90 Episode 89-Boy-Amelia's Eyes.txt

The boy's mouth snapped up at me when I fell silent.

'Hey, hey, now tell me about you. You're talking about me all the time.'

I made eye contact with the boy, struck by the emptiness of the situation.
His big, crinkly emerald eyes were clouded with frustration.
I thought I was far away, but surprisingly close enough it was.

'I guess so ....... I have a sister too, what's your sister like?

For a moment, I thought it was surprising.
But when I thought about it, it was normal for them to have families, siblings, parents, and people they loved.

The human race, the beastman race, and even the elves are the first to teach their children how dangerous the demon race is.
Even in plays, demons are always the villains.
Many people have been kidnapped and killed, so it's only natural that they are the villains.
This may be a kind of brainwashing.
From the point of view of the demon tribe, who haven't done anything, this is extremely unreasonable.
But that's how much people other than the demon race are afraid of the demon race.
Even within me, I've always had the perception that the demon tribe is completely evil without a heart.
That's why I couldn't follow the human-like understanding of a boy of the demon race having a sister.

' ...... My sister is a strong girl. But I've recently learned that she was really fragile.

Kirika was certainly jealous of me, envious of me, and probably jealous to the point of wanting to kill me.
But it was the same for me.
If Kirika hadn't exploded, I would have exploded.

'After I became the only one of the elven race with an aptitude for the sword, I literally practiced my sword in my sleep, saying that I would protect my compatriots who were only good at long-range attacks.

Every day I watched my sister going to the labyrinth, pretending to be late at night, slashing a tree that looked like an enemy.
I didn't know how I could be so passionate about it.
Kirika must have been working hard to get her to see me as an equal.
Even though we were sisters of the same elven race and I was only born before her by a small time difference, I felt like another race at the time.

''Now she's a gold-ranked adventurer, and if it's only her combat prowess, she's second to the demon race.

How could a girl like that be so fragile?

The boy who had been listening to me quietly as I spoke asked him how strange it was.
I chuckle.
Looking back, it's funny that I didn't notice.
I had the same thing that Kirika had been puffing up in her chest.

'I won't bore you with the details because it would be a long story, but my sister was jealous of me. And she cleverly hid it so that neither your father nor I could see it.

People often say that we are not similar in personality, but I think we are very much alike.
I'm sure neither your father nor Kirika is aware of my ugly jealousy.

'It was only when it exploded that I realized how fragile Kirika was. She was jealous of me, she messed up her compatriots who wanted to protect her, she deceived your father, and she screamed like a baby that I was here.

I envy even that.
Amelia, as the elven people want her to be, would not do such a thing.
That was the only thing that took root in my mind, and I refused to even think about it, let alone act on it.

'Kirika was fragile,'

Then what about me?
Is Kirika weak because she couldn't hold back?
No, Kirika and I have different vectors, but I'm weaker than Kirika, who didn't explode even though I had the same feelings.

''That's right. When I went to the elven tribe, I only saw you, so I was curious about what your sister was like -. Then next time I'll tell you about my sister.

The boy said in a cheerful tone, clearing the darkness from my agony and thought.
I listened, intrigued to see what kind of relationship the other siblings had with each other.

'My sister, you see, is very good at manipulating demons! More than me: ...... No, more than any of the demons!

The boy's eyes sparkled with pride.
Suddenly, an emerald sun seemed to appear in the labyrinth.

I'm in love with my sister. ...... Oh, it's not a love affair! As a family, of course. But my sister doesn't like me and always ignores me.

The sun shaded.
A child with a lot of emotional ups and downs.
Yol, of course, is new to me because neither Akira nor I are the type to show much emotion.
Lately, I've been able to figure out what he's thinking by the color of his eyes.

''I'm such a character, I thought maybe I was depressed, so I distanced myself from my sister for a while...''

There was a time when Kirika and I were distant from each other.
I was so busy that I didn't want to keep my distance, or perhaps it was just that we couldn't make it work for each other, but when I saw her after a year's absence, as expected, she cried.

It's a long time ago.
It was when I hadn't yet erased Kirika's memory from the elven people.

Then my sister stopped leaving me, and I was surprised because I thought she didn't like me, why? I asked.

The boy chuckles.
His face was full of compassion, a change from when he killed me.
Even I can tell that he really likes his sister, even though I don't know anything about her.

'Then she said she didn't remember saying she didn't like her brother. You really were so cute that time, Leune! Well, now, I don't know why they're ignoring me again, but they're ignoring me.

I see, I wonder if it's a tsundere like Crow.
The word tsundere was taught to me by Akira, but it seems there are unexpectedly tsundere.

Looking at that alone, the demon boy who smiled carefreely was so normal that it was hard to believe that he ordered the demons to kill me.
Rather, I'm sorry to say it, but he's more human than Akira.

Strikingly, the demon race were all expressionless, but the boy was not like that.

''Do all the demon race laugh like you do?''

The boy laughs at me as I ask again.

'Leune doesn't laugh much! I wonder if the Demon King doesn't laugh too. Silas, the fourth person, is always angry, isn't he? And also - the second place mahiro is laughing... ......

How smilingly and happily he tells me the characteristics and names of the demon race.
I was indeed uneasy with the boy who taught me so much.
Although he's shaped like this, he's the third in line of the demon tribe in a manner of speaking.
Then the reason I'm leaking the information is because I'm absolutely confident that he won't return me to Akira and the others.

It's a good idea to have a good time with your companions, so let's continue on. I've been going at a leisurely pace and it took me a few days to get here. The bad thing about the labyrinth is that there's no sun, so you don't know how far you've gone in a day.

The boy muttered and stood up, placing a faintly glowing hand on my forehead.

''It's too much trouble if you get out of control, so stay in bed for a while...''

In my slowly fading consciousness, the emeralds shone with the same brilliance as before at all.