514-512 Dragon Hot Spring Murder Case Investigation

 We went to the hot springs again to get Lukif Fokale to calm down.

 And the guessing game goes on and on, everywhere.

 For now, let's not start with the suspects to solve the mystery.
 Each person's personality abilities are too blown away to fit into the framework of a mystery.

 For example, there's a no-life king teacher in the list of suspects, and if he was the killer, Knox would smash the stone tablet with the Ten Commandments carved on it.
 He's too versatile for every trick to work.

 Instead, let's look for clues from the situation at the scene.

 The room in this hot spring inn where the great demon king Baal-san was killed is a completely secluded room.......
 Let's start by checking it out.

"Gubwe, ouch...?

 I stepped on Baal-san who was lying down playing the role of a corpse.
 I'm sorry.

Sir, Junior is bored, so I'm going to go look around, okay?

 They all get bored and leave in turn.

'Well, it's not good! Master! We have to figure out the case before everyone gets bored!

 Veerle, the instigator, is the most impatient and urges his colleagues to solve the case like an incompetent police inspector.

''Hee hee........!

 The first thing I was concerned about was whether this room was really secluded.

 There were two places of access in this room.
 There are two places to enter and exit this room: the door, which is the usual way in and out, and the window, which leads to the outside.

 One of the doors has been confirmed by us to be locked (or so we've been told).
 We'll probably have to re-lock the door to see if it's really impassable, but that's a hassle, so we'll pass.

 The other is the window.
 But since we're on the fifth floor, the only thing you can do is open the window and see a magnificent view of the city.

''It's so high, so high...?

 Who could climb or jump up from this height from the ground....

...there are quite a few of them.

 The search I ran in my mind yielded more hits than I expected.

 If it were Gobukichi, he would easily jump up to this height, not to mention Holkosfon with his wings.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for when you're in the market.
 It's a good idea to use the skills of former thieves to get in from anywhere.
 The doctor might say something like, 'Cats can appear anywhere.

"After all, a fantasy other world and a mystery don't mix well...?

 Knox's Ten Commandments are going to be about the 100th commandment.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was a good idea. What is the matter with you, master? Don't you understand?

 Veerle, the trickster, slips in with a wry smile.

''Was this level of reasoning difficult for the master? Oh, yeah? Huh?
...or just give up and go home.
'Wait and wait and wait! Let's try to think a little harder! Giving up too soon is not good for junior's education!

 Veerle is clinging to me.
 I know, I know, I was just being mean.

Why don't you go out and ask around? It could bring out things you can't even see in the room!

 Is the field even outside the room in this game?

 Do you want to stay with Veerle until he's satisfied?

What about you, doctor?

 I also ask the teacher who has remained in the rite of passage.

''Well........my body is cooling down nicely, so I guess I'll go to the hot spring again......''

 After saying that much, the teacher suddenly goes into a state of shock.

I can't stay in a room with a murderer like this! I'm going back to my room, sir!
Thank you.

 Sensei was on board beautifully, and I was headed to solve the case with great enthusiasm, feeling like Holmes.

 And the Great Demon King Baal.

I'm getting bored with it, but shouldn't I move?
You can't move the body, right? You're going to lie there until the case is solved.
"But my back is starting to itch like crazy...?

 Preservation of the crime scene is an ironclad rule of investigation.
 Let's just leave the body there and go outside to investigate!

    * * *

 But it's nice to be out of the room like this....

''How am I supposed to find out?''

 I don't know if he's related to the game or not, asking every passerby, "Are you the killer? Are you a criminal?" to every passerby who passes by.
 That would take too much guts.

 However, if I went to investigate another room at the inn, a knife might fly or a pitfall might open.
 I'm afraid.

It's not a problem, master! This is where I, the game facilitator, will give you a lecture on proper research!

 Veerle, who followed with me, says bravely.

 Well, let's follow the instructions of this guy who is also a walking game book here.
 So what should we do?

'Speaking of questioning, that's the basis of the investigation! Investigations are done on your feet! If we ask a lot of people and gather information, some of them may come up with important testimony that could help us solve the case!
Oh, yeah...?

 So, I'm going to have to ask someone who may or may not be involved.

That's why we're going to a tourist attraction!
'What? Why?

 Why do they bring up the sights?

'Don't you see, master! A murder in a hot spring resort is always accompanied by an introduction to the sights! Walk around the area and casually show off the hot spring resort's landmarks and historic sites to lure tourists!

 That's more of a suspense technique than a mystery....

 Well, the hot spring murder case is more of a suspenseful category.
 However, it's an effective way to introduce tourism to the public while the case is going on. You never know, the visitors who see it might be interested in coming to visit you!

Okay, I'm in. We can't wait to go and talk to the people at the selected sights!
This is just a questionnaire!

 But what kind of tourist spots are conveniently located in a newly built hot spring inn?

 There it is.
 It is a treasure house.

 It was built with the momentum because it was expected to be a hot spring resort, but the so-called treasure house in the so-called hot spring resort is a secret word, and the contents are a parade of obscene things.
 If I built such a thing with my wife and children, I didn't know how they would look at me.

 Giving in to fear, I changed my course and decided to place the real treasures in the treasure house.

 The Mirror of the Spirit, the Wings of Angels, the Eye of Truth, the Shield of Aegis, the Statue of the Goddess....

 The treasures collected by Okubo and his friends from all over the world are crammed into the Hall of Treasures.
 All of them will be returned at the end of the exhibition period.

The exhibition period is limited, so come quickly to see them!
I'm waiting for you!

 There was a burst of publicity for the investigation, but there was no progress in terms of investigation.
 What should we do?

Then we're going to take a bath next!
Don't you get it?
Don't you get it, master! There's something about relaxing in a hot spring that brings up unexpected good ideas!

 Even in a suspense drama set in a hot spring resort, there is always a scene where the characters take a bath in a hot spring.
 If it were a beautiful actress, it would be an instant service scene.

 It's the same as the concept of a tourist guide in the form of an interview, with the goal of selling the hot spring resort in which the story takes place, which is why it tends to be an important scene in the film.

 A casual comment murmured while bathing in a hot spring can lead to a hint of progress in the investigation!

"I'll get in the hot tub, too, and I'll probably say something important! That a single, completely unrelated word could be the crux of the matter?
That's what it is! Master! We're going to the hot springs as soon as possible!

 At Veerle's urging, I immediately returned to the inn and rushed into the bathhouse to soak in the hot tub.


 And when I came out of the bathhouse, Veerle was waiting for me.

'How did you do, master! Did you have any good ideas?
I didn't come up with anything!

 I knew it wouldn't work out so soon!