183 Chapter 9   the emperor is here

 The communication had been conveyed in advance, and they passed through the gate without stopping the carriage at the entrance of the Imperial City.
 And on both sides of the road, the residents of the imperial capital were buried as far as the eye could see.
 Perhaps they had gotten the message that the Emperor was returning.
 Shouts of welcome rose high from the city.
 Guards were trying to keep the residents in check, and the carriage was advancing through the middle of them.

'That's a great welcome nonetheless: ......
''Hmm. Maybe it's because I've been away from the imperial capital for a long time ....... It might be embarrassing for the concubine to be taken this far.

 Chuckling and smiling, Lizabeth looked out of the small window and waved at the residents.
 Cain also grabbed her and waved out the window. To be honest, Cain didn't think it was his welcome, but he still felt that he was not going to do anything as a person in attendance.
 The carriage proceeded despite the reception, and ducked under the gates to the castle that towered in the center.
 Standing on either side of the gate were also the magnificent horned demons, the first time a human race had ever entered this imperial city.
 When the carriage stopped in front of the castle, the door was opened and Cain descended the carriage.
 He held out his hand to Lizabeth, who followed him down, and she took his hand and stepped gracefully down from the carriage.
 What was directed was a welcoming glance at Lizabeth's return and a hostile look towards Cain, the human race.
 Cain felt the hostility towards Lizabeth, although it was more or less.

(The hostility is still great: ....... Well, there are a lot of open-minded people here, too, so it's no wonder: ....... (I'm sure Riza feels it too.)

 Cain was able to silence the killing spirit in all directions, but acting hostile from the start would only be a disgrace since he was visiting as a representative of the Esfort Kingdom.
 As long as it was diplomacy, he was aware that he had to be a gentleman, and the king had reminded him of that.
 In fact, there were some absurd requests, such as, "If there's a war, go turn it all upside down.
 While going through the hostility that was directed at him, Cain turned his gaze to Lizabeth and smiled.
 Set, who came down next, also stood next to Lizabeth and proceeded slowly.
 At the entrance of the castle, there was a line of what appeared to be many nobles and their attendants.
 One of them came forward. He was dressed in a most sumptuous outfit and had five horns, the same as Lisabeth's.
 Cain guessed that it must be the Crown Prince that Lisabeth had mentioned.

'Riza, welcome back. It's good to see you back in one piece, I'm glad to see you too.
Brother, I'm sorry for causing you to worry. I have returned home safely.

 Lizabeth gracefully unfurled the hem of her skirt and bowed her head in greeting.

'Well, it's no use talking about it here. It looks like we have guests. It's been a while since Lord Set has been here.'
It's been a while, Crown Prince. It's a pleasure to see you looking so well.

 Cain was a little surprised by Set's unusual attitude, but he tried not to show it on his face and followed his guide.
 The castle was beautifully decorated to be the center of several countries of the demon race, and although it wasn't flashy, its high class feel was evident.
 We walked down a corridor and were led into a single reception room.
 Cain sat at the seat he was led to.
 He sat next to Set and next to each other, with the Crown Prince and Lizabeth sitting face to face.
 Dalmatia stands back to stand behind Cain.

''Let me greet you again. I am Logosia van Benesitos, Crown Prince of this Benesitos Demon Empire. I hear that Riza is in your care.
My name is Cain von Silford Drintle, Earl of the Frontier in the Kingdom of the Esphort.

 Logosia looked a little surprised at Cain's introduction.
 Even though Cain had grown up, he was still only fourteen years old. It's a good thing that you don't know Cain, because he's not even close to adulthood, and he's governing the whole area.

You must be really good at your age to be the county governor.
That's right. Cain's home is more comfortable than this castle. The food is delicious. I would have preferred not to leave.

 Lizabeth explains as Logosia's answer is overridden by Lizabeth.
 However, Logosia wrinkles her brow at the explanation and gives Lizabeth a sharp look.

'...... So, Riza has been at the Earl of Silford's residence all along, ......?
That's right. We were together ever since Cain rescued me when I was in danger of being cast into slavery.

 Logosia's expression gradually became grim.
 In her position as an imperial princess, even though she was unmarried, if it was known that she had been with a single man all the time, no matter how much she was a minor, there would be some kind of detriment.
 In particular, Logosia was planning to give Lizabeth as a wife to the Demon King who was pushing her in order to solidify her position.

''Riza, Riza is planning to marry to the Demon King (patron) I know. I don't want her to stay with a single man all the time, no matter how much protection she's given me. ......
---- I don't intend to marry into that man's family. I've already decided who I'm going to marry. She has already decided who she's going to marry, and she's going to marry this Cain. I've already asked her to marry ----.

 Cain and Set watched from the sidelines as Logosia and Lizabeth talked, but Lizabeth's bombshell made Cain's shoulders shake and Set looked at Cain with suspicious eyes. 
 Then Logosia's eyes widened, and she stared at Cain.

'What do you mean, Earl Silford? Depending on what happens, your life may not be enough for them.
''That being said, I am reserving my answer to that question. We have heard that the demon nations may declare war against the human nations. I am here with His Highness Lisabeth to persuade you to stop them.

 Only Cain is visiting the country of the demon race to persuade them to stop the war.
 He couldn't be carried away by his personal feelings. Certainly, Cain knows that Lizabeth is an attractive woman. But she has more than one fiancée and even a princess.
 There was no way she could ignore her country and add more fiancées on her own.

 Set welcomes marriage, but is opposed to war.
He knows that if there is a war with the human race, the demon race will surely lose.
 --because of the existence of Cain.

''Your Highness Logosia, my country is unanimous in expressing its opposition to war, and the nobles are unanimous in their opposition to war. And since we have formed a friendship with Earl Silford, we will not wage war with the human race under any circumstances.

 Set, who had been silent until now, spoke to Logosia with a serious look in his eyes.