189 Chapter 15   Decision

 Even the people who had been watching the battle on the podium with bated breath were surprised to see Logosia stand up.
 He had been pierced through the chest by Dennis in front of their own eyes. It wouldn't be surprising if he had died instantly.
 But although his clothes were torn, he did not appear to be injured.
 Logosia gave Lizabeth one look, nodded widely, and then stood in the center of the podium.

'All of you, I am sorry to have caused you concern. I am thus safe thanks to Sir Cain. I had no idea that three of the Demon King's men were planning a war. No, I knew that, but I tried not to worry about it. However, with this latest incident, everyone will now understand. Lord Cain is a trustworthy man. I would prefer to associate with him as an individual and not as a representative of this country.

 The people cheered at Logosia's words.
 Cain also smiled at the people's welcome, and he and Lizabeth looked at each other and nodded.
 But the demon king who cannot admit itーーAgus swallowed a crystal larger than the shards swallowed by the two demon kings from his chest with one hand while Set held his body down.

...... I will never admit such a thing. I'll bring all the demon clans together ...... ughhhhhhhh!

 With one loud cry, Agus's body begins to pulsate with veins floating out.
 Next, his body's muscles swelled up, and Set, who was holding him down, was lightly swept away with one hand.


 Set was blown away by the momentum and Agus, whose body had grown two sizes, slowly stood up.

''Uhahahahaha! That's it. That's the power! Power is the symbol of a demon king! It shouldn't be talked about in blood or anything else. The demon race is all about power! That's why I'm going to fix everything: ......

 Agus stood still and turned his eyes white and lost consciousness.
 However, in a few seconds, the blank look in his eyes slowly turned into a smile.

''Oh, you've lost consciousness. Well, it's better that way because you can do it freely ....... 'Yeah? You're ...... Oh, it's been a while. Are you still an apostle of the Creator God (grandfathers)?

 Agus's voice was different from the one just now.
 A boyish voice rang out from a body that was over three meters tall.
 Even for Cain, it was a voice he did not want to hear.
 --With Corzino, he said .......

'...... No way,--Aaron .......'

 Agus laughs wryly at Cain's words.

'In a manner of speaking, he's a god, even though he looks like this: ......

 But the conversation between the two men leaves Logosia and Lizabeth in a state of dismay.
 The man they thought was Agus was called Aaron, and he called himself God.
 The demon race also knew of the existence of gods, but it was normal for them to respect the royal family more than the gods. But as an imperial family, they knew about God.

"...... no way God has descended ......

 Logosia murmured in a whisper, and Cain shook his head.

''Aaron was originally a Yugi God, but now--he's an evil god.
So, the evil god ......?

 Cain nodded at the words that came back from Logosia. Then he pointed the sword he took out of the item box at Agus.

'You're pointing a sword at me? This still moves my body more than ever before, so it's not perfect, but it's strong in its own way, okay?

 When Agus's body was taken over, Aaron raised one hand and a black haze arose, gradually transforming into a sword.
 You will find that the miasma of the black miasma is a lot more powerful than the one you're looking for.

It's a good idea to get away from the place. I'm going to ask you to evacuate the two of you. Also, tell the people to run away.

 The three of them nodded at Cain's words and walked down from the podium.
 Set told the people to flee in a loud voice, and at the sound of his voice, the people began to flee like a scattering of cobwebs.
 All the while, Cain and Agus didn't move a single muscle as they exchanged glances.

 After a few minutes, you don't see the shadow of the people who were there earlier. Cain regrasped his sword and pointed the tip of his sword at Agus.

 He strengthens his body and runs to Agus at once and flashes his sword, but is lightly received by Agus. The two men stop moving while they are in a battle of wits.

Hmm. It seems to be reasonably strong. It's just that he's an apostle. But is this enough to defeat me?

 With a light swing of his sword, Cain was thrown out of the way.
 After preparing his system and landing on the ground, Cain's expression was twisted as if he had unexpectedly bitten down on a bitter worm by an enemy stronger than ever before.
 Even though Cain has improved his physical abilities even more than usual by putting more magic power into it, as expected of a god, or should I say god, he doesn't move at all and adjusts to Cain's sword.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of this one.

It's not good enough to ...... this? How strong is it ......?

 He refocused his strength on the hand holding the sword and challenged Agus, but the sword was met without difficulty.
 Once back, Agus muttered to Cain, who was thinking about how to attack him.

'Oh ...... time is up or ....... It can't be helped. I'll see you later. O Apostle of the Creator God (Grandfather).'

 At that moment, the disastrous sword in Agus's hand - disappeared.
 When the intimidating feeling that existed earlier disappeared, Agus sent a curious glance at Cain.

''It's ....... I--what's wrong with me?

 Cain let out a breath of relief as Agus let out a breath of relief, confused as to why he was standing here.

'You were unconscious ....... Then it's just as well.

 Cain moved behind Agus in an instant and gave him a blow to the neck, snatching his consciousness.
 Agus, who was unconscious, fell forward as it was.

'Only a ...... god, you're still strong ......

 Cain muttered as he looked down at the unconscious Agus.