82 Episode 81 ~ Wish ~.txt

At night, I panicked as Akira collapsed into bed, but Crow told me that I was just sleeping, and I let out a breath of relief.
Many mages would die from the depletion of their magic power.
It was no wonder that the night was so distracting.

It is said that humans are said to consume a little bit of magic power just by breathing.
It's only the idea of the demon race, and I don't know if this is really the case.
But once I was definitely on the verge of death.
You know it's impossible, but hold your breath! I can't help but think.

...... and yet you've lived well.

Potentially, Crow muttered.
Night wasn't sure if she should tell Crow about that phenomenon of Akira's.
Night had no idea that magic had an ego, and Akira hadn't told Night and the others about his conversation with Saran.
Therefore, Night had no idea that magic had restored the Lord.
It's just that the Lord Lord Lord has gone crazy! I just think it is.
But it was odd, that's for sure, and it's not a problem I can deal with on my own at night.
Crow stared at the night wondering what was going on.

'It's ....... If you need to talk to me about it, just go ahead and tell me. I'm heading out of town now.

Crowe's cold eyes looked down at the night on the bed.
As expected, the night also spoke, losing its eyes.
How Akira had completely depleted his magic power and had only been waiting for death to come back to this point.
About the voice he heard at that moment.

''It's not ...... self-healing magic. Where did you replenish your depleted magic power from in the first place?

Mumbling something, Crow let go and the night moved closer to Akira's face.
Then he pressed his paw against Akira's forehead.

''............ hmm.''
"Hmm, I see you don't have a fever. "Those who have consumed a lot of magic usually have a fever.

Akira frowned slightly at the chilly pawpaw.
He wriggled and turned over.
Embracing the night that was near his face.

'...... Ah, Lord-dono? ............ Hey, Crowe, help me out.

You can't attack the sleeping Lord and force your way out of it, and since the Lord is completely unconscious, it's even harder to do anything about it.
I'm going to ask Crowe for help, but Crowe was already not in the room.

'That bastard ......... haha, don't be reckless, Lord-dono. In the meantime, if Lord-dono dies, I will die too.''

I found this man who wasn't afraid of death to be an interesting human being, as he explained before the ritual, but now I just want him to be safe.
Otherwise, his heart wouldn't be able to keep up with the night.
In the first place, night has no intention of dying.
I was ordered by the Demon King to go to the depths of the labyrinth as a messenger, and once I was ready to die, but that was the only time I was ready to die.
I was going to get out of there somehow.
Well, this is how I was supposed to get out, but I met some interesting people, so it turned out okay.

Anyway, I don't want to die at night yet.
That's why I'm with Akira.
In the meantime, I've made a deal with a servant demon.
If Akira dies, Yoru will also die, so if Yoru protects Akira, all is well.
I thought it was .......
However, this Lord has a constitution that calls for all sorts of troubles and incidents, and often times he is on the verge of death.
Because his physical abilities and status are extraordinary high, it looks like this is the first time he's in danger, but even in the Elf Domain, if it was an ordinary human race, he wouldn't have been in this world anymore around the first arrow.

''Please, please don't die.''

Night put her face to Akira's cheek as he hugged her.
It was an act typical of a proud demon, but Night didn't care.
He was used to being trapped in the boss room at the lowest level of the labyrinth, so he's used to it by now.
And as per the original agreement, I make sure to pretend to do it every day before I go to bed.

As I pray, I rub up against its body.
I whispered over and over, as if wishing.

''Please don't die.''

Night didn't realize that the feeling wasn't just that she didn't want to die.

After a while, tempted by the warmth, Yoru began to doze off and rested his head on Akira's arm.

''Lord, Lord .......''

After the night had completely fallen asleep, Akira was about to open his eyes.
He had been awakened by the realization of something in his arms.

'It's ...... okay. I won't do anything like this time anymore. I'm never going to die. Not until I get home.

And with the night as a hug, I fell into a deep sleep once more.