221 Episode 24: Harlem?

 A week after the new Denter was sworn in as the new Pope, Bishop Harnam and his colleagues were to return to the Kingdom of Esfort.
 Pope Denter had been busy since the day after his inauguration, trying to capture those involved in the attack.
 When he had time, he met with Cain, but Pope Denter could not show his head to his bodyguard, Cain, and the meeting was basically in a private room.
 Bishop Harnum had also been solicited by Cardinal Denter to become a cardinal and help out in the Marineford Diocese, but he had adamantly refused.
 He said that he was looking forward to spending time in the Kingdom of Esfort to see what Master Cain had done.
 The journey back was uneventful and safe. On the way, we stayed in the city of Genasi, but it seems that the priest who welcomed us on the way there was also involved in the attack, so he was captured and a substitute priest was sent to him.
 And the biggest problem was the return to the Kingdom of Esfort and the first city, Sylvester.
 The Earl of Ragnaf was terribly pleased that Cardinal Denter, Bishop Harnam's brother, had become the new Pope. He was about to hold a lavish victory party, so Bishop Harnum appeased him and asked him to keep it simple.
 Cain left Bishop Harnam in charge of Count Ragnaf and rested slowly.
 A few days later, Cain and his men arrived safely at the royal capital and completed their escort duties.

'...... So what do you have to offer me? Hi, Cain.

 Cain sat in the reception room of the royal castle, surrounded by the King, Duke Eric and Prime Minister Magna, shrugging his shoulders.

'...... No, I just passed on the words of the gods with a bit of exaggeration, ......'

 Bishop Harnam told the king everything that was happening within the Marineford faith, and Cain was called in for an interview.

'So he made a ...... transference apparition. You do realize what would happen if such a thing were to spread, don't you?

 It's safe to say that it's not something that anyone but Cain can actually create, but its very existence was a problem.
 Cain was made to promise that he would never tell anyone about it.

I won't create it again, so don't worry.
'No, I'm afraid so: ....... Maybe you'll need it. You know, like when we evacuate. So, you see, .......

 Cain said he would never create again, but he understood that the sight of transition was a great help in an emergency.
 As a king, it was great to have insurance that would allow him to safely evacuate in case of an emergency.
 That's why the king's mind was also in turmoil.

' ...... Your Majesty. How about saying it honestly? They want you to create as needed: ......

 The Magna Vizier advises, as if in dismay.

'Well, what the hell, Cain ....... Can you create just one more pair for me in case something happens? Of course, I won't tell anyone about it.
...... I understand. Your Majesty asks for it.

 Cain produced a pair of mirrors and set them in place.

'Hmm. Impressive. I can't pay for it out of the government's budget, but I will arrange for it to be paid out of my own pocket.

 In truth, Cain was supposed to be pissed off, but the king gave in to temptation and he was able to get through it.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇.

 In the office of the Silford mansion in the royal capital, three beautiful women were sitting on the sofa and relaxing in the office.
 Telestia, Silk, and Riltana had forced Cain to accompany them to Cain's mansion after a long time of commuting to school.
 Since Cain had forced them to barge in to do his office work, they were holding a tea party on the sofa in the office instead of the reception room.
 Moreover, he was even going to call Lizabeth, who was newly engaged to Cain's fiancée, and Cain had to transition to Drintle once to bring her over.
 When the four women got together, there was no shortage of topics of conversation.
 Cain was performing his duties while listening to the cackling and excitement.

'...... Cain-sama ...... that? What?!
What's up, Teres? What?

 The women are surprised to see Hinata suddenly appear from the viewfinder propped up next to Cain's office desk.

''Ah, Cain-sama. I'm here. ......
Oh, Hinata: ......

 At this inopportune time, Cain put his hand to his forehead and looked up at the heavens.

'Master Cain. Just what kind of things can you tell me?
You're gonna tell me what's going on, Mr. Cain, right?
'Cain, you're a saint, aren't you? Why?
"Haha, a member of Cain's harem. This is very interesting.

 Lizabeth's voice echoed in the office as she laughed as she looked at Cain, surrounded by Telestia, Silk and Riltana.