75 Chapter 74 ~Emergency~.txt

The experience of working everything part-time to earn a living paid off, and Akira was able to successfully become a yellow-ranked adventurer.
It was after he had already put away five miscellaneous requests, but he headed straight to the labyrinth on his feet.

There was a reason why he was in such a hurry to get to this point.
I have an incredibly bad feeling about this.
I've only had a bad feeling since I came to this continent, but today, a loud alarm bell is ringing in my head that has never been heard before.
And the closer we got to the labyrinth, the stronger it got.
It was probably best to finish this one early and get it out of the way.
Fortunately, Crow's house, which Amelia and Night visited every day, was quite far from the labyrinth.
The odds of Amelia and the others being in danger would be low, but Akira still wanted to keep Amelia away from this continent.
Akira himself didn't realize that this was the case, but perhaps his crisis-sensing skills had been warning him of this moment all along.

That Amelia was going to be forced to use the "revival magic" again.


When Akira arrived at the labyrinth, the labyrinth of the beast clan territory was already covered with a black mist that covered the entire surface.
And as the guild officials hurriedly tried to close the labyrinth, they could hear the moans and yells of the beasts from beyond the labyrinth.
There were no ordinary people of the beast race, who were closer to the beasts than the human race and therefore had a higher ability to sense danger, in this area; the people present were the human race guild staff, the ordinary people who had come to work, and the adventurers who had come to the labyrinth.

''Hey! We have to get out of here now!

An adventurer of the beast race, who was probably much higher in rank than Akira, hurriedly raised his voice and guided the non-combatants to evacuate.
When the guild staff noticed this, they also fled, making the blockade of the labyrinth incomplete.
He couldn't blame the guild staff for this.
Everyone is pretty in their own right.
And even more so if they were non-combatants with no fighting ability.
Besides, even if they had closed it down, they would probably have been defeated by the demons coming up from the bottom of the labyrinth in a single blow, so in a sense, they made the right decision.

''Hey! You need to get out of here, too! Can't you feel it? There's a demon that's coming up that you can't defeat without a raid to team up with!

As I was looking at the entrance of the labyrinth where a large presence was gradually approaching, a good-natured beast race adventurer grabbed my arm and pulled me away.
After evacuating with the other adventurers already, Akira and this adventurer were the only ones near the entrance of the labyrinth.
The dog tag around its neck is red.
It's one rank higher than my yellow.

''Yeah. But how do we deal with it?

As long as they were being pulled, it looked like they had somewhere to go.
The red-ranked adventurer started running this time as Akira showed his intention to leave.
Since he was still holding Akira's hand, Akira started to run as well with the flow.

''For now, I'll go to the guild and check the situation. Gold to yellow-ranked adventurers will surely be formed into a strike force, so if we're late, we'll be hacked to death!

When I asked him if he was used to it, he replied that you are too.
Akira chuckles at that.
Maybe after diving in the labyrinth for a long time, one gets used to the atmosphere of desperation or a great pinch.

Many yellow-ranked and above adventurers had already gathered in front of the Adventurer's Guild.
Akira used telekinesis to explain the current situation in the night.

''Understood. Please hold off the Lord Lord as much as possible over there. We will focus on guiding the non-combatants to evacuate and minimizing the damage.''
Yeah, you die, I die. Be careful with that.
'....Huh. Who do you think I am?
It's a stupid question. We'll stay in touch. Take care of Amelia.

At the same time as he cuts off the telepathic communication, Gilmouth's Linga appears a little higher.

It's a good idea to pair up with someone nearby. You're going to have to make sure that he is your partner for life. You're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them, but if you're paired with a weak guy, then that's where your luck ends.

What you're saying is absurd, and I can't trust my life to a complete stranger! And if it was a normal crystal, he would say that, but for once, he couldn't say that.
As a human race, Akira is not really obligated to join this defeating force, but if you're lucky, you'll be able to improve your rank, and most importantly, Amelia is nearby.
Amelia is a silver-ranked adventurer, for one thing, and I don't think she'll stay until nighttime to be defeated, but a man still wants to protect his woman.

''Hey, why don't you team up with me?''
Yes, please.

The red-ranked adventurer who had just dragged Akira to this point was the one who had applied for a patty to Akira.

''I'm Senna. You can't see me, but I'm the guild master there, Linga's brother.

I really don't see it that way.
Linga was a panther beastman while Senna was a wolf beastman.

'I'm Akira.'

I'll finish introducing myself briefly.
If it's that Linga's brother, I'm even more uncomfortable with him.
I've been approached by someone nasty.
No, you were approached.

"So, right off the bat, you're the vanguard? The rear guard?

I see the fluffy tail flapping in my vision.
Cena says, running his eyes over my body.

'Vanguard. I'm an assassin by profession.'
'Then we're a good match. I'm a rearguard and a fire magician.

I nodded at Senna, who smiled and looked around.
Most of the places seemed to know each other, and there were few places that introduced themselves.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for. I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who are uncomfortable with the idea of being a part of a group. I've sent the fastest ones to the neighboring towns and to King's Landing. Still, we're the only ones who can protect our city. Don't let the demons pollute our city: !!!!!
""Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. !!!!"

As everyone's morale rose, I frowned at one of them.

''...Demon race?''

How do you know he's a demon?
From the words I heard here and there, I knew that the sky turning black was very similar to the "Nightmare of Adria" that night woke up about a hundred years ago.
But I never heard that the demon race was with him.
The night never mentioned anything like that either.
The most important thing to remember is that I didn't hear everything about it from the night.
I only heard that Night, on the order of the Demon King, had taken the lives of many beastly people.
Still, since it was Night, if the demon tribe was leading it, they would say so.
So perhaps it was Night, the demon, who had led the demons a hundred years ago.
If that's the case, isn't it a very common view to take it as being led by an intelligent demon this time as well?

If he is speculating, that's impossible.
Even a Guildmaster should know the impact of his words well.
So is he saying this with some conviction?

Hey, you're a slow learner, aren't you? Want to mix it up?

Cena gave a dumbfounded look to Akira, who was thinking about it.
Akira shook his head without thinking deeply.

'I don't know what you're capable of, but I've been soloing for so long that I can't play in tandem, and even if you increase it, you just won't be able to engage with it.

Cena nodded and bowed apologetically to the pair of people who would have come to bat for the party while Akira was thinking about it.

'Akira, Senna. Your squad, head to the red and silver-ranked squads for backup.

Just as I was about to say to the battlefield, Linga said that at the right time.

''Eh, are you okay? Send the yellow rank to the front line.''

Cena looks at me with concern.
Maybe this is the first time she's worried about my competence.
I've shown myself to be half as good as I've been before, before they've said anything to prevent me from complaining.

'Yeah, no problem about this guy. If it comes down to it, just dump him and go for a run.
I'm sorry.

Brothers grinning and laughing at each other.
I take it back.
You look so much alike.