61 Episode 60 ~ Nampa Template ~

We didn't have any trouble in the boat, rather the trouble came from the other side after we got off the boat.
Or maybe I called it.

"Hey, kid, you can't leave the elf lady next to you.
I... What?

Yes, I had been completely disappointed.
The fact that Amelia is an exceptionally good-looking person and that it would be very conspicuous if an ordinary face was lined up next to her.

In the blink of an eye, she was surrounded by men of the beast race.
They must have been drinking all morning, because their faces are red and they have a strong smell of alcohol, although it's hard to tell for sure because of their fur.
The men were wearing adventurer's guild dock tags around their necks in a curious manner.
The color was yellow.
From the equipment, it was a warrior party to see.
Yellow is probably just below the bottom of the topmost gold at the moment.
It's the third one from the bottom, so it's faster to count from the bottom.
Fake or not, even World Eye has already confirmed that the guys only have warrior-type skills.
Small fry... no, mobs?
They're often in comics, the ones that don't even get their faces drawn.
I don't think there's any demand for a burly guy with cat ears and a tail, and it's weird.
At the very least, you should get a face lift or remove the cat ears and tail before you come back.

The men of the beast race, who didn't know I was thinking that in my mind, thought I was too freaked out to say anything, so they let out a vile laugh.
I sighed deeply so that the people around me couldn't hear me.

''...Haha, temp collection. Me B.'
Akira, do you want me to crush it?
No, they'll keep coming after me if I don't.

What I was thinking when I met Amelia was right on target.
Come to think of it, this might be the first time I've ever walked among so many ordinary humans, let alone the elven race with all their good looks.

'Hey, what are you messing around with? I'm not interested in men, okay? Or do you have one?

The leader of the group shouted that as if he were annoyed.
'A temper is a loss of temper,' he wanted to say, but the line he'd just delivered snapped him out of it.

'Who cares about what?'

I can feel the corners of my mouth rise.
Night is struggling to stop me from my shoulder, but I go through to ask him later.
Now, what should I do with these guys?
I don't care if they just treat me like a faggot, but don't stare at Amelia with dirty eyes.

'For now, I'll deal with them, so come on, start with the ones who want to die.

However, I didn't have any intention of killing him, so I bent my finger in the air without bringing out my dark box or the Night Sword God.

"Are you saying that a human brat can defeat us beastmen?
You might as well run away now, right?
Aren't you missing your mommy's tits?
You got a problem with us, you got a problem with us.

This time Amelia reacted with a twitch.
She shook her head in dismay as the night went on over her shoulder.

''You guys are the ones who would have a bad taste in this place for causing a scene.

Amelia says as she looks at the civilians who are gathering around us in a huddle.
When Amelia, who up until now has only been silently protected by me, speaks, the men immediately become aglow with color.
Although it's not to Amelia's words that they reacted, but to her beautiful voice.

'Hey, did you hear that? The Voice of Now.
Yeah, it's not looking good.
Especially for a kid like that.
How much do you think it would be worth if you sold it?

I think I've been pretty patient.
I want to praise myself.
But there's a limit to what you can do.

I put my hand out in front of me.
Amelia realizes what I'm about to do and reaches out to stop me.
But I was one step ahead of her and I was saying the words.

'Shadow magic activation.'

Oh, let me tell you, of course, I wouldn't go all out with shadow magic in a city like this.
Because even if the civilian men who heard Amelia's voice are looking at Amelia with beastly eyes, it's better than these guys just for not acting.
Besides, it's pointless to get Amelia to put her hood on now when she's so conspicuous.
It's definitely better to prove that I'm strong and have them give up.

''Don't do it, Lord-dono.''
'd*mn it! What the hell!
"Oh, no! It's not coming off!

I hit the men's eyes with a smaller version of the shadow.
Then I remotely coated their eyes with that shadow.
In other words, they would be temporarily blinded.

It didn't exactly show off my strength, but to the viewer, they'll know what I'm capable of.

'Ho, you're doing it,'

Suddenly, a voice came from inside the gallery.
The crowd cracked and a tall man walked through the buzzing people in a leisurely motion.
I wonder if those ears and tail are a panther.
It's a refreshing-looking man dressed in dark clothing.
But the face is a noh mask, and not a single muscle twitches.

That voice is...!
Oh, shit!
"d*mn it!
What's he doing here?

From the reaction of the gallery and the guys, it looks like he's a great guy.
That's amazing for someone so young.
And, oh no, oh no, oh no.

Well, first of all, let me introduce myself. I'm a member of the city's guild of adventurers, and my name is Linga. It's a pleasure to meet you, son of man.
I'm Akira Oda. Nice to meet you. If you're the guildmaster, we'll be able to talk. Here is a letter from the Elf King.
Ho, that sounds like a pretty good case for a lazy writer.

The people around me are buzzing about me calling Linga-san an idiot, but since he doesn't care, I don't care either.
When I handed him the king's letter from the elves, Linga-san opened it on the spot and began to read it.

'I see, it's quite interesting. And the writing is messy.'
Don't say that in front of my daughter.

Glancing at Amelia, I saw that she didn't seem to mind, and was more busy observing Linga-san.

''Hmm, so you're his daughter, that means you're Princess Amelia. You have quite a lot of guts to come here at this time of year.''
It's that time of year?

I respond with a hand on my chin and muttered words of admiration.
What does that mean?

You don't know what you're doing here. Well, since we're in the middle of nowhere, let's go to the Adventurers' Guild. Ah, just the place. Mr. Yamato, you are to be expelled from the Adventurers' Guild and stripped down and released into the wild.
I'm sorry, sir.

Turning on his heel, Linga-san looked down with cold eyes at the men who were still squatting with their eyes suppressed as he remembered, and ordered the young man nearby to do so.
Apparently, someone working for the Adventurer's Guild happened to be nearby.

As Linga-san walked forward, the human wall opened on its own.
The gaze that people are turning to Linga-san is fear.
What did this person do?

''You're quite a schemer too, aren't you?

On the way to the guild, Linga-san looks at me as we're on our way to the less popular part of the city.
I grin.

'Thanks for the ride. Now Amelia will be safe for the time being.
Eh.... Akira, what do you mean?

Amelia and Yoru who look at each other with a look of consternation.
These two are quite honest or pure, or at any rate, not very good at tricks and traps.
I explained for them.