119 Episode 24: Departure

 In front of the king sitting on the throne, a hagen in white and silver armor was down on one knee with his head bowed down in front of him.
 Behind Hagen, about four of his subordinates wearing the same white and silver armor were in the same position.
 After arriving in the Esfort Kingdom yesterday and spending the night there, they were given an audience today.
 Cain, having joined the ranks of the senior nobles, was lined up among the nobles in attendance.

''Raise your face. Thank you for your efforts on this occasion.''

 Hagen looked up at the king's words.

''By the King of Esfort--''

 Formal greetings were exchanged. Then the letter from the Pope, which included a formal apology, was read out by Hagen.

It is true that the Pope's apology has been received. I will have a letter of reply from you.

 Then it was announced that he was to leave with the saint on the morrow.

'So you'll be leaving tomorrow. I asked you to take care of the saintly lady on the way. I'll have the Knights of the Kingsguard accompany you until your departure.

All right. I will give the Holy Order the dignity to bring you safely to your kingdom. And, my king, I ask one thing of you.

Yeah, I'd ask you for a few things.

 Hagen nodded at the king's words and continued speaking.

'Could I have a meeting with Lord Cain, as the saint said in the oracle? I, too, would like to see him with my own eyes.'

 The king wrinkled his brow at Hagen's words and was a little troubled. Then he turned his gaze once to Cain and slowly nodded.

'Very well. I'll have it prepared after the audience. Magna, take care of the arrangements.''

Yes, my king.

 Prime Minister Magna nodded at the king's words and instructed the bureaucrats who were waiting behind him to make arrangements.

''Thank you for listening to my request,''

 After the audience was over and the royals had left, the hagens left as well.
 And when the nobles were the last to leave, Cain was led by a squire to the reception room.

'I knew you couldn't escape ......

 Cain followed the squire, gloomy as to what he had to say.
 Then the door to the reception room was knocked open.
 Inside the room, the holy knight Hagen, and the vice-captain of the Kingsguard, Dime, and Vizier Magna are sitting in the room.
 Hagen and Dime sat face to face on either side in front of Vizier Magna, who sat in the center.
 Cain stood in front of the seat next to the dime and greeted Hagen.

'Here you are, sir. I am the Earl of Cain von Silford Drintle.''

 In response to Cain's greeting, Hagen released a bit of killing intent towards Cain.


 Dime noticed the killing spirit and immediately tried to sit up, but Cain held Dime's shoulder with a clear face.

'Deputy Commander Dime, it's no problem. If this is as good as it gets, you can go to .......

 Cain replied with an unchanging smile.
 The killing qi of a demon that could actually be considered inhuman was not like this. The first time I received Yuya's killing intent, it was so intense that I thought I was going to faint. Compared to that, it was nothing.
 Having suppressed the killing spirit, Hagen got up from his seat and bowed to Cain.

''I'm sorry, Sir Cain. I had to try a few things. I wonder if it's worthy of Hinata-sama's oracle ....... I didn't know that you were completely unfazed by my killing intent. I'm totally overwhelmed at that age.

I too was amazed at the oracle of Hinata. I was told this without knowing anything about it.

So did Sir Cain: ......

 He opened his mouth to speak to the Magna Vizier beside Hagen, who folded his arms and was distressed.

''If you don't mind. The oracle of the saint this time is not such an easy decision to make. Sir Cain already has three fiancées. His Highness and two duchesses. If we were to include the saint in there, it would be: ......

 He looked at Cain's face once before turning to Hagen.

''I won't come to this conclusion until after I return to the Church State, including the Pope, we have to hold a debate at the highest body, including the Pope. Even if it is an oracle ....... If possible, I would like Sir Cain to accompany me to the Church State, but .......

 Dime frowned at the possibility of accompanying Hagen's words to the teaching country.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you can't go with me. Lord Cain is a nobleman and a lord, but he is still a student. It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 Magna was the first to deny the possibility of accompanying him.
 In some cases, the words of the head of a nobleman's family could be representative of his country. Even if you are a minor, the weight of your words will not change.

I see. ...... I understand. Then I will leave tomorrow as planned.

Mm. We'll have a Kingsguard posted at the border. Dime, you're in charge.

Prime Minister Magna, I understand.

 Then they talked about the future, and they were also informed that Dime and Hagen were old friends.
 Hagen was told that he was a neutral holy knight, not a papalist, and that he would beat his own chest to make sure Hinata was protected, and that he would also monitor the movements of the hardliners.
 Afterwards, Cain attended the last dinner party that included the saints.

 On the day of her departure, in the blue sky, the Holy Knights, the Kingsguard, and the nobles, including the royalty, were present in front of the royal castle to see off Saint Hinata.
 A few Holy Knights and the Kingsguard have left the royal capital with a few people, including the captured SS chief, in a cage carriage beforehand. As expected, it was not possible to accompany them to this departure ceremony.
 A song was played by a band, and in the midst of it all, dressed in robes decorated with white gold thread, they slowly emerged from the royal castle with the king.
 The previous day, the saint had asked the king to accompany Cain to the border, but the king politely declined.
 It is true that Cain's power might be needed if there was an unforeseen situation, but he decided that it was not a good idea to show Cain's power to the holy knights of other countries.
 However, due to Cain's wish, a necklace that Cain had made himself was presented to Hinata.
 This necklace is the same as the ones he gave to Telestia and Silk, so that in the event of a crisis, the magic power is transmitted to Cain, and at the same time, a shield surrounds him.
 Of course, it wasn't explained to Cain that it would be transmitted to him, but it was explained to Hinata that it was a magic tool that would activate a magical shield.
 With a big smile on her face as she accepted the gift from Cain, Hinata just kept nodding her head above the king's subsequent words. Needless to say, her mind was already engrossed in the necklace.

 She took the necklace that had been given to her yesterday and slowly made her way through the nobles' attendance to the carriage, even though she looked sad to say goodbye to Cain.
 Cain, at Hinata's request, walks behind the king. 
 And then she reached the front of the carriage. The saint turns around and smiles, almost divinely, at the nobles in attendance.
 Even though the nobles are still children, they felt as if they were being sucked into that beautiful smile.

''Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your hospitality. It is my pleasure to visit the Kingdom of Esfort.''

 Hinata greeted him and bowed deeply.
 When Hinata raised her head, she looked at Cain and smiled.
 Then, as if on a little run, Hinata approached Cain.

 Hinata turned her head to Cain and--


Eh, .......

「「「「「 oh ............」」」」」

 Hinata kissed Cain on the cheek.

'I won't be able to see you again for a little while. ......

 Hinata, her cheeks flushed, announced in a low voice that only Cain could hear, and then she got into the carriage at a trot.
 No one was in a state of mind to understand the action that was too shocking.
 Of course, this included the holy knights and the Kingsguard knights who were lining up to protect the carriage.
 The king's face is turning red as he gradually comes to understand what he has done. And then he opened his mouth with a blue streak on his forehead.

I'm sure you understand that Cain...... later, right? I won't say anything because I'm seeing you off now. We'll have to talk about it later, slowly.

 Cain averted his gaze at the king's overwhelmingly powerful words.

''--Yes .......''

 The king confirms Cain's answer without effort and speaks to the knights.

It's a good time. Dime, I asked you to protect me.

 With those words, Dime gives a command to the knights in line.


 At Dime's words, the knights began to move as if they had come to themselves.
 The aristocrats, including the king, who saw off the carriage until it was out of sight, gradually gathered their attention to Cain.
 I'm not sure if they understood what happened earlier or if they were filled with jealousy, but they turned their eyes on Cain.
 Some of them looked at him with a murderous stare.

Then, Cain. This stare will hurt. Let's talk about it in your room.

 The king patted Cain's shoulder twice forcefully, then folded Cain's shoulders and went back to the royal castle.

 After an hour or so of the king's sermon in a private room, needless to say, the one waiting for the exhausted Cain was an angry Telestia with her hands on her hips and a slightly red face.

''Master Cain, may I have a word with you? ......

"--I didn't do anything wrong. ......

 His Royal Highness was spotted by the maids walking around the royal castle, pulling Cain's clothes.