177 Chapter Three   Out of Development

 There was silence in the parlor at Set's words.
 Cain looked up and when he returned to his face, he saw the king in front of him with a serious look on his face.

''Cain ...... would you like to hand over the king?''

 Cain unintentionally shook his head vigorously at the king's words.

'Oh no, I'm sure Cain-kun can do it. World domination.''

 Cain couldn't help but chuckle at Duke Eric, who was smiling even at a time like this.

''Oh no, it's Set's joke. Please don't take it in between.''

 World domination was not something Cain was interested in. Right now, it was important to avoid the possibility of war with the demon race.

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a new pair of shoes. More importantly, dealing with the country of the demon tribe: ....... There's no way around it now. I would like to have someone to accompany you, Lizabeth, but is it possible?
"All demon nations, including our own, need to respond with force. No one will listen to the barking of a weak man. If you can say that with force, it is possible, but who can do the same thing as Cain?

 There is silence at Lizabeth's words. There is no such thing as an armed force on par with Cain.
 The king lets out a single sigh and opens his mouth.

"My dear Lizabeth, if possible, I would like to avoid war. Will you cooperate with me and Cain?
Of course, she doesn't mind people. She especially likes the food we eat at Cain's house.

 The kings laughed at Lizabeth, who smiled innocently.
 And it was officially approved for Cain to accompany the demon tribe to the country.
 Although Cain has a position as a frontier count, he has yet to be handed over as to the territories other than Drintle.
 Prime Minister Magna explains that the books of the handover city have been heavily falsified by Corzino, and that they are in the process of being reviewed again.
 Cain is a little relieved when he is informed that it will take several months of investigation before the handover takes place.

(There's nothing we can do about it if it's handed over to us in this state: ......)

'I'll explain it well to Silk and the others. They'll be angry if they find out I've gone to another country without permission again.

 Cain nodded heavily at Duke Eric's words.
 Cain knew firsthand that he was afraid to offend both Telestia and Silk.

'Cain, try to avoid war. War is not a matter for our country alone. War is not a matter for our country alone; I will be contacting other countries to see if they are ready to respond to any problems.

 Cain nodded to the king, who had a serious expression on his face, and his expression tightened.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇.

 When we left the royal castle and transitioned from the royal residence to Drintle, Dalmatia was already prepared to go to the land of the demon race.

''Lisabeth-sama's luggage has been prepared. Cain-sama's already as well.''

 Cain tucked the packed items into the item box one by one.

'Cain, you can leave it to us while you're away.
Brother Alec, it's a pleasure to meet you.

 Cain bowed lightly.

''Then I will take you to our country once. Since the Emperor's Kingdom is under an impediment to transference magic.''

 Cain can also use transference magic, but he has never been to the land of the demon race. Transmigration magic can only go to a place once it has been visited. That's why Set or Dalmatia had to use the magic.
 Cain, Lizabeth, and Dalmatia touched Set's body, and the four of them shifted.

'I hope I don't cause another problem ......'

 Alec muttered as only one person remained in the reception room.

 The destination of the transfer was a large hall that looked like the audience hall of a castle.
 The high ceiling was decorated with pictures, and the atmosphere was no different from that of the Esfort Kingdom.

This is the hall of my castle. Let me show you the drawing room.

 Several female demons dressed in maid outfits appeared when Set came back.

''Set-sama, welcome back ......?

 The maid woman looks in amazement at the sight of Dalmatia.
 Although she was a former Four Heavenly Kings, she has now retired from the line.
 When she was the Fourth Heavenly King, she took charge of the castle and was trusted by the maids.

''Could it be that Dalmatia-sama has returned ......!

 But Dalmatia shook her head.

''I am already in the service of this Lady Cain, so I will not return to this castle. Rather, please show the Princess Royal Highness to her room. ......

 At Dalmatia's words, her eyes widened even more than before, and then she looked at the girl with her.

''I beg your pardon. Please show me the way at once. I will show you to the reception room until you are ready.''

 The maid took the lead and led Cain and the others into the parlor.

'This way, sir.'
Mm, good choice.
Yes, sir! Thank you.

 The maid's cheeks turn red at being complimented by Dalmatia, not Set, and she bows her head deeply.
 The four of them sit down facing each other in the reception room they were led to.

''First of all, we need to put together a domestic one alone: ......

 Although Set was working to deter war, there were still a few who were open to war.
 They had to show Lizabeth and let her know that there was no need to fight a war.

''Lizabeth-sama, I will gather the senior demons in this country by the end of two days. Would you be willing to show your face there?

 Lizabeth nodded emphatically at Set's suggestion.

''That's right. First of all, we need the cooperation of this country alone.

 Although Lizabeth is a royal family, she is not the next emperor. And although she is well known as a beautiful girl, she does not have any power, but the fact that the imperial family, which is a symbol to the demon nations, was made a slave in a country ruled by humans is the start of the war.
 It was decided to suppress the desire to go to war by having Lizabeth herself show herself to the people.

 And two days passed.