133 Episode 13: Insensitive Butler

"Matthias ...... I'm going to let you talk to him in the stuffing room.

I have nothing to do with it! Those adventurers out there did that on their own!

 At Cain's words, Matthias started to excuse himself, but Gelter was the first to break off.

'I'll tell you all about it. I got a request from the chairman of the trade there and kidnapped the kid. He's already a slave-turning or death sentence anyway. I've already given up on him after he pointed his sword at a nobleman. Even if I try to escape here, I have no chance of winning against the little boy there anyway.

"? ...... Muguu......

 As expected Mathias had to give up once the adventurer he hired came clean.
 With Mathias, who was kneeling powerlessly and seemed to have given up, Cain called out to the captain of the guards beside him.

''Captain of the Guards, is that all right? I'll leave the kids still downstairs to you all. As for Matthias and the adventurers. But we'll take Palma home with us. Is that all right?

 At Cain's words, the Captain of the Guard could only nod his head.

'There are children downstairs!

 A voice rises from the guards who preceded him downstairs. Then the prison is unlocked and the children come up from the basement, accompanied by the guards.
 The captain of the guard kneels down to meet the children's gaze and speaks softly to them.

'How long have you guys been here ......?'

 All the children, who were not yet ten years old, were shivering, but one of them, a little girl, opened her mouth weakly.

'I think it's been about ten days ...... but I don't know because I've been in the dim light for so long that I can ...... go home?'
Don't worry, you guys are the guards that protect the city. We'll get you all home safely.

 Reassured by the captain of the guard's words, the children began to cry. The captain gently patted each child's head and stood up.
 Then the gentle smile he had given them earlier disappeared and he gave Matthias a stern look.

'Kidnapping is a felony. You should be prepared for it. How dare you ...... capture these little children ...... that guy and the adventurers!

 At the captain's words, the guards prepared a rope and tied it up and were taken out as it was.
 Then the captain turned to Cain and bowed deeply.

''Thank you, Earl Silford. When I have compiled the documents, I will submit them to the royal castle. AndーーI am deeply grateful to Your Highness for your efforts for our kingdom. I'll be inspecting the house now. There's no telling what else he might be hiding. ......

 At the captain's words, Cain and Riltana nodded to tell him that they were asking for it.

'I'll take care of the rest and we'll go home. Parma, I'll take you home.

 Cain and the others leave the Narnis Chamber of Commerce together. And thenーーDalmatia whispers in Cain's ear.

'Master Cain, ...... the carriage has not come in, but ......

 Cain chuckles at the words, remembering that he had come in transition. Riltana had heard those words as well, and she was given a ride in Riltana's carriage.
 Nigito and Dalmatia ride on the gohsa-dai, and inside are Cain, Riltana, and Parma.
 Even Parma was nervous and hesitant to ride in the Princess' carriage, saying she was afraid to get into the carriage, but Riltana took her hand and put her in the carriage.
 Then the carriage started to drive towards the Saracarn Trading Company.

 The carriage is far enough to the Saracahn Chamber of Commerce. After all, the Chamber of Commerce is gathered in one part of the city, so it arrived quickly.
 In front of the Chamber of Commerce, Tamanis looked restless and paced right and left.
 One luxurious carriage stopped in front of it. Even though Tamanis is the one who unites the Chamber of Commerce, he will correct his posture even if he doesn't like it if the luxurious carriage in which the royal family rides stops in front of him.
 Nigito gets down from the gohja stand and opens the door.
 A teary-eyed Palma gets out of the carriage and hugs Tamanis as it is.


 With Tamanis, who was hugging Palma and feeling safe, beside her, Cain and Rilutana got out of the carriage.

''We've delivered you safely,''

 Tamanis turned at the sound of Cain's voice, and his face paled at the sight of Cain and Riltana next to him.

'Master Cain! And ...... this, this, even the Princess of Wales!

 Tamanis looks up at the royal coat of arms of the Baisas Empire, adorned with the carriage, and his face is drawn up.
 With a reversal of joy, Tamanis falls to his knees.

'I beg your pardon. Could it be that the two of you have been ...... Parma?

 They nodded silently, and Tamanis lowered his head to the ground until it was almost on the ground.

'Palma is a schoolmate. I'm glad you're safe.'

 Liltana smiled without a care in the world, but as a tamanis, she never expected that the princess's highness would go to her aid on her own. As a commoner, she was too afraid to raise her head.

'Mr. Tamanis, please raise your head already. This is how we got back. I believe the guards will be here in a little while.''
Thank you so much for everything, Mr. Cain: ......
It's all right. Parma is my friend, too. We're going home now. I'm sure he's worried about you at home.

 Tamanis and Parma bowed deeply to a smiling Cain.

''Master Cain, we will take you back to the mansion.
No, ......, you can walk straight from here to--
We'll send it to you.

 Realizing that it was impossible to say no to Riltana, whose tone of voice had changed a bit, Cain nodded quickly.

'Well then, Palma, I'll see you at school tomorrow!
Now, if you'll excuse me.

 They climbed into the carriage and began to proceed at the signal of Nigito. The two kept their heads down until the carriage was out of sight.

'Nevertheless, ...... Master Cain, you have been a great help today. If only Master Cain hadn't come ......

 Liltana looked back at what she had done and, after a slight shudder, grabbed Cain's cuff.

'Yes. It was a close call. If I'm late in going, you're ...... the Princess, you're His Royal Highness, so you'll have to pull yourself together.'
'Because I found the ...... carriage and I just had to ....... But thank you so much for helping me out.

 The distance between Rilutana and Cain is getting closer, but slowly.
 Riltana's cheeks are stained as their shoulders get closer to almost touching.

'Cain...... actually--'
I'm at Master Cain's house.


You're here. I'll see you tomorrow.

I'll see you tomorrow at--yeah, .......

 Cain got out of the carriage and looked away from Riltana's carriage.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇.

'Then again, Cain-sama is really strong ....... I didn't see any movement at all.
Lady Riltana, please don't take any more chances.

 Unlike Nigito, who smiles and speaks to her while doing the gosha, Riltana is clenching her fists and pulling and shaking.

''Huh, Riltana-sama? Maybe you're asleep or something?

 Nigito, who is playing the role of a guru facing forward, doesn't see Riltana's expression.
 Interrupting her time with Cain, Riltana wrinkles her brow at Nigito, who doesn't care to talk to her.

 --and snaps.

'...... niggito's ...... idiot !!!!!'

 The abuse from behind surprised Nigito.