22 Chapter 20 "The Capital of the King" Disclosure Meeting 1

 The day of the unveiling in the royal capital arrived.
 The three of us going out from the mansion are Garum, Sarah and I.
 Sebas, the steward, is acting as the carriage driver.
 Rayne has nothing to do with the unveiling, so she's staying at home.

'Rayne, you must listen to Maria.

 Sarah tells Rayne.

'I know, I know. I wanted to see you since it was your unveiling, Cain, but I got to see you the whole time you were getting dressed, so that gave me some satisfaction.

 Rayne had been in the room the whole time she was changing. And Sylvia was also with her.

''What are you going to do without your personal maid to help you change, Cain-sama?

 I just kept looking at him with my sparkling eyes as I said it.

'I'll be off then,'

 Garum gets in the carriage.

'I'm off to see you, sister Rayne. Sylvia is away too.

Have a good day.

 Sarah and Cain both set off in their carriages.

'Cain, you were made a baronet at your last audience. It is unlikely that you will be anointed independently at that age. You will be the focus of attention at your unveiling today. Be careful enough. Especially the parents who introduce their daughter to you. The fact that Her Royal Highness is engaged to Miss Silk is still a secret.

"I see, Father. I'll see what I can do.

That's not a very five year old way of thinking, is it?

 Even Garum is puzzled.

'We should be arriving at the royal castle by now, sir.

 Sebas, the driver, called out to me.

'At last, I'm somewhat nervous.

 Then they arrived at the royal castle.

 In the hall of the waiting room, there were already quite a few noblemen and children in the hall.

 There were probably about 30 children alone, and if you include their parents, there are about 100 people in the hall.
 The parents are also divided into groups and appear to be having a meeting over a glass of wine.
 I wonder if that's the faction group.
 There was also the Marquis of Corzino there, who was glared at for his opposition at the time of his ordination.
 With a cheeky-looking child. It's like having two kids behind you.

 We walked into the hall and went around to greet the family. The royals haven't arrived yet, so we go to Duke Eric's place. Miss Silk is right next to me. She's smiling at me and giving me a small wave.
 Duke Eric saw me give a small wave back to him.
 The duke looked back at Miss Silk and me in turn and smiled at me.
 I'm afraid of that smile, though.

''Duke Eric, thank you for all the help you gave me the other day. Let me introduce you again. This is my third son, Cain.

 Garum introduces me to him. We spoke after the last audience, but I'm not telling that story, so I'm dealing with it in the style of a first meeting.

'I'm Cain von Silford, the third son of Garum von Silford Gracia, Count of the Frontier, Cain von Silford. It's a pleasure to meet you.

 He straightens up and says hello. How's that for perfect?

Well, well, well, you must be Baron Cain, the hero. I'm Eric von Santana Malbeek, who is the duke. Thank you once again for helping our silk.

 Duke Eric greets me with a smile.

'This will be our second daughter, Silk. I look forward to working with you in the future.

 Duke Eric winks at me. Then he brings Miss Silk forward.

'I'm Silk von Santana. Thank you, Lady Cain, for saving me from a dangerous situation.

 Silk was wearing a light pink dress. Her long hair was set on top of her head and she looked pretty like a princess.

'Miss Silk, the dress looks great on you. You look very pretty.

 I'm a high school student plus a five year old, and I can't look at a five year old and think he's cute.
 But it was a great effect, and Silk's face turned bright red.

''Cain-sama, do you really look good in it?''

Yeah. It looks great on you. Very nice, Miss Silk.

Master Cain looks great in that blue outfit. It looks great on you, Master Cain.

 As they were entering their world, Duke Eric coughed deliberately.

''Garum Frontier Count, is it alright for Baron Cain to be five years old and able to treat women that well? I'm worried about the future.

 It sounded drastically ironic. I'm not lusting after a five year old!

'I'm afraid my sister Rayne is a tomboy, and if you're not careful, she'll be in a bad mood, so you're used to it.

 We both laugh.

'Well, I'll see you later.'

 I said and walked into a different group. Silk gave me a small wave and I waved back.

'Cain, are you getting too used to dealing with women?'

 Secretly, Garum asked Cain.

''Rayne-sama is in a good mood when you flatter her. I try to pay attention to the other person's face.''

That's really weird for a five-year-old.

 It was Garum who smiled bitterly.

 When Garum was going around greeting the nobles he knew, he was still talking about the recent epicurean and the destruction of the orcs. Other than that, they also talked about whether they preferred older or younger. ...... It's just as Garum said.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world, and I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world. I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's best for you. The fact that he was knighted at the age of five may mean that he is considered to be excellent. Well, it's no surprise that he did such a splashy annihilation battle.
 I went around the greetings, replying to my parents' words with bland words.

 We met for a little while and went around greeting each other in various ways, and then suddenly the music came on. After it became quiet, His Majesty, the Queen, and Her Royal Highness Princess Telestia, the third princess, came out.
 His Majesty sat in a chair in the center of the room, with the Queen beside her and Princess Telestia on the other side.
 She was one step higher, but she was very pretty in a white dress with a tiara on it.
 She also looked like she was wearing a thin layer of makeup.
 The other children were also staring at her with a blank stare.

 Then His Majesty's greetings began.

I am grateful that you have come from so far today. The children who are here today have been baptized this year at the age of five. I hope that in the future, you will work hard every day to develop this country by working at the heart of its development. So let me make a toast.
 Visitors hold glasses. The children, of course, have juice.


「「「「「「「「「「 cheers」」」」」」」」」」

 After the toast is over, everyone takes their children to greet His Majesty.
 I'll leave that part to Garum. If possible, I don't even want to talk to that His Majesty so much.
 We don't know what he's going to set up for us.

''It's time to go to His Majesty.
 Garum called out to me and I headed over to His Majesty.

'This is Your Majesty, congratulations to Your Highness Princess Telestia. I am your third son, Cain.''

'I am Baron Cain von Silford. Thank you for inviting me here today.

 Garum and Cain greet each other.

'Garum, this is Cain, thank you for coming. Enjoy your day.

'Master Cain, you look great in your outfit today. You look great in it.

 To Your Majesty, Her Royal Highness Princess Telestia.

'Her Royal Highness Princess Telestia is also very beautiful. When she came out, I thought an angel had appeared to her.

 Telestia is turning bright red.

'Garm, how do you grow up to be this, this skeletal beast? Look at Teres.

 He turned bright red and gradually held down both cheeks with his hands, cringing.

 Both His Majesty and Garum could only smile bitterly.

''Speaking of which, Your Majesty, I have brought something I would like to offer you today. May I take it out of the item box?

 Cain asks your permission.

"Mm. Not a problem.

 His Majesty nodded.

 Cain produced one set from the item box. Reversi. And as an offering to the royal family, this one alone did one gold coin.

''It will be an amusement item developed in conjunction with the Sarakan Trading Company in the royal capital. The name is called 'Reversi'. We are planning to register it with the God of Commerce and sell it in the future. First of all, we want to make a dedication before we sell it.

Mm. Amusements. Cain, after this ceremony, I'll show you to the parlor. I'd like to hear about this. OK?

 The pressure was silent.
 It was just an offering, but I had a feeling it was going to be a hassle.

'I understand. We'll visit you when we're done.'

 I reply, dripping cold sweat.
 The next person is also waiting, so I shift to the side.
 I look at Teres, still blushing and paranoid.

'Cain. You've been dabbling in that kind of thing without knowing it.

 Even Garum has a dumbfounded look on his face.

''The other day, when I went shopping with your mother and sister Rayne, I met with the people from the Chamber of Commerce who had come to the unveiling in Gracia territory. So I asked them for advice and I made it. I still have a few more and I'll give them to you later.

'Totally, after magic, swordplay and item boxes, it's business. Good job.

'I was appointed as a baronet and was offered a salary, but I thought it might not be enough if I included the upkeep of the mansion I was given, so I thought about doing business. However, I have no credit, and I can't do business with them, so I decided to sell them for a fee for ideas.

All right, all right. Cain has been knighted and is a nobleman. You should try and take responsibility for yourself. I'm going to be going around a lot, so go talk to your children like a child once in a while, alone.

'Cain, don't fall for the weird kids~'

 With that, Garum and Sarah went.

 I'm finally free. Let's try to gather information from now on.
 Cain walked towards the group of children.