162 Episode 19: What is Reservation?

 Cain, who had been separated, met up with his students at the inn.
 The teachers didn't expect to observe the trial of their own students as part of their visit to the assembly, much less the attack during the training, which is no ordinary matter. I was called in individually to explain to the teachers who were leading the case.

---- and up.

 When Cain finished explaining the beginning of things, he sipped his slightly cooled tea and quenched his thirst.

''-- I didn't think that would happen ......''

 The teachers also sighed heavily when they heard about the situation. This time the incident happened because of the short temper of Ralph, the senator's son, but if the same thing had happened to anyone other than Cain, he would not have been safe.

''Cain, it is a secret to the students that you are an S-ranked adventurer, but we teachers know about it. Nevertheless, we will discuss this matter, including the headmaster, as soon as we return to the kingdom. In some cases, we will have to consider your punishment.
...... I know about that.

 Even though it is indeed not a fault, it was something that happened during training. Cain was going to take it in stride about it. He was released from the teacher and returned to his room with a sigh.
 However, there were three people waiting in front of the room who could be described as expressionless.

''You've done ...... it. Now let's talk at length.
You have a lot to teach me, Mr. Cain, don't you? Sure.

 As expected, Riltana couldn't rush in, but the silent pressure was closing in on Cain.

 As he was beckoned, Cain was sucked into the room without strength.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇.

 The time goes back to the day before.
 After confirming that Silk had left the room, Cain finished dressing and transitioned to Drintle.
 Not long after transitioning into the office, there is a knock on the door.
 I gave my permission and when the door opened, a slightly tired looking Dalmatia entered the room.

'Dalmatia, are you okay ......? You look exhausted. ...... What's wrong with you?
Dear Mr. Cain, ......, what kind of people you bring in here!

 Unusually, Dalmatia has a very tired look on her face. Cain tilted his head at the expression he doesn't usually show.

'Yeah ......? You mean Reserves? What's the problem: ....... Could it be that the country is hostile to Set's country?
That's not the point. Her Royal Highness Princess Lizabeth--

 There was a knock on the door to interrupt Dalmatia's words.
 It was Lula who opened the door and peered in.

'I have a feeling Cain-sama is here and Lizabeth-sama is ......'

 Lizabeth looked into the room as well as Lula.

'See, I knew Cain was there.

 He smiled at Nikoli and walked into the room. Cain and Dalmatia sigh heavily.

 Cain urged them to sit down on the couch in the office, and in a good mood, Lizabeth sat down in the middle.
 Cain sat down facing her and Dalmatia began to prepare the tea.

Cain, I like the house. I am happy with the food. I've decided to stay here for the time being.

 Lizabeth replied in a good mood.

'Yeah, that's fine, but how did you get to that state ...... before that?'

 The first time Cain saw them was in a cage and wearing a magic-absorbing bracelet.
 Moreover, it was in the Illustin Republic, which is completely different from the country of the demon race. It's impossible not to wonder.

I have to tell you. ...... But, since you are in Cain's care, it's inevitable. ......

 Poppycock, Lizabeth began to talk about the situation.

 She was tired of living a life of barely leaving the mansion, so she took some magic stones that were in the mansion instead of road silver and ran out of the house.
 I flew across the sky and across the ocean to the continent where the human race lives, exchanged the magic stones for silver, and then went to each town by myself.
 Then, in some city, when I had a drinking contest with a group of adventurers, I got drunk and untransformed, and the next thing I knew, I was captured and sold to a slave trader in the Istin Republic.
 The fact that I thought I could escape at any time from being able to use shapeshifting magic, and that I was wearing a magic-blocking bracelet.
 And Lizabeth even told her about that fight in the arena.

''- Thanks to Cain, I was saved. She couldn't afford to lose her life.

 After finishing speaking, Lizabeth picked up the cup of tea that was placed in front of her. She took a sip and took a huff.

''Then it means I can always go back to my own country, right? You can stay in this mansion for a little while, but I think you should go back to your own country and go against it once.
"There are other reasons why I don't want to go back to ....... It can't be helped. I'll return once I've been taken care of for a bit.

 Lizabeth nodded, reluctantly, although she looked a little uncomfortable about returning to her own country.
 After that, she asked that she be accompanied by an escort whenever she went out into the city.

''I asked for it, Dalmatia.''
...... Yes, I'm happy to do so in a small way.

 Unusually for Dalmatia, she nodded with a slightly disgusted look on her face.

''Nevertheless, Cain. You have managed a very fine estate, both this city and this mansion. You must be young for a human being.
'Yeah, it started out as a smaller town. I guess it's like we've grown so big with everyone's help: ....... And don't call it a castle. It's a mansion. It's a mansion, so we built it a little too big.

 Cain reminisced nostalgically about his first days as the Lord of Drintle.
 Various problems had arisen and he had expanded the city while solving them, but unlike other cities, he had built it all at once with a large amount of money, cheat magic, and the knowledge of his previous life.
 This was unbelievable to the lords who governed other cities.
 It was only possible because the king had told me that I could do whatever I wanted now.
 However, as expected, no one, including the king and prime minister, could have imagined that it would grow to this level.

Hmm ....... So that's how rewarding it is to be a Cain.

 Mumbling in a whisper after those words, Lizabeth began to talk to herself and nodded widely as if she was alone in her conviction.

''For now, I don't mind having you take it easy for a little while. I'll be leaving the Illustin Republic in a few days, so I'll be back when I do.
Yes, you can use transference magic, which is rare among the human race. It's not uncommon among the higher demons, but I've never met a human who could use it.
There's a lot going on there.

 I couldn't possibly think of it and 'create' it on my own, nor could I explain it, so Cain slurred his words.

 After that, the banter continued, and since it was a good time, it was dismissed.
 Cain asked Dalmatia to take care of the rest, and then transitioned to the inn where he was staying and crawled into his bed.

'Come to think of it, I was in the middle of asking Dalmatia about Lizabeth. We can ask her again another time: .......

 Cain, not caring about Dalmatia's heartache, went to sleep for the next day's congress.