14 Episode 13 ~ Trap ~

Hey! They're going that way!


Recovery! Recover!

I sighed in the space of my classmates' a-hazardous screams.
For now, I wave my right hand carelessly and kill the giant rat-like demon that was attacking the nearby girls.
As I recall, the girl I just rescued was a combat-type occupation, in case you were wondering.

''Completely, these guys are a liability, aren't they?

...... There's no denying it for today.

I muttered this to myself while surrounded by a swarm of demons, and Deputy Commander Ziel, who was rescuing his classmates next to me, agreed with me.

Recalling what happened before we got to this point, I sigh deeply again.

That's when we entered the maze and fought a few battles, and started to realize the level of the maze.

From the first level to the thirty levels, we progressed smoothly.
Well, it's only natural.
This is a group of cheats who have been cross-worlded and enhanced in status.
If we can't do this much, we'll be in trouble from now on.

And when we can hunt the demons about one by one, it's time to be less cautious in general.
No matter how much the knights of the Order are protecting us, the number of classmates is greater than the number of their classmates.
Naturally, there's an opening for my eyes to leave, so the brave group did it.

I should explain ahead of time, the heroic group doesn't mean all of my classmates.

The 28 classmates, including me who was summoned, made a team of seven, four teams in total.
The heroic team is an elite team other than myself, chosen by Commander Saran.
I'm in the team that is not a good team after consulting with Commander Saran and having him remove me.
I'm not going to be able to get the best out of it.
It's not because I disliked the first two very much.

Anyway, the not-so-brave idiot of that brave group did it.
You can't joke around in the labyrinth just because you've got some peace of mind.
And yet, that guy, without even listening to Commander Saran's stillness, went on his own and pushed the wall that there would obviously be something there.

It seems to be some kind of trap set in the labyrinth, and I knew it was dangerous with my crisis-sensing skills, but I didn't think there was someone who would actively raise a death flag without listening to my advice, so I couldn't stop them in time.

''Ha! Get in line!

At the same time as Commander Saran drew his sword and held it up, the lamp on the wall turned into a red light.

And demons poured out of the wall one after another.
All of them were elementary level demons that had come out so far, but there were a lot of them anyway.
There would be roughly ten thousand of them.

''Hey, hey, a first-time kill is just as good.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.
Some of them are even depressed as it is, especially the girls.

And back to the beginning.

...... Commander Saran, do you want to pull out of this one?

Yes, sir. We didn't think we'd see this many demoralized people, but, well, we're lucky to have made it this far.

He was the Commander-in-Chief, who was killing ten of them at a time, with a phrase out of words, but I think it's time for him to get tired.
...... Of course, I'm talking about going easy on them.

I'm going to be the one to make the retreat with a special blow. Run to the ground. Give a hand to the hobbled and wounded.

As soon as he said that, Commander Saran raised his sword to the heavens.

'Lord, give me strength ...... 'Heavenly Sword'

When I swung my shiny sword down, the demon disappeared, leaving only the space as if a shiny carpet had been laid down.
The classmates were the first to pass through the demon's enclosure and run up the stairs to the upper level.

I beat the demons that tried to chase my classmates with a dark weapon.

''Let's retreat too. Akira-kun, many against one is too much for you. We'll pull back.''

Yeah, I know.

One-on-one assassins are nearly invincible, but when it comes to one-on-one assassins, they are no better.
There was a solution to this problem, but it was still in the prototype stage.

''Flame, burn it all down ...... 'Flame Squad'

'Wind, Power to the Flame' ...... 'Windblade'

The Knights of the Order start a wide area of fire, and Vice Commander Ziel's wind magic increases the momentum of the flames while killing the demons.

The wind makes the fire stronger.
A few generations after the first heroes passed it on.
However, it's a great technique of coordination that couldn't be used in the presence of classmates because it's difficult to control.
What can I say, Deputy Commander Ziel's control of the wind is amazing.
He doesn't extinguish the flames, he just makes them stronger.
It wouldn't be possible with ordinary training.

With the demons' decapitation echoing, I was urged by Commander Saran to leave as well.

I didn't even know that more hell would happen from here.