40 Increase the number of employees. Episode 4

You first.

 I heard the landlady's beautiful voice through the door. This is where the big moment of my life is going to start!


Excuse me.

 With those words, the first candidate walked in.

'Yo, nice to meet you.'
'Yes, thank you for your time. Now, could you first tell me your exam number, introduce yourself, and tell me why you want to work at the inn?

 I did the basics of the interview test. There's no such thing as a how-to book in this world, so what kind of a ton of answers will they give me? To tell the truth, it's also a secret pleasure.
 What? 'You have a surprisingly bad character'? If you think I have a bad character, come to the front of the room.......if you talk to each other with your fists, I'm sure you'll understand.... Well, jokes aside, I'm also a survivor of the job market ice age, so I've always wanted to be in the position to ask questions as an interviewer.

 Now, I hope this self-introduction will give you an idea of what kind of person he is.

'Yes, um, exam number 2822, my name is "Leon Arkdine". I'm 34 years old. I'm proud of my reputation as an adventurer. As for the reason for my employment, well, it's getting tougher and tougher for me to work as an adventurer, so I'm thinking of giving up my adventuring duties when I start working here.

 Leon Arckdine, I've never heard of him, he's an adventurer....... And at the age of 34, the adventurer family business is getting hard, you don't seem to be very strong.

What is your level and rank as an adventurer?
''Yes, my level is 42. Your rank is grade C.


 Let's ask him to take a pass on this one. I'll just ask one last question.

I don't have much time, so I have one last question.
 I'd like to ask you one last question. This is because we have a certain philosophy. Well, that's a bit of a stretch.

 So here's a question. What does the customer mean to you?


 The tension of the interview exam made me escape from reality.

 I was sent to the landlady's room for the exam. According to a fellow adventurer who has stayed at the inn, this room is a place that no one has ever seen before, and in a way it could be called a mysterious, unexplored region.
 It's a strange thought to think that I'm the first man to set foot in such a mysterious and unexplored region (perhaps).

Excuse me.

 The landlady's room was very calm and atmospheric, contrary to my expectations, when I stepped into it. I heard that the landlady was still young, so I imagined that she would be more capacious and feminine, but it seems that this is not the case.
 A bed, a desk, a bookcase (this one is a bit large), and the rest of the room is probably a wardrobe. All of them are old, but of good quality and have the character that has been created over the years.
 There is no dust or debris in the room, and at a glance, it looks as if there is no sense of life at all. However, I could sense that a person, or rather the landlady, was staying here.
 The landlady is sitting on a chair in a room with nothing feminine about it, and she's looking at me. Tensions rose considerably.

 Oh, no, there was only one thing that was feminine. There is a stuffed bear on the bed. The sight of the stuffed bear with a large ribbon around its neck sitting adorably on the bed gave a somewhat relieving impression to this room, which was all about functional beauty. I was happy to catch a glimpse of the proprietress' feminine side.

 There was a large window facing the backyard, and the light coming in from there softly enveloped the room. A girta that is propped up against the wall gently reflects the sun's rays, enveloping the entire room in a soft air.
 Come to think of it, I heard that the landlady is good friends with the leader of the "Fantasy of Eternity" and the diva........ I wonder if it's true?

 In the meantime, the landlady asked me some questions. Since they were all questions that did not need to be difficult to think about, I answered them simply, was it good? Well, I didn't lie about any of them, so I guess it's okay.

 The last question came without exchanging words with the landlady. Well, there were a lot of candidates outside, so I guess the time I could spend on one person was short.
 'What is a customer?' This is a simple question. The landlady seems to have a habit of saying, "Yes, the customer is God!

Yes, the customer is God!

 Probably these words are an expression of the landlady's feelings that she will treat her customers as if they were in contact with the Clan God. So I say the key to this test is whether you can say these words, it was surprisingly easy.

Do you really think so?
'Yes! Our customers are God!
I understand. Thank you. Please wait for the results. We will announce the results here in two days' time, and I ask that we gather in front of the inn at 10 a.m. in two days' time in the same manner.
'Yes! Thank you! Excuse me.

 The landlady, who gave me a stern impression probably because she had no expression, suddenly lost her sense of intimidation. Probably a good impression. Good! I've found a new job and I'm going to brag to my fellow adventurers. I can see the envy on their faces. After all, the beautiful landlady and I are going to run the inn, so I'm sure there will be things like this and that.


Examination 2822, Adventurer 'Rion Arkdine' fails.

 None of the landlady's murmurs reached me as I left the room in a buoyant mood.