54 Episode 53 ~ Walk ~

"Lord, Lord!

I woke up to the sound of the night and found myself in a tree.
A smaller night sat on my stomach, peering anxiously into my face.
It felt like it had been a long time since I'd seen the night.
It's been a while since the duel with Kirika - I guess he wasn't interested in that time either, and he's been bombing around in the tree the whole time.
When I told him to support the Lord, he smiled wryly and showed his mysterious trust, 'There's no way the Lord-dono could lose to someone like that.
I'm happy, but I'm not sure if I should be honestly happy.

I climb down from the tree and stretch out gingerly.
The night landed vividly next to me.
That's a cat.
The tree was definitely uncomfortable to sleep on, but it was better than the lumpy floor of the labyrinth.
I rarely tossed and turned, so I didn't have to worry much about falling in, and the bugs didn't bother me.
But there are no mosquitoes in this world, or the annoying sound of their wings doesn't annoy me so much that I can't sleep, either.

'Good morning, night.'
'Oh, good morning Lord. I'm glad you slept so well. Since no one else is awake yet, would you like to take a walk with me?
It's very unusual for you to ask me out.

I knew that he had been walking around in circles in the boss's room, calling it a walk, since the night woke up, but this was the first time he had invited me to join him.
I knew from the meaningful eyes that it wasn't just a walk, but was it an important enough errand to wake me up from my sleep?

At night, I adjusted my own size with 'transformation'.
When I thought it glowed a bit, the night that was the size of a kitten instantly went from being the size of a kitten to being a bit bigger than a big dog.
I muttered as I looked at it sideways.

'That extra skill is handy, isn't it?'
"Convenient or inconvenient, it's certainly convenient.

After those words, there was silence for a while.
The night didn't make any footsteps because the pawpaws absorbed the sound, only the sound of one person's footsteps.
After a while, the night finally began to speak.

''What do you plan to do now, Lord Lord?''
...... Is that as the Demon King's man? Or as my squire?

When he heard that, the night widened its eyes in surprise and chuckled.
I felt my pace lightened, mind you.

''Of course, as a follower demon. Right now, my connection with the Demon Lord is only through these five senses. I have no intention of betraying you, but I also have no intention of cooperating with you.''
Are you sure? Aren't you in a pretty good position among the demon race?

There is a line that it was a left turn, but it's not like it was a serious night so it's not like he messed up either.
If that's the case, I think it's because the Demon King trusted him with this job.
Besides, the fact that he could converse with Extra Skill 'Transformation', he must have been in a good position.
Maybe it's because I've met too many extra skills holders up to this point, but I almost forget that extra skills are quite rare.

''Lord-dono told me before that I could follow the Demon Lord if something happened, but I don't intend to do that. ...... Back to the story, if you don't have anywhere to go, I have somewhere to go.'
'It's rare for you to say what you want. Where is it?

I flushed, but don't tell anyone I was a little moved by the night's words.

"Continent of the Beast, the 'Brute'."
Beastmen's continent. How did you get there?
''There are many excellent blacksmiths among the beastman race. That sword of yours, Lord, you should have a look at it.''

I followed the night's gaze and glanced at the jet black hilt from my shoulder.
The gift from Commander Saran, who had passed through the death line with me many times against demons that were supposed to only work magic, was as worn out as it was near death.
Of course, he never neglected to take care of his sword.
Still, I'm sure I've been reckless, and it's in shambles in its own way.

'Right. Certainly, I'd better get it looked at.''
Isn't that right?

I chuckle at the night, who is proudly holding his chest out to me.
I have a feeling that's not the only reason we're heading to the Beast Race territory, but we can ask again later.

Well, let's get going. Today.

The night of the quarry seemed to be surprised.
I think it's a bombshell myself, but it's a good day to have a thought.

"To begin with, I was only late because of the mess I got into with Kirika, and I was actually planning to leave the island right away. The timing was bad, so I stayed until now, but I have no use for this island anymore.
...... Yes, then I'll go get ready.

It wasn't the night, and a beautiful girl was there, fluttering her white hair as she thought she heard a woman's voice.
Of course it's Amelia.
Her red eyes shine like a mischievous child's.
It seems she's happy to see me surprised.

'You're not going to leave me here alone? I'll follow Akira to the end.

Amelia smiled as she said that.
That smile had been clouded since she came to the Elf Tribe territory, but it seemed to have finally returned.

''Of course, I'm not going to leave you behind. I don't care what the king says, you're with me. ...... and of course, at night.

I added hastily to the zit from the night.
The two of them nodded with satisfaction at my words.

'You don't know if you'll be able to come back next, so make sure you tell the king and Kirika properly?
You don't have to say anything. Don't worry about it, I'll be back.

I smiled at Amelia, who stated emphatically.


I'm probably the only one who got a little bit of a kick out of those words.
It's okay, I'm sure nothing will happen.
That's what I repeated in my mind like a spell.
It's okay.