93 Episode 92 ~ Where ~ Looking at the rear lagoon.txt

It's not that I don't have experience in actual battles either.
Before becoming a royalty, my family earned their living by hunting, so I don't have the skills, and I'm not as skilled as an adventurer, but I thought I'd had a good amount of experience with it.
That's also why I came to this labyrinth alone without an attendant.
But this person was not at that level.

"What the hell is ......

I am appalled at the scene before me.
Its wings are torn off and one leg is a lump of flesh against the far wall.
And most importantly, the head of the shark, which was now wide open to eat me, is gone.
When I shifted my gaze a little, it was lying beside me with an expression on its face, as if it didn't understand what had happened to me.

I don't know what the hell happened to it.
I didn't see it until Akira-sama held two black daggers in his hands, and then before I knew it, his wings and legs had fallen off and his head was flying off.
Even with this, his kinetic vision was not bad.
And yet, I couldn't see anything.

''Akira-sama defeated you?''

What? Who else is out there?

When I ask, Akira-sama frowns, dressed in a pristine outfit that hasn't even been bathed in return blood.
There was certainly no one else in the room.
Yol-sama didn't move either because I was still on top of him.

I know that it was Akira-sama who defeated the demon myself, but I'm somewhat doubtful if I can use a short-bladed dagger to make my head fly against a magic-deactivating demon, and my mind was confused because the boss of the 80th level was defeated so easily.

''Um, I believed that it was impossible to cut the head of this demon that was as big as a tree with such a short dagger.

What is normal right now? And my mind is in a light panic.
I'm a little afraid that my common sense is going to be easily overturned.

''Lord-dono, I'm getting used to it so I can see a bit, but the Lord-dono's appearance is too fast for an ordinary person to see.''

Yol-sama was very clever.
"It's supposed to be the demon known as Adria's Nightmare, but my fears have faded considerably in the past few hours.
Rumors are not to be relied on, after all.
It's true that he may have great power, but right now Yol-sama is a complete Akira-sama's loyal cat.

''Is that so?''

He nodded to Akira-sama, who tilted his head as if he wasn't aware of it.
Akira-sama explains as he climbs onto Yol-sama.

'That's right, a dagger alone can't cut off Poseidon's head, which has the ability to nullify magic, but magic power is different, right? Because it's a magic nullifier, not a magic nullifier.

I still didn't understand it.
I mean, I've never heard of using only magic power.

Magic power is fuel for using magic.
Just as you burn a tree to light a fire, you can't have magic that is fire without magic power that is wood.
But wood alone won't start a fire.
Only when the two come together does magic as an attack come into being.

''I thought that since magic contains magical power, it would nullify the magic as well as nullify the magic.

'It's a good argument, but magic power is magic, not magic. No matter how much magic it contains, it's still a magical entity, so magic nullification can only nullify magic. ...... and my interpretation of it.

In other words, you don't think of magic as something that contains magic, but as something that exists using magic.
Then it certainly makes sense.

I see. But how did you train yourself to manipulate magic directly?

Is it self-taught?
The manipulation of magic power is a skill that the first hero was good at, I believe.
It's a technique that a number of people have tried, but finally no one was able to do it.
That's right, no one has ever gotten there.

"I don't train for it. I didn't train for it, I just happened to get it done.

This is the first time I've ever met a human being called a genius.
I couldn't help but pop my mouth open.

"Oh, really?

He's mumbling about how it's because Amelia told him to defeat the White Bat without using 'shadow magic' in the first place.

The fact that she can do the same thing as the first hero by chance means that she has the same potential as the first hero.

''Akira-sama, are you really an assassin?''

Rumor has it that the brave man who was summoned this time is just holed up in the castle, doing nothing.
That's why I can't forgive the brave man.
I understand that I was summoned for my own free will.
But I've been given a job as a brave man, and now I hear that I'm just spending my time in the castle doing nothing.
This is not a good sign for a dead family member.

You should have known that Akira-sama was a brave man.

I'm an assassin. ...... I've never killed a person yet, and I know it doesn't sound like an assassin, but I am an assassin.

Looking at me with sharp eyes, Akira-sama said.
I got the feeling that those eyes were looking at something.

''Let's go.''

Even if he killed the 80th level boss in the blink of an eye, his light never ceased to shine.
It has a look of strength that probably no one other than the demon race can match anymore, yet it is still not enough.

You are ...... where are you headed?