29 Episode 28 ~ Amelia-Rose Quartz ~

The girl looked at my face in a daze, as if she was waking up from sleep, and the next thing I knew, her mouth was in the shape of an O and she screamed.
There was no movement in her expression, and the fact that she only screamed with her mouth makes it even creepier.

Wow, can a woman's scream be this high-pitched?

Since it's so loud, I try to calm her down for now by holding out a piece of roasted demon meat and the few remaining pieces of bread in front of her.

The screams stopped instantly, followed by a stomach growl, though I won't say whose.
It's simple and straightforward and helpful.


The girl snatched the food from my hand at the speed of light and fled to the corner, wary of me like a wild cat.
That's quite a good move.

As I was impressed, the girl, who had finished eating so fast, looked at me and demanded more.
I had no choice but to hand her the meat I had saved for myself.

...... Oh, thank you.

I nod to Rei, who says in a snarky voice, I nod and pour him a glass of water.
That's convenient, life magic.
As long as you have this, you won't have any problems with tinder and water.
Even in the labyrinth where there's no gas or running water, you can still cook for yourself.

The girl ate wonderfully and finally took a final gulp of water and finally breathed.

Thank you for helping me out .......

The girl thanks me again with a voice that's much better thanks to the water.

'Oh. Why were you among the demons?

I don't know.


Perhaps because we were both so quiet, the conversation was quickly cut short.
There are many things I want to ask, but for now, I want to tweak the girl's status plate floating in front of me.

Amelia-Rose Quartz
Race: High Elves
Occupation/Child of God Lv.51

Life force / 500 / 25,000
Attack power/400
Defense value/350
Magical power/unmeasurable

Royalty Lv.4
Magic Creation Lv.4
(gravity magic, resurrection magic, spell return, evasion magic)

extra skill
Archery Lv.8
Divine Dance
military strategist
World Eye Lv.3


So the elves were elves, but they were high elves.
And what's that, a cheat?
What's that magic power unmeasurable!
Magic generation is a cheat!

And this guy has the world's eyes, too.
I wonder if he knows my status plate too.

"...... Akira, why are you here?

I don't know if they already know my name.
It's a good idea to ask her name.
If it's not me, people will look at me suspiciously.



Also, the conversation stopped.

Come to think of it, I had heard that elves' hair was generally golden, but Amelia was pure white.
Her eyes were not blue, but red as well.
Is it what is called congenital leukoderma?

Normally, this would give me the creeps, but unfortunately I don't have normal sensibilities.
I thought it was very, very mysterious and beautiful.
I wouldn't say that to a guy I'd never met before, though.

'Does Amelia want to go back to the island of the elves?'

...... No, I'm not leaving. I'm going to stay with Akira.

It had been decided on its own.
Well, as far as the status plate is concerned, it doesn't seem to be in the way, so that's fine, but if I walked around with such a beautiful girl, the surroundings would be a hassle.

''I'm planning to leave after I capture this labyrinth, though.

When I said this, Amelia turned her head slightly and stared at me with emotionless eyes.

'I don't have ......,'


There is no place for Akira in the castle of the human race.

How do you know that? ......

I knew they were all brainwashed.
If the king and princess crack the crystal they are hiding, it should be possible to undo the spell, just like with the brave men.

''...... I can see that. I have the same eyes as Akira.

'If you're talking about the World's Eye, mine isn't up to snuff.

...... No. Akira just doesn't want me to.


I'm sure it was my earlier decision to not look into the future.
I looked away from Amelia, feeling like I could see through everything.

...... sleep.

Good night.

...... Good night.

I threw a cloth for myself to Amelia and sat down, resting my back against the labyrinth wall.

Due to the end of the labyrinth's maze, I could easily tell when something was approaching.
From experience, I knew that the only time demons would come out of the labyrinth's walls was when I triggered some kind of trap.

I'll expand the range of my awareness and cover up to Amelia.
Amelia was already breathing in her sleep.
You're adapting too much.
You're elven royalty, right?
I don't think that's a typo on the status plate, do you?

...... haha, I'm just anxious for the future.

Reluctantly, I have a companion on my journey.