214 Episode 17: Is the Bishop's Brother a Great Master?

I'm ashamed to show you how embarrassing it is.

 Hinata, still with a stain on her cheeks, bowed to Bishop Harnam.
 Cain had intended to sit next to Bishop Harnam, but Hinata held Cain's hand and didn't let go, so she sat next to him.

'No, no, it's been a long time since we've seen each other, and I'm sure you'd like to be with me. I'm sorry that this old man is the one who interfered with you.

 Bishop Harnam replied with a smile, and Hinata looked down in embarrassment.

'I was surprised when I got a letter from Hinata. She seemed a little tired, but I'm glad to see she's in better spirits than I expected.

 Hinata gave a small sigh at Cain's words.

''Actually, there's a lot about this papal election: ......

 The four cardinals are meeting with Hinata on a daily basis. After all, the backing of a saint is an important thing for this Marineford church country.
 The chief, Cardinal Bangla, let the number of factions speak for themselves.
 The other cardinal is an idealist with an idealistic outlook that is practically impossible to achieve.
 The youngest cardinal played the color card on Hinata.
 And Cardinal Denter, Bishop Harnam's brother, is the only one who takes it easy and chats with him.

'Cardinal Denter has been a great help to me since I was a child. He doesn't talk about the papal election because he knows I'm probably tired, but instead we chat. He brings me delicious sweets every time.

 Cardinal Denter had no original ambition to become Pope. That was what Cain had heard from Bishop Harnam.
 That said, Cain thought that, from what Hinata had told him, Cardinal Denter was the best personality anyone had ever heard.
 As the three of them chatted for a few moments, there was a commotion outside in the hallway. There was a knock at the door and an old man who looked like Bishop Harnam appeared.

'I heard Harnum was here,' he said. 'Oh, there you are. Hinata-sama is here, and ...... another one?

 The person who comes in without asking permission must be Cardinal Denter, Cain thought.

'Brother! No, Cardinal Denter. You need to know your place. During the meeting with the saint.
''Well, well, don't be so angry. More importantly, the little boy sitting next to Hinata-sama is ............!

 Cardinal Denter closed the door and locked it behind him so that no one could enter. As it was, he stood in front of Cain - he dropped to his knees and bowed his head.

'You are ---- an apostle, aren't you? It is a pleasure to meet you for the first time. My name is Dentor, and I am the Cardinal of the Kingdom of Marineford. It is a great pleasure to meet the face of the Apostle.

 The friendly old man from earlier has changed his expression and bows deeply. For Cain, it reminds him of the first time he met Bishop Harnam.

'...... After all, do you also understand brother ......?'

 Hinata didn't say anything, but smiled and smiled. From Cain's point of view, it was strange how he could understand.

'I don't want you on your knees in such a place. Please sit down.

 It's not Cain's room, but there is currently no pope and four of the cardinals are at the top of the Marineford Church State in the absence of a pope. If one of those heads is exposed kneeling to the boy, that could be a problem.

'You see, Master Cain says so too, and you can sit next to him.

 Cardinal Denter bowed his head deeply again and then sat down next to Bishop Harnum. But the look he sent to Harnam was severe.

'O Harnam! What are you thinking of bringing an apostle to me? That is exactly what you should tell me.
'Cardinal Denter, Master Cain has been summoned by me.

 A smiling Hinata gives Cain a gentle look.

'Cardinal Dentor, it's nice to meet you. I'm Cain von Silford Drintle. I have been asked to be the Earl of the Frontier in the Kingdom of Esfort. Bishop Harnum has always been a great help to me. Also, you can call me Cain rather than Apostle.

 Cain also greeted her with kind words.

'Thank you for your kindness. So, Apostle ...... No, why did you go to the Churchland, Master Cain? Oh, Master Cain, if you are Hinata's oracle partner in the Kingdom of Esfort: ......
'That's right. This time it was me who asked for it. There was a lot going on, and besides, we didn't get to see each other very often ...... and .......

 Hinata answered sullenly, and Cain chuckled beside her. Cardinal Denter looked at the two men and smiled and clapped his hands.

'So that's what happened. If it's the Saint and the Apostle, it makes sense. I couldn't have asked for a better combination.'

 In fact, Cain already has four fiancées. At the engagement fatigue party with the three of them, Hinata called it an oracle and went on a rampage by declaring herself to be Cain's wife.
 At that time, many of the leading nobles of the Esfort Kingdom were in attendance, and there was a great deal of commotion among the country's nobles and church officials. However, since Hinata has made a declaration in front of everyone, called an oracle, she thinks it can't be helped that she will be welcomed as a wife in the future.
 Before that, he had to tell Hinata about his engagement to the new demon Lizabeth, but he had other important matters to attend to at the moment.
 Cain believes that as a cardinal, he should tell her about this one matter.

''Well, first of all, there were two raids on the way to this church capital this time with Bishop Harnam's escort. We were able to prevent one of them from happening.

 Everyone's expressions clouded over at Cain's words.

''-- Today, it was delivered from the city of Genesee on an early horse. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I didn't expect you to use even our darkest part ......

 Cardinal Denter's expression turned grim as if he had bitten down on a bitter worm.