195 Episode 21: Secret talk in the reception room

 The king decided that there was a limit to what could be said in this audience, so he told the nobles in attendance that he would discuss the details in another room and report back to them at a later date.
 Lizabeth was the first to leave, followed by the king, and then the senior nobles.

''And yet, Cain, what do you plan to do about it?''

 He laughs and asks Cain, who has caused problems again as his father, Garum. He can only smile at his son, who has three fiancées and is also trying to make a fourth one, even if it is for diplomacy.
 Even Yuya, the first king of the Kingdom of Esfort, whom Lisabeth mentioned, is suspected to be related to Cain.

'I just heard about the marriage for the first time earlier. ...... I'm not sure yet. I'm sure you'll be called back to the reception room.''
'Yeah, it probably will. See, I'm already waiting for you.

 Out of the corner of Garum's eye, there was a squire standing by the door.
 It was the squire who always led me to the reception room, and I could easily imagine that he would be waiting for Cain for sure.
 As he walked to the door, the squire bowed his head deeply and announced, "His Majesty is waiting and I will show him to you.
 Garum was called at the same time, and the two walked after the squire.
 The squire knocked on the door of the reception room, and after permission was granted, he opened the door and stood beside it.

'Come in, this way,'

 Garum and Cain walked into the room and found the King, Duke Eric, Prime Minister Magna and Lizabeth seated inside.

'Riza was over here too,'
Well, I couldn't tell you that earlier.

 Lizabeth was no longer using the same diplomatic language as she had been using in the audience, but rather as usual.

'Well, you should both sit down. We have a lot to listen to.

 The king urged them to take their seats.

─ I want to ask you both first. Do you intend to enter into marriage? You will also be married to Terestia. It would be like a kinship.
The mistress intends to tie a knot. No, I have no other plan.
"So, Master Lisabeth," she says, "but what about Cain?
I think ...... Lizabeth is an attractive woman. That doesn't mean that you can't suddenly say .......
Cain, you've already shared a bed. I suggest you give it up.

 The king's eyebrows rose at Lizabeth's words.

'Cain, what do you mean by that ......?'

 Indeed, they had slept together once when Cain hid Lizabeth in Drintle. Even if you call it sleeping together, it's really just sleeping together. At that time, he had given permission for Lizabeth to be heartbroken because she had just been freed from slavery.

'...... sure. I did indeed sleep with her that time, but ......
Then I don't mind giving my permission for this to happen. It would be a disgrace for our country if it were known that you do not take a woman to the bed with another country's princess. The next one is ....... The first king, Lord Yuya, and I have met .......

 Cain exhales heavily and decides to give up and tell me some things.

'I think it would be quicker if you had a look at it first.

"Status open.

 Cain made sure to show his status to the kings in attendance.

[Name] Cain von Silford.
 Race] Human race? Gender] Male [Age] 14 years old
 The third son of the Frontier Count family, reincarnated, apostle of the gods, natural enemy of the demon forest, destroyer of nature, slayer of dragons, favored by the gods, disciple of the creator of other worlds, disciple of a god dragon, master of a god dragon, master of a god dragon, master of a demon king. 
 Level] Unmeasurable.
 Physical strength is unmeasurable.
 Magic power] Unmeasurable.
 Capability] Unmeasurable.
  -Strength. Unable to measure.
  -Strength... unmeasurable.
  -Intelligence, unmeasurable.
  -Too quick. Unable to measure.
  -Magical powers unmeasurable.

  Creation magic Lv.10
  Fire magic Lv.10
  Wind magic Lv.10
  Water magic Lv.10
  Earth magic Lv.10
  Light magic Lv.10
  dark magic Lv.10
  Space-time magic Lv.10
  Living Magic
  combined magic
  summoning magic

  Appraisal Lv.10
  Item Box Lv.10
  Martial arts Lv.10
  Martial arts Lv.10
  Physical resistance Lv.10
  Magic resistance Lv.10
  All Things Forest

  Blessing of the God of Creation Lv.10
  Blessing of the God of Life Lv.10
  Blessing of the Magic God Lv.10
  Blessing of the Earth God Lv.10
  Blessing of the Warrior God Lv.10
  Blessing of the God of Skill Lv.10
  Blessing of the God of Commerce Lv.10
  Blessing of the Favinyl creator God Lv.10
  Blessing of the Divine Dragon Lv.10
=================================== ...

 Everyone gasped at the status displayed.
 Incredible status numbers, no, crazy beyond the limits of what is displayed in numbers.
 And even more incredible titles.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of it.

Yuya was from my hometown of Japan, the country before my reincarnation, and I actually met him in Japan. I have never actually met him in that Japan, but ....... Yuya-san, no, the three of us, a brave man, a holy knight, and a wise man, were summoned by the Marineford church nation three hundred years ago. I have been trained by Yuya-san as a reincarnated person who has memories of living in the same world during that time period.
"...... Is Cain a reincarnate ...... that's why the city of Drintle is so prosperous that way? The food is unbelievably good, too: ......

 The kings know that Cain is a reincarnated person. But they didn't know that he lived in the same world as Yuya, the first king. Even if they had seen the scribe written by Yuya when he was still a child and found out that he was a reincarnation, they would not have known that he was a reincarnation.

'This blessing, the 'creator god of other worlds', is the current Yuya. I met him when he was in charge of the other worlds and occasionally came to our world. He also appeared out of the blue the other day during the attack in the Benecitos Empire, so .......

 Cain tightened his words, and the king raised his eyebrows in thought.
 After a few minutes of silence, the king looked at Lizabeth.

'Lord Lisabeth. I will allow you to marry Cain. I have several fiancées, and my daughter, Telestia, will be my rightful wife, but is that still acceptable?
That's not a problem. I want to marry Cain. We don't care about the order of things. They're already friends, Teres.
'That's no problem. Let the Kingdom of Esfort form an alliance with the Benecitos Crown. Magna, please give me notice.
I understand. I will make the necessary arrangements.

 Cain was relieved that it was all over now, but there was no way he could just leave.

'It's ...... Cain. What do you think? Would you like to try your hand at being king?

 Cain's answer to the king's serious question was set in stone.

''I will politely decline.''
It's still Cain. Ha-ha-ha. Well, it's no use. We'll take care of the rest. You can go home.
Now, if you'll excuse me. Liza, let's go.
Yes. Well then, Your Majesty, I think I'll leave you to it.

 This time, the emissaries to the Benecitos empire, and the understanding of the city that will be added to the city in the future, are all too much work for the underage Cain.
 The academy has also received permission to attend school freely, but he wants to take his time in the academy with Telestia, Silk and Rilutana.

 The king and the others left the reception room to discuss the future, and Cain and Lizabeth left the castle and rode back to the mansion in their carriage.