166 Chapter 23: Escort Car

 Once Viscount Bard was captured, the soldiers who accompanied him seemed to have given up and began to climb the stairs one by one as instructed.
 Only Viscount Bard was even gagged prematurely, as he didn't want to be killed himself.
 The knights that Tiffana brought with her captured the soldiers coming up in turn.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. Claude, we have to get back over there.
'Right. Well, I don't think I'll be able to get out there, you know: ......
I'll go check it out. I'll go check it out.

 It was true that Cain was an earl, but his presence was light unless he had a messenger in the Kingdom of Esfort and knew the situation in Drintle.
 However, Tifana had been serving as the head of the Kingsguard in the kingdom for many years, a situation that made her highly respected by other nations.
 Because of her overwhelming prowess and beauty, the one who had received many applications for marriage, and who had refused all of them, suddenly announced her engagement.
 Needless to say, the rumor quickly spread to many countries.

'Yes, it would be great if Tifana could come too,'
'I know! If you're not useful to Cain once in a while, you'll fall behind your lordships.

 Claude laughs at Tifana, who is nodding with her arms folded alone and a big smile on her face.
 Speaking of Tifana, the adventurers of the Esfort Kingdom are no strangers to her.
 That makes her the same as all the women out there in love when she's with Cain.
 Even in Claude's mind, the image is crumbling.
 But now is not the time to think about such things. Claude tightens his expression and calls out to Cain.

'Cain, let's get back quickly.'

 At Claude's shout, the three of them headed for the big hole on the Illustin Republic side.

'Sorry to keep you waiting. We were reinforcements.

 At Claude's words, Lina and the others let out a breath of relief, but they instantly froze when they saw the woman behind Cain, Tifana.

''I didn't expect ...... to see the strongest kinsman knight commander in the Esfort Kingdom. ......

 Each of them nodded in surprise at Lina's words.
 Cain still didn't seem to give up as he looked under the great hole, and each of them had a weapon, and those who could use magic were standing by ready to release it at any time.
 In the midst of all this, Tifana stood so that the attackers could see her.

I am Tifana von Liebelt, Commander of the Kingsguard of the Kingdom of Esfort. I announce to the assailants. Drop your weapons and surrender now. Otherwise, this will be considered a declaration of war by the Republic of Illustin against the Kingdom of Esfort.

 Tifana's words had an extraordinary effect.
 The marauders' complexion quickly became worse. So much so that Tifana's name had passed to other countries.
 Even the main culprit, Maluf, had an incredulous expression on his face.
 As for himself, his son, Ralph, created the opportunity, and before long he was stripped of his position and property, and he planned this attack in order to regain it.
 He received advice from the Marquis of Corzino, and together they planned to bring down his nemesis, Cain, but before long, even the head of the Kingsguard showed up, and the story has evolved into a war between the Republic of Illustin and the Kingdom of Esfort.
 If this happens, it won't just be a matter of deprivation of senators and a fine. It was obvious that the whole family would be guilty of death.
 Maruf was kneeling powerlessly out of despair, but that was not the case for the other members.
 As for the Dark Guild, the private army and the Dark Guild, they were allowed to participate in this plan at the behest of Maruf.
 They thought they would receive a huge reward, but they were trapped in a large hole without doing anything. Of course, if the plan failed, the promise would be betrayed.
 However, there was no way to even escape from this large hole they were trapped in.

"d*mn. Why is this happening to me: ......

 He was the master of the Dark Guild who spat out a discarded line, but when he looked around him, the attackers he had prepared for this time fell down in a flurry.

''What in the world--''

 With those words, the Dark Guild Master's consciousness was cut off.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇.

"Cain, what the hell did you do ......?

 Claude calls out to Cain, who confirms that they've all fallen under the big hole and says, "Okay, we've succeeded.
 Millie and Nina also give him a strange look.

'As it was, it wasn't likely that they would surrender at that rate, so I magically changed the oxygen ratio.
'Sa, Sanso ......? What is that ......?

 No one understands Cain's words.
 I went through the sophomore year of high school in a previous life. I know enough to know that as the oxygen dims, the carbon dioxide increases and the ratio changes, you lose consciousness. It was just a big hole in the ground, so I remembered and took advantage of it.
 As for the mass of air, we can't really see it. But I tried, though I can't be sure, that it breathes in this world as well.
 And as expected, we were able to reap the consciousness of the attackers.

'Hmmm, let's just think of it as thinning the air we're breathing: ......'
Well, it was a big hole, so it was easy to do.

 All of us in this place are immensely excited by Cain's words.
 Simply put, he is saying that it is possible to reap consciousness whenever, wherever, and against whomever you want.
 They all understood that if they were hostile, they would be unable to do anything about it and would lose.
 Claude swallowed raw and made up his mind that he would never antagonize Cain.

''Oh, he'll regain consciousness sooner or later, so can I have him captured before then?

 Tifana huffed at Cain's words. Even Tifana couldn't believe what she was seeing.

'Yeah, right. Let's get that knight over there over here.'

 Tiffana said and sprinted off like the wind.

'In the meantime, let's bring it back: ......

 As Cain said this, he put his hand on the ground and let the magic flow through it, and the great hole gradually rose up, creating a flat ground.

''Now we can easily tie it up, can't we?''

 No one could react to Cain's words, and they all just nodded crisply.
 As they did so, about twenty knights rushed in.
 Cain also cut the ropes taken out of the item box for capture and lined them up to a reasonable length.
 It will be an assault from several hundred people. No matter how you think about it, the rope prepared by the knights who came to help us was not enough.

''Sorry to keep you waiting ......, but that big hole is?
'I put it back then. You're not going to get in the way of tying them up, are you?
Well, ...... sure.

 Tifana seemed a little unconvinced, but she instructed the knights and tied up the attackers one by one.
 In less than a second, the capture of the raiders was all over.

''Well, let's see what we can do about this: ......

 The number of attackers tied up in ropes exceeds five hundred.
 It's not an easy number to carry.

'If only we could carry them to the fort: ......

 Cain clapped his hands, as if remembering, to Tiffana, who suddenly muttered.

'If only we could carry them all ...... then...' 

 Cain pulls another convoy out of the item box.

There aren't enough seats, but if it's too crowded, maybe we can fit a good number of people in it.

 Just in case, Cain had prepared two convoys.
 The teachers and students had already finished fighting off the attackers, so the teachers and students had also gotten out of the convoy.
 And when they saw the number of attackers, everyone turned blue in the face.
 If it weren't for Cain--.
 Maybe that's what they thought.
 Cain laughed at the words of thanks that came one after another from the students.

(No, if it wasn't for me, they wouldn't have attacked me. ...... Maybe ......)

 The knights brought the marauders into the convoy one after another, but as expected, they couldn't carry 500 marauders, so Cain pulled out a new cage from the item box.

''Put the rest in here.
'Cain ....... I understand the cages, but how do you carry these guys ......?

 Cain smiles at Tijuana's words.

'That is, of course, ----'

 Even Tijuana, as expected of her, was immensely disappointed by those words.