined her until now.


Please wait, Sister Marie.
Don't stop! This is a problem in my controlled dungeon! As a dungeon lord, I am obligated to execute the traitors!

 .........As soon as the words came out of Sister Marie's mouth, a hint of fright rose from the crony dragons.

 ........That made me more and more certain.

'Apparently, not all of them have a rebellious streak against your sister.
"Someone's trying to incite them into... or subjugate them into joining the rebellion, isn't it? ...Is that you?

 I looked for it and found it right away.

 I was sitting at the far end of the palace, on some kind of throne-like chair, so it was strange that I hadn't noticed it before.

''You are........Agibend!''

 Since Sister Marie knew his name, he must be one of the crony dragons, after all.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea.

''Have you got a brain drain or something? Otherwise you wouldn't be able to sit in that chair, would you?

 'Sister Marie is about to turn into a power of destruction!

That chair is mine. The strongest and smartest person in the dungeon should be in that chair. The strongest and wisest in this dungeon should sit in that seat, and you and your little fishy can't even touch it!
So you think it's acceptable to you? Nonsense.

 The dragon called Agibend or whatever it was called smiled woozily.

''You would have qualified if you were once a fierce anathema. But now it is not. You are no longer the strongest or the queen. You are nothing more than a shabby loser.


 The sister Marie, who was leading a large number of cronies, is being betrayed by them?
 Should I, as an outsider, refrain from interfering in what happens in the dungeon she rules?

 I was going to ask for advice from my father, but he immediately sensed that this was trouble and ran away with Seadul out of the palace.

 Don't they seem to be getting along?

'You ... no, Marie, you are no longer the strongest dragon worthy of our respect. You are a fallen dragon that has fallen to the ground after being defeated unceremoniously by another dragon.
Well, you saw it up close and personal when I was defeated by the Veerle, and you ran away in fear. Then you ran away in fear.

 Sister Marie's wonderfully sarcastic return to her sister Marie!

 Are they the same ones that were with the dragon group when Sister Marie came to the farm?

I don't care if you're tired of me being defeated. You want to go to Veerle's place and wag your tail? Like a dog instead of a dragon, right?
"I will not do so. We are not but this, I, Agibend, the dragon of Grinzdragon, now stand on our own path.

 Agi-something rises from his throne and says, "Bloody Mary, I will take this dungeon from you and I will be the master of this dungeon.

"Bloody Mary, I will take this dungeon away from you and I will be the master of it. And this is where my supremacy begins!
'So you've been taming the other servants in my absence, waiting for my return? Did you think you could take me down if you all got there?
Shut up! You're not worthy of attack when you're defeated! No, on the contrary, what can you do but cuddle and flirt with a coward who became a Geyser Dragon by such good fortune alone! You've lost your pride in your strength, too! There is no reason why we can't fulfill our duty to such a weak man.
This isn't the same guy who was flirting with me a long time ago.

 Angry dragon air rises from Sister Marie's skin...?

'More than that, you just said something you shouldn't have said, didn't you? Is Ardhaeg a coward? On the contrary, I can't believe he became a Geyser Dragon just by luck alone. I won't forgive you for insulting me, but more than that, insulting him crossed the line. I'm not going to let you die easy.......!

 The crony dragons, except for Agi Bend, who may have been forcibly added to the rebellion, were frightened by Sister Marie's fury.

It's really an irredeemable lowlife. The fact that I was defeated doesn't make you stronger, does it? Why should I be any weaker than you? So why did they think they could beat me? This Glaugrinzel dragon, Bloody Mary....

 At this rate, Marie, I really think she's going to annihilate all of her cronies here.
 The only thing to do is to call out to them.

"Please wait, sister.
No! Purge the traitors, that's the chief's job. These people bit the hand that feeds them, so they don't have the right to survive.
Will you allow me to do it?

 I'm not asking them to stop the purge.

'Apparently their underestimation of your sister has a connection to this underestimation of me.

 Normally, the next gaiser dragon is determined by overcoming the ordeals handed down by the previous generation.
 But I disregarded those rules and defeated my father directly to become the new Gaither Dragon.

 They don't like that.
 They don't like that, because they were willing to take the ordeal seriously.
 I know why they want to call me a coward.

You can't afford to listen to insults from your own people when you've become a Geyser Dragon. If I do not listen to them, I will lose my dignity as an emperor.
Once I've demonstrated my power to the fullest, my disrespect for you will naturally change. I know she is dear to me.

 ''Sister Marie, after a little while, your expression changed dizzily........

'Yes, that's right! You and I are as one now! If everyone is afraid of you, then everyone will be afraid of me!
As the ningens used to say, 'Wives should build up their husbands! He said that at our wedding the other day! I'll follow suit and give you the right to wipe out the weakest of the weak!

 Thus, I was safely transferred the right of execution and faced my fellow countrymen.
 I was clearly relieved to see them.

"You think I'm weaker than you, Marie? I know that's a relief, but...

 That said, the one who came forward was that male dragon called Agibend or something like that.
 From the flow of events and the way he spoke, there is no doubt that this guy is the mastermind of the rebellion.

You will stay back. I will slaughter this fake emperor alone.
You're on your own, aren't you?

 You think that by killing me, you can become the next Geyser Dragon.
 If that's what you're after, then your fellow rebels are more trouble than they are worth.

"You fool...! You could have just hidden behind Bloody Mary and shivered, but you've gone out of your way to come forward to be killed...!
Are you going to kill him? You're the one who did this to me?
'Of course! You're nothing more than a bit of luck and a fluke and you're a Geiger Dragon! There are no such contingencies! This is your chance, Master Agibend, let's see if you can't beat the shit out of you and flay you in person!

 Very well.
 As a matter of fact, I don't feel at peace with insulting Sister Marie.

"If you win, you can take your title of Geyser Dragon or whatever you want. "If you win, you can take the title of Gaither Dragon or whatever you want, but if I win, you will never be allowed to run afoul of me again. Not only to your sister Marie, but to me as well.
"Go ahead and tell me all you want! I'm going to win one way or another! Kukkuu........my luck is about to change. I never thought I'd get the chance to become the Dragon King, Emperor Gaiser Dragon, so easily!

 Lucky for me, you've been calling me lucky and despicable, but are you okay with the luck that comes your way?

But this is not the best place for a battle, is it? Come on, I'll take you to a bloody stage.

 The battle will apparently take place elsewhere.


 But even though the purpose of the visit was to visit sister Marie's house.
 The story is going in a more and more disturbing direction, isn't it?