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Right now, the "Toriman." The room of the "Tori-man." was filled with a very strange atmosphere.
In front of Akira, who was standing on his knees, was Amelia and Night, who was sitting upright in front of him.
In the case of Night, it doesn't look like much of a punishment, as she is just sitting there in her cat form.
Amelia's legs next to Night, who seemed to have plenty of time to spare, were close to the limit, and her plump body was trembling in small increments.

''Well, let's hear your excuses, shall we?''

With a smirk, Akira smiles.
When I say smiling, it's just the corners of her mouth have gone up a bit, but the bad look in her eyes and her normally unchanged expression make her look like a diabolical person.
Even the quintessential Amelia is gobsmacked, even if it's not about her legs.

''Ah, Lord-dono? Miss Amelia's legs are already nearing their limit.

For now, Night told her to intercede, but the temperatureless eyes Amelia turned to Night, and Night held her tongue with so much power.
There is no longer any mercy in the eyes that make the demon that was the right hand of the silver-ranked adventurer and the demon king tremble.

''What are you saying, limits are meant to be exceeded, right?''

A line is released that sounds like it could be in a comic book somewhere, but the usage is a hundred and eighty degrees different.

'Well, it looks like you're remorseful, and if you promise not to do it in the future, you can stand up.
I promise.

When she was finally released from the torture of hell, Amelia's eyes sparkled and she answered immediately.
Rather, she didn't know that this was where the hell was going to start.

The time went back two hours.

Amelia had lost track of time as she persisted, wanting to somehow get a special move from Crow, who was a party member of the previous hero, to teach her a special move.
At any rate, she moved the place to Crow's house and continued to ask again.
Crowe's house had a magnificent blacksmithing workshop next door, reminding her that Crowe was a genius blacksmith.
The house is a one-story wooden house, very modest, with no objects other than a bed, desk and kitchen.
Even though it's made of wood, it's made of wood that never burns in this world, just in case we have a fire next door, but I didn't know that even at night.

''Mistress Amelia, it's time to go home, or the Lord Lord will be worried about you.''

Night calls out to warn her, but Amelia keeps her head down and doesn't say a single word.

'I won't tell you anything, no matter how much you do.

Crowe sat down in his chair, elegantly enjoying his tea, not even looking at Amelia, who bowed her head, and chewed on a fancy-looking pastry.

'Please. Please tell me.

Amelia continues to keep her head down.
The night looked at Crow as if dumbfounded.

''Can't I ask you to go this far?''

Crowe twists his body to look at the night.

'No matter how much I am, I have to be very careful when the princess's life and death are at stake.

Night twitched at Crow, who responded aloofly, and a blue streak appeared on her forehead.
Amelia responded with a twitch.
Her lips are bitten down in frustration.

'Yes demon, didn't you have to leave by night?

When Crowe looked out the window, the sky was already getting a little darker, and dinner time had long since passed.
If he had been able to see the night's complexion, he would surely have seen a moment of pallor.

'Miss Amelia, we must leave now. You'll turn the Lord into an ogre. No, it's too late for that.'

Amelia's head finally rises.
Her face was pale, even though her head should have been down and her blood should have been rising by now.

''I'll come back tomorrow.''

I said this as we were leaving Crowe's house, and he waved his hand with an infinitely disgusted look on his face.

'Yol, how long will it take you to get to the inn?'

I ask him as he runs at full speed, but the night just looks pale and doesn't answer.
The eyes do not say as much as the mouth, but the complexion says as much as the mouth.

When you arrive at the inn, your husband is worried about you, and when you answer him, the demon is waiting for you in your room.

"Come on, Amelia, get up!

I'm sure everyone has had a numb foot at least once in their life.
And that indescribable sensation after numbness is very uncomfortable and you know that it hurts.
Amelia was on all fours, her limbs purring and trembling like a newborn fawn, and tears came to her eyes.

''Miss Amelia...''

At night I looked at Amelia with a sorry look on my face.
The princess, Amelia, surely hadn't sat upright until her legs went numb since she was born, so I thought I'd give it a try for a bit, but it worked better than I thought it would, and from now on, I'll make this my punishment for being late for time.

'Well, next time you'll be back by dinner, okay?

When I told them to be sure, Night and Amelia shook their heads.

After a while, when Amelia's legs recovered, we took a late dinner.
You can get food at the inn, but it costs extra and Amelia says she prefers food from the food stalls, so it's all street food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Most importantly, because there are too many food stalls to change stalls one meal at a time, they never get bored, so Akira and the night also agree.
And I've also noticed that secretly Amelia is aiming to conquer the food stalls.

While eating, we all talk about what happened today.

'Apparently, in order to get up to the yellow rank in one fell swoop, we need to show the trust of the guild and the ability to be above the yellow rank. How did it go with Amelia?''

Amelia, who had a mouth full of cheeks like a hamster, swallowed it all and then began to speak.

''I don't know. The adventurer's guild of the elven tribal territory is always quiet, unlike the adventurer's guild of the beastman territory, which is very active. There are hardly any quests or anything like that, they only use it like a place to exchange magic stones and materials for the demons they defeat. To begin with, the only thing I know is that the yellow rank was a long time ago... and before I knew it, it had risen to the silver rank.

Come to think of it, the elves had a long life expectancy.
Amelia's behavior was so childish that I had forgotten about it.
I'm sure Amelia must have risen to the silver rank a long time ago.

''Well, I'll get up to the yellow rank somehow and get some materials, so you two can do what you did today.

Night and Amelia look at each other.
Amelia knows that she went after Crowe, but Akira doesn't know that Amelia has been following Crowe around for a long time after that.
The only thing there is is absolute trust in Amelia and the night.
That's why Akira didn't ask what Amelia was doing and why she was late for dinner.

On purpose, Amelia tells her not to tell the night.
Night sensed exactly what she meant and nodded persistently.