219 Episode 22: Apostle of God

 Everyone in the room is confused by Hinata's shock.
 It's an unprecedented statement, but it takes time to understand it. But Bangura, who was the first to calm down, shouts out.

'Don't be silly! Saints don't decide the pope! It's up to the people involved in this church to decide!

 Hinata didn't change her expression at the breathing Bangla.

'...... No, it's not for the people involved to decide. It is ---- the gods who decide. Or the agents of the gods.

 But Bangla sniffed.

'Hmph, whatever the gods decide, if we don't get our voices heard, it's just like not!
It's at ----.

 At the same time as Hinata's words, the stage lit up and a white light covered the venue.
 Everyone instantly lost their sight and screams rang out.
 Those who had been blinded regained their vision and turned to look at Hinata, who was standing next to her, wearing a white robe on her head and a similar white mask.
 The white robe is decorated with gold thread that gives it a higher quality and more luxurious look than the cardinal's, and everyone can see it. Moreover, the robe was covered in a thin layer of white light.

''-- I'm here as God's representative.

 The neutral, resonant, clear voice, which can be described as both male and female, fascinates everyone present.
 Some of them felt the divine energy emanating from their robes and began to kneel down and pray on the spot.
 Two of the four cardinals, Denter and Samtam, were the first to fall to their knees and bow their heads.
 But Bangura didn't care and breathed.

'What, what are you?
Thank you, Apostle.
The apostle? S-, that's ridiculous. ......

 Bhangra is blatantly upset by Hinata's words when he realizes that she is an apostle. The masked man - Cain gives Bangla a momentary glance, but he looks around at the gathered church members without seeming to be bothered.

'I have come to convey the will of the gods to this place. Let me do my part. The gods have seen it all and know it all. And - I'm worried about the number of lives lost in this papal election. You know what I mean? ...... Cardinal Bangla

 Cain committed banditry in this papal election, and several church officials and merchants lost their lives. He wasn't going to forgive him for that.
 He shuddered and backed away from Cain, whose mask made his expression unreadable when he sent his gaze to Bangla.

'I do not know. Whatever those below me did, I had nothing to do with it. I have no proof of that!'
'So I'm telling you. That the gods saw and knew everything. Including that of Priest Oliver.

 Bangura, who steps back a little at the mention of Priest Oliver's name, points to Cain.

'This guy was a fake! It is an insult to the gods to call yourself a messenger of God. You must be arrested immediately!

 The temple knights braced themselves at Cardinal Bangura's words, but Hinata was standing beside them, unconcerned and upset to hear the order.
 Cain let out a small sigh and took out a treasure ball from the item box.
 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 The treasure ball began to glow and above its head a three-dimensional follogram was projected.
 All those who saw the 3-D image opened their eyes and immediately knelt down.
 What was projected on the three-dimensional image was the figure of the seven pillars.

'This one is our Seven Pillars'

 From the three-dimensional image, the voice of Xenom echoes through the Great Temple.
 Everyone hears it for the first time - the voice of God.
 The one who trembles and prays.
 The one who is crying from emotion.
 Those who are here have encountered an opportunity that they will never have in their lives.
 However, there are those who cannot admit it. But there are those who can't or won't admit it.

"How can I believe this! I don't approve! Die.

 Cardinal Bangla chanted a spell and floated a fireball about a meter in size and fired it at Cain.

''Watch out!''

 Cardinal Denter stood up, but the fireball's momentum took him to Cain.
 But Cain only swung his left hand lightly towards the fireball - and then it was gone in an instant.

'Why was that?!'
'This is outrageous, attacking the Apostle of God! This man is a rebel against God's representative! Get him!

 At Cardinal Denter's anger, the temple knights came to their senses and caught Cardinal Bangla.

'I, I was supposed to be the pope! Why?!

 The four temple knights took out the screaming Cardinal Bangla with four temple knights.
 With Cardinal Bangla out of sight, Cain put the treasure ball away in the item box and looked around at the church officials.

'I want to begin to continue, despite the distraction. The will of the gods is ---- Cardinal Denter, he wants you to be the next pope.

 Cardinal Denter moves in front of Cain and drops to his knees and bows his head.

'This is a gift from the gods.

 Cain took the robe that God had entrusted to him from the item box. A robe decorated with gold thread on white that would be appropriate for the Pope.
 Cardinal Denter takes it from Cain with trepidation.

''I will accept it gratefully. I will serve in the office of Pope with all my heart and soul.''

 With his head bowed again, Cardinal Denter stepped back, holding his robe in an important way.
 Cain's mouth relaxed slightly and he looked at Hinata. Hinata nodded with a big smile on her face.

'I'll leave the rest to the saints. Together with the new Pope, may Marinfordism prosper.

 With those last words, Cain uses transference magic to transfer to the guest room he's staying in.
 He takes off his robe, removes his mask, and rests his body on the sofa.

''I'm really tired ....... I'm done with my business now, I guess I can go home .......

 In fact, there's still the request to escort him home, but Cain even wants to use his transition magic to get home quickly.
 He rolled onto the sofa and meditated, trying to relax until Bishop Harnam returned.