556-554 Oak Castle Castle Addendum

 My name is Saabenho.

 I'm one of the coolest guys in human country, an adventurer.
 And I'm an A-Level!

 Class A is awesome! Out of all the tens of thousands of adventurers, there are less than a hundred A-level adventurers.
 Without courage, wisdom, experience, and ability, they wouldn't even be allowed to take the guild promotion test.
 And even if they did, only a few of them could pass the exam.

 In other words, they are the chosen ones!

 Above such A-class adventurers, there are only five S-class adventurers who can be called transcendents of all kinds.
 Well, they're not human in many ways, or rather, they're out of the ordinary....


 Although not as good as S-class, A-class adventurers are also guaranteed various support and preferential treatment by the guild as higher-level adventurers.

 If you go to the guild-owned dungeon administration town, you'll be assigned the best accommodations, and you'll have all the best food and drink you can eat and see.
 All on the guild's dime!

 Above all, it's nice to feel the respect and welcome that surrounds me everywhere I go.
 Nobles, big merchants, and other high-ranking people would come over to me just to see that I was a class-A adventurer, rubbing their hands, and I was irresistible to the ladies.

 What a perk!
 A-list adventurers at their best!

 Just as I was thinking, the guys who were cronies started to say this.

'Do you know Master Sir Ben-Ho? Talk about an impregnable castle?

 A castle?
 What does it matter?

"It is a small castle in a local sub-region. It is a natural hindrance in a very calculated terrain that is extremely difficult to penetrate due to the many traps it contains.
'The owner of the castle is so proud of it that he opens it up only once a year and recruits challengers. 'If you can break in, do it.'

 Hmm, that's a load of crap.
 That sounds like something some curious aristocrat would think.

''And the one who successfully breaks in will receive a reward. That's pretty lavish!
''As a Class A adventurer, I'm sure Master Sir Ben-Ho would be free to enter or leave any castle he chooses! What do you think? How dare you, Master Sir Ben-Ho, come riding in here by yourself and show those boorish country folk how it's done?

 His cronies whispered, but they were bored with the city's drinking anyway.
 The country lord's pride and joy: we can go into his little castle and drink as much wine and jewelry as we want.

 After all, I am a Grade A adventurer!
 Compared to the horrible dungeons, man-made castles are truly like toys!

 Let's show them what the best of the pros are capable of!

    * * *

 ........and then I rode in with great enthusiasm.

 The destination seems to be the name of the Okubo Castle, which is said to be located in the Valkyria frontier territory.
 I wondered what kind of covetous aristocrat owned it, welcoming intruders on their own.......

 The area was crowded with many waves of people.

''It's not quite what I imagined...?

 It was like a festival.
 Or rather, it was a festival itself.
 Stalls lined up all around, kids running around looking like they were having fun.

 I don't like this kind of atmosphere.
 Everyone gets so excited that they don't even notice that I'm special.

"Sir Ben-Ho! I just went to the receptionist...!
I told them I was a Class A adventurer, but they didn't take it up and treated me the same as the other participants...!

 Here's the thing.
 You're treating me, a Grade A adventurer, like a commoner.

 I'm not happy with the news that my cronies are giving me.

"Well, we'll just have to impress the fools with our abilities. We'll capture the castle we're so proud of in the blink of an eye and show the Class-A adventurer that amateurish ingenuity is meaningless.
Lord Saabenho!
That's a class-A adventurer!

 I was about to march in there myself, with my cronies in tow.

This is an announcement. This is an announcement to all visitors to Oakovo Castle.

 What's that voice?
 It's loud enough for the whole audience to hear, but it's not the color of your voice screaming?

"Before the real battle begins, Oakovo Castle will be hosting a small event. I hope you all enjoy it.

 Can't this be some kind of extension of the human voice?
 Is it magic?
 I've heard that the demon race living in distant lands has such abilities...''

''I'm sure this event planned by a country noble must be a trivial one!
'Yes, sir! It will all be blown away when the Class A adventurer, Lord Servenho, comes out!

 The cronies are screaming....
 Well, it's not a bad idea to show up early and get the word out!

The competition between the S-class adventurer Silver Wolf and the Golden Bat. It's an exhibition match to capture Okubo Castle.

 What did you say?
 What did you say?

 You said you were an S-list adventurer.
 No, you can't be!
 An S-class adventurer is coming to this countryside!

 S-class adventurers are even rarer than A-class adventurers. There were only five of them in the world, so how could they possibly show up at a festival in the middle of nowhere!

''No, they were here after all!

 Lining up in the exhibition hall was a familiar dog face and bat face!
 I'll never forget that distinctive face!
 Most of the S-class adventurers are made up of the beast race!

Why is there an S-grade...!

 They're going to take out all my A's if they show up!

 You're a pain in the ass!
 What do you think?

 No, how about if you want to play this one?

 If I perform well and get noticed, people will think I'm better than them.
 And I will be the new S-Class adventurer?

 I'm fired up!
 Apply to join now!

 ...What? They're offering an advanced course!
 I'm the only A-Level adventurer in the world who's willing to take it.
 Don't be stingy, what qualifications do you have to participate? You can't join the advanced level unless you've cleared it once! 

 I'm a class-A adventurer.
 Enroll him in an advanced course instead of the other way around!

    * * *

 I was eliminated at the first gate...!

 And it was not an advanced course, but a general course.
 In the end, no matter how much you argue, your insistence won't stand, and you have to participate in the general course, and even then, when you tried to show your existence by dashing through, you ended up with a totally unwanted result!

 You miss a step while trying to cross a bridge as narrow as that one...?
 What's going on?
 Have you become upset in front of a bunch of S-class adventurers? Or was there some alcohol left over from yesterday?

"It's a haphazard thing, isn't it, A-list adventurer Servenho?

 Who's calling me?
 ...who is calling me? An S-class adventurer, Silver Wolf? And he was declared to be the next guild master...?

''It looks like the long years of blanks have surfaced, my body is soaked in the special treatment of the A class that my body has become so dulled by being entertained in various places that I've never entered a dungeon. You won't even be able to get past the first gate of Oakbo Castle with that.
How did you know about...?
You think I don't know that? With great expediency comes responsibility for adventurers of A level and above. Didn't you notice that they're always under strict surveillance?

 He glares at me with his sharp, beast-like eyes.
 No, in fact, this guy's face is more like a beast or a wolf...?

''This Okubo Castle might be a good event for the Adventurer's Guild. It's just the right attraction for the adventurer's guild to unmask an advanced adventurer like yourself.
''Sir Ben-Ho, I'm downgrading you from A class to C class. You can retire as is, or you can crawl back up again if you still have the passion to be an adventurer.
"What do you mean? You think you have the right to raise or lower other adventurers' ranks just because they're S-class?
Didn't you see what was going on today? I'm the next Guildmaster, remember?

 The moment he said that, my body froze.
 Indeed, it was.

''You can count on me to work hard as a guild master right away!
''How could my first job be decapitating such an incompetent adventurer...? But with the large influx of ex-mercs already in place, maybe it's a good time for the Adventurer's Guild to be reshuffled.
''When our foray into the Devil's Land is in full swing, there may even be demon adventurers! It's up to you, Silver Wolf-chan, to welcome the change without disruption!
Don't put pressure on me!

 Thus, I was stripped of my privileges and forced to start over as an ordinary adventurer.

 If I was going to end up like this, I should have just explored the dungeons diligently and steadily...?