49 Chapter 48 ~Doting~

We couldn't stay in the plaza forever, we entered the Elf's castle...or rather, what looked like a building built beside the sacred tree.
Rather than a building, it's more like a castle with trees that have grown up and are being used to live in good shape, or perhaps the trees are intricately intertwined to form a castle...
Anyway, it's hard to describe.

I've heard that the king has inherited the art of manipulating the weather of the elven tribe's territory from generation to generation, and I'd love to learn that art.
I'd love to learn that skill.
I hate sitting still in the rain the most.

Now that you are trespassers, do you have any excuses?

The king crosses his fingers on the top seat of the long table and looks at you, and Kirika stares at you next to him.
The king seems to have calmed down more than before.
The gaze staring at you remains the same, though.

''More than that, I'm most doubtful that your sister over there is over there?

Even if it was his own father, he had manipulated the king to get rid of his sister.
It's not quite treason, but it should be punished accordingly.
As I said this, the king's eyes narrowed and he smiled.

I have already punished Kirika. I've already punished Kirika, and my men have become a bit sluggish, perhaps because they haven't fought for so long. This time will be a good reminder. The charm will be broken tomorrow, so there will be no problem.

That's pretty sweet.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

"Akira, that's enough.

Amelia grabbed my arm and shook her head quietly.

'It happens all the time. I am a bastard. I shouldn't be loved by my parents.
I don't understand.

I found my voice hardening without realizing it.
Kirika snickers with an ugly face, and the king is expressionless.

Amelia turned over and started to speak.

'Me and Kirika are twins. Twins are said to be a bad thing in this world. One or both of the twins will always be born with a disaster.

It's not like I wanted to be born that way, but it's a scattered lore.
I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. As you can see, Kirika has blonde hair and blue eyes like her father. But I have white hair and red eyes. I have white hair and red eyes, not even close to my mother's color. Normally, I would have been killed the moment I was born, but your father was the one who kept me alive. I am an abomination, and no matter what the other elves say, they are keeping me alive. So I am grateful.

The king looks at Amelia with a blank expression.
There was no color in his eyes.
Even if Amelia is an abomination and really brings disaster, wouldn't it be normal for a father to want to keep his child alive?
And as far as I'm concerned, it looks like the king properly loves Amelia as well.
Or rather, he seems to dote on her.
If he didn't really love her, would he jump out of his skin when he heard that Amelia had returned?
Would he be angry when Kirika almost killed Amelia?
Would she apologize?

I can't understand Amelia's thinking.
It's not because I'm an idiot or anything, it's probably because we live and think differently.
Or rather, Amelia remembers too many bad things.

'Hey Amelia. You know what I don't like about my personality, right?

When I said that without any context, Amelia nodded in confusion.
One day, in the labyrinth, I said to Amelia, "I don't think I ever liked being a 'perfect person.

"I don't think I liked 'perfect' people. But what does that matter?

I shifted my gaze to Kirika and the king.

'You say he's perfect, but I don't see him as such. If anything, he's flawed.
'What did you say?

Kirika makes a hysterical noise.
'You see, you're flawed, your personality.

'Besides, you said your parents don't love you, but I think the king, on the contrary, would call you a parental idiot. Is it called doting? So I don't know how you come to the idea that your parents hate you.
''...Akira-kun, you'll really be twisted later.''

The king, who had been listening quietly until now, said that with a blue streak on his forehead.
Oh, scary, scary.

I don't know what the circumstances are, but that's what I thought anyway.

That pompous elf I was holding hostage - I don't remember his name - was definitely frightened of Amelia.
It's almost as if he wanted to say that if he didn't kill her, she would kill him.
The same goes for the other elves.
They were seriously trying to kill.
Except Kirika.
Perhaps the legend of the abomination child itself was a hoax spread by the people who saw Amelia's hair and eyes.
But then why wouldn't they tell that to Amelia?

'But Kirika got rid of me with her fascination and everyone betrayed me...'

As it turns out, I'm not an esper either, so I don't know everything.
But I have a feeling there's a good reason for it.
No, my negotiating skills tell me that.

'...Oh no, we're screwed.

Suddenly, Kirika, who was on the other side of the long table, ruffled her hair with one hand.
From her face, the expression of bad character that had been floating around earlier has disappeared.
It's the hair and eye color that's different, but she really looks just like Amelia, as they're twins.
Their personalities are the exact opposite, though.

Amelia is puzzled by the stunning change that even the Academy Award-winning actress is blue, and Amelia is confused by one person.
The king also sighed and put his cheekbones on the table.
His posture is so riddled with postures that it's unthinkable with the king's perfect mood from earlier.
Amelia, perhaps seeing her father like that for the first time, was immensely disappointed.

My beloved daughter has brought him here. But I would have liked to see Amelia dawdle a bit more.
Father, you have a very bad character. I feel sorry for your sister.
Is that what Kirika says?
Mine was a perfect act.

Suddenly, the tense atmosphere faded and began to fill up.
I'm not sure what's going on, either.

How did you... Why?
Look, Father, your sister is here to scare you.
Oh, it's true.

In contrast to the previous day, Kirika is a respectful word for Amelia.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.

'Don't worry, I'll explain it to you properly. I thought it was time to tell you about the quirks, didn't I? And yet, because of Kirika, Amelia is somehow going to the human race territory.
''I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry about that, but that was the result of Liam's outbursts, not mine.

I said I'd give you a full explanation, but you completely ignored it.
It's a nice touch.