20 Episode 19 ~ Curse Dispelling ~

The sky was black and the moon was not out.
In Japan the lights may still be twinkling, but unfortunately the castle's glittering lights don't reach around the castle, and once the moon is hidden, darkness closes in on everything.

The dark night is my world.
It was the perfect day to do an assassination.

I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not the only one. "He who stands in the way of your path will be punished by Heaven!

I see, that's how you put a curse on that brave man.

The princess, who was holding her hand over the blackened crystal, looked at me with a great shake of her shoulders.
I placed my feet on the window sill of the princess's bedroom and I broke into the room.

''...... Are you one of the valiant-sama's party? There are some shameless people who would enter a maiden's bedroom without permission. Besides, you have a great deal of confidence in not hiding your face as well.

'Maiden, hey. If you're praying for the person you've fallen in love with to turn to you, you don't want a Yandere who curses you to talk about a maiden. Besides, it's deliberate for me not to hide my face. If you don't recognize my face from inside the castle, then my 'hiding your presence' must be working properly. Take a good look at ......, okay? This is the face of the man who thwarted your plans. I can cut your head off any time I want.

I grinned and grabbed the black, cloudy crystal.
Just as I thought, I felt a tremendous chill just from touching it.
Should I praise the brave man who has been cursed by this at all hours of the day and still hasn't gone mad, or should I be dismayed that he hadn't noticed?

It was all just as Commander Saran had read.
I kept my gaze fixed on the princess and remembered the daylight.

'The princess put a curse on the brave?'

The day after I survived by diving into the labyrinth and ducking through the line of death, I had heard from Commander Saran about the source of the curse placed on the brave man, the source of his mind.

In the shadow of the fountain set up in the courtyard where I received my sword, the two of us stood side by side idly looking at the flowers planted in the flower beds and the insects swarming around the nectar of the flowers.

'Yes. ...... No, should I say that he's the only one who can stay?

'Wasn't that princess in love with a brave man? Why do you curse me?

Even from the side, the black-hearted princess was melodramatic to the brave man.
That's exactly what it is, to the extent that it's second to none of her classmates who are followers of the brave man.

''I don't really know what the woman thinks, but perhaps it's the flip side of love or something?''

You're turning around too much. Besides, that curse can be fatal if it's done poorly.

It seems to feel as if two conflicting people are fighting fiercely in their heads, and a terrible headache seems to be constantly assaulting the brave man.
I'm still having Uyenou-san continue to cast the 'breaking the spell' on me.
The effect is not very effective, but there is nothing more to be done.

Some of my classmates seem to believe that the reason the hero is suffering is because I made him break the curse, but he would have been in that state sooner or later.
That's how strong the curse was.

'Princess, Maria Rose Laitis has grown up without knowing anything about love since she was a child. The queen died some time after giving birth to the princess, and the king, who was deeply in love with the queen, was unable to acknowledge in his heart that his daughter was the remote cause of her death, and treated her as a pawn to keep the royal family alive.

You're treating your daughter like a pawn.
That's certainly the kind of atmosphere she was in when she snuck into the study.

'So? She believes that love is to be used and to be used. I'm sure you're not going to be able to find a way to use it. I'm going to do what the king ordered me to do: ......

That's probably what it is.

'I see. And the remote cause of death: ...... I know that you knights are very concerned about the princess. I'm sure you're aware of the fact that you still have a king and a princess in this country after doing what you would normally do if you deserved to give up on them.

If you do this much of what you want, there's going to be discontent at some point.
A coup could have happened.
Still, the reason why it hasn't happened is probably because the princess's art of hiding the evidence of her injustice, and the knights who know everything about the situation are keeping quiet.
The knights feel a sense of tension between the king and the princess.
It's my own guess and I can't bring myself to ask the truth, but perhaps the cause of the queen's death was the knights.
Then it would explain why the knights are silent.

The knights feel a kind of attraction to the king and princess.

' ...... Perhaps it's just as you thought. We feel we owe the king and the princess a debt of gratitude.

This country is far away from Volcano, where demons live. It's not right for such a country to summon a hero. Normally we shouldn't be worried about the demon tribe.

And here we are, in Lattis.
In other words, they were determined to use it for military purposes from the beginning.
It's true that the Demon King exists, and it's said that he can harm the human race, but even so, there's no reason for Leatis, who is far away, to summon him.

I don't know why they lied so obviously, but it was a really stupid thing to do.

'Their thought process is simple. Just follow the leader. Then, I guess it's because they might be able to manage to cover it up even if they were to be found out.''

'I see. ...... I guess we'd better get that out of the way tonight.

''Considering Tsukasa-kun's condition, the sooner we can do this, the better. Perhaps the princess is using a crystal or magic stone as a medium. If we destroy it, the curse will disappear.

Yes, sir. I'm going to sneak into the princess's bedroom today and lift the curse. And when I'm done, you'll do the same for me.

...... is fine. I'll think about it.

I broke the crystal with my newly acquired sword, the Night Sword God.

I'm sure you'll be able to find it. I'm sorry to have bothered you.

I took the crystal shard in my hand and put my feet on the window sill again.
I dared to expose my face to the princess for a check on her, but it was not good to be seen by others.
I have to leave quickly.

''I see, I thought that if we let the brave men follow, all the others would follow, but I guess I was wrong. Are you sure it's okay for the others?''

When I looked, I saw that there was another crystal smaller than a brave man with a name tag on it.

I don't want you to call the maid of honor on the other side of the door while I'm breaking it. I'm going to have to get out of the way. ...... No, I just want to ask you one thing. What do you think you're doing listening to the king's orders?

"All for His Majesty the King.

...... Yeah.

The princess muttered, making her doll-like face look more and more like a doll.
I'm a little creeped out and quickly retreat from that room.
Oh, I hate crazy women.