200 Chapter Three   Guard Mission

 A week after it was decided that Cain would head to the Marineford Churchyard. Several church knights and adventurers were to head to the Marineford churchyard together as the bishop's escort.

''Yo, Cain. It's been a while!
'Idiot! What are you doing to the Count of the Frontier!

 Lina pats Claude, who raises one hand and casually calls out to her, on his head. Behind them, Millie and Nina were smiling.
 This time, three groups of twelve adventurers were to accompany their escorts on their way to the Marineford Teaching Country. In the kingdom's financing of the adventurers' expenses, Cain advised them after a meeting with the guild, and Claude and the others were chosen as the trustworthy adventurers.
 In terms of ability, Claude and Lina were A-ranked, and Millie and Nina were B-ranked, so they were allowed to join without problems. Especially since the four of them have a proven track record of protecting the princesses during the attack on the Istin Republic, the king immediately recognized them.

''Claude-san! It's been a while. I'm glad you asked.
'Well. It's a request for appointment from the kingdom, and I heard Cain was there too, so how could I not take it?

 Cain smiles as Claude smiles as he rubs his beaten head and smiles.

'Mr. Cain ......? Long time no see. Glad to see you're doing well.
Long time no see, Cain.

 Milly is confused as to how to deal with Cain, who has become a senior noble clan leader, and Nina, whose expression doesn't change as usual.

''Since I'll be accompanying you as an adventurer this time, it's fine to be Cain as before. I'd appreciate it that way too.

 Cain will also accompany you this time as an adventurer. Claude and the other four, along with Cain, will be requested as a temporary party of five people.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of it.

''Good. I thought you were becoming a senior nobleman and becoming more like that. Well then, I'll call you Cain like I always have.''
Yes, I'm sure.

In the meantime, I'll introduce you to the rest of the team.

 Claude was going to take Cain along with him to greet the other adventuring party that would be escorting him this time.
 Since they would only be accompanying him under the cover of their status as nobles, when Claude introduced Cain to them, he asked, "Why this kid? He had an unconvincing look on his face, but since Claude would be the leader of the adventurer's escort group, no opposition was raised.

 When the preparations were ready and we were signaling to leave, Cain was called by the bishop.

''Cain-sama. Mr. Cain, if you will ride with me in the carriage. I'm sorry to share the carriage with myself, but ......

 The bishop bows his head apologetically.

'Ew. Bishop-sama, don't worry about it. This time I'm an adventurer's bodyguard. And I also conceal my position as a nobleman.
Having said that: ......

 Claude advises the bishop, who has an apologetic look on his face, from behind.

'Cain, you can ride in the bishop's carriage. You can ask him to come out if you need anything. You can be alerted from inside the carriage.
'...... Okay, I understand. Now, Bishop. I'm going to have to ride with you in the form of an escort.

 Cain rode with the bishop in his carriage and the group was to leave.

 On their way to the Marineford churchyard, they would pass through several villages and towns.
 There was also the city of Sylvester, ruled by Count Ragnaf, which Cain had passed through before when he received Hinata. Cain chuckled as he remembered it.
 Ragnaf, an enthusiastic Marinefordist, had spoken enthusiastically about Marinefordism when Cain had stayed there. It was a disgusting length of time.

'...... Oh, I don't have a problem with the Lord Bishop this time. ......
Did I miss anything ......?

 The bishop sitting next to him reacts to Cain's soliloquy.

'No, there's a city of Sylvester on the way to Marineford Churchyard, and the Earl of Ragnaf who governs it is a devoted congregation. So I was wondering if you could talk to the bishop: ......
You are Count Ragnaf. I have heard that you are a devout follower. Of course I will be happy to oblige.

 The bishop smiled and nodded emphatically.
 Reassured that he wouldn't have to experience the painful experience of the last time, Cain decided to use the search (search) to alert the surrounding area.
 The group proceeded down the street without incident. Perhaps because they usually ask the Adventurer's Guild to exterminate the monsters on the streets, they arrived at the city of Sylvester without a fight.

 Due to prior notice, the soldiers were lined up at the entrance to the city of Sylvester, with Count Ragnaf waiting in the middle of them to greet them.
 Count Ragnaf mounted his horse and took the lead, and began to lead them to the mansion. Honestly, Cain wished he had waited for him at the mansion, but he didn't say it, and the bishop riding with him was impressed with the welcome the entire city was getting.
 The city was in a welcoming mood, with residents lining up on either side of him and waving to him.

'Sir Bishop, what an amazing welcome ......'
'This is the first time we have been so welcomed within the Kingdom of Esfort. For my part, I'm organizing the church in the Kingdom of Esfort, and I feel bad that they've gone this far.

 The carriage made its way through the welcoming residents to reach the mansion.