98 Episode 97 ~ Reinforcement ~.txt

The demons that were swarming around Leah have been taken care of for the most part.
All that's left is Aurum and the demons that Aurum is using as vehicles.

'...... One thing I'll tell you, good thing,'

Even though the formation was reversed and, as you can see, we had the upper hand, Aulum's attitude didn't change at all.
No, I feel he has more room to breathe than he did just now.
The 'crisis detection' that hadn't responded to anything until a while ago was sounding a gun alarm.

You know, that whistle you just used, we can still control the demons without it. Probably the right-hand man there doesn't know this, but that flute has two functions. The first is to give detailed commands to the demon.

Aurum smiled suspiciously and glanced behind us.

'...... The second thing is to tell the demons what's going on right now, even if they're far away.

An unfamiliar voice is released after us.
We turn around at the same time as Leah's wards are somehow broken by that guy.
There's a sound like glass breaking and the light covering our bodies fades away.

'I thought it was unusual for you to call for help, but what happened to that wound?'

There was a young man with dark hair and dark eyes, with a baby face and glasses.
His stupid hair was wobbling and his hands were pale as he pushed up his glasses.
He was smiling, but his eyes weren't smiling at all.

As usual, the wasteful magical power of the demon race was pouring out of his body, and even I had cold sweat running down my back.
Leah had already fainted.

''Ah, Mahiro, you're late! Even I was in trouble this time, so I called you over.

Even though he is badly injured, his tension is the same as when we met.
It's so bad that even the elves would have fallen down if they had the same injuries, but they look unconcerned.
It seems that the demon race has a strange life force as well.

I'm not sure if I'm late, or if I'm stranded here. Come on, let's go home.

And then it appeared behind us.


He should have been watching each and every movement with his nerves, but he couldn't even see it, let alone react.
There wasn't even a sign of magic, though.

Without a doubt, he is more capable than Aulum.

''Mahiro ...... said he was the second best of the demon race.

Amelia looks at the young man who suddenly appears after saying that.
Being second in line means he's one step above Aulum.

The young man who was called Mahro by Aulum looked at Aulum's wounds and shook his head at me, saying good grief.

'Maybe you and I weren't a good match. Hey, Oda Akira.

I frowned as he called my full name.
I realized by the fact that they called my name and the way I looked.

'Are you Japanese, by any chance?'

In this world, people use their first name before and last name after, just like in other countries.
And the intonation is a little different from Japanese, though it's not helped by the language.
But this guy pronounced it perfectly as if it were Japanese.
And above all, the name Mahiro.
It's a very Japanese name.

Oh, well, that's what it is, isn't it? He's Japanese, though he's not like you guys. His name is Abe Mahiro. I don't want to say hello to you, but it's nice to meet you.

What does it mean to be slightly different?
And why the demon race?

"Oops, I didn't have time for this. I'll take that princess over there.

With those words I stepped forward to protect Amelia.
The night also goes into a combat stance.
I'm sorry, but the fallen Leah will have to wait.
These guys are aiming at Amelia.

''Oh no, I didn't think there was any need for a third member of the demon race to go out to kidnap one princess, but I didn't expect to be driven out too.

You never know what life has in store for you, Mahiro muttered to no one, and clasped his hands together.


There was a clear sound.
And then something pops out from between my open hands.

The vast amount of letters were arranged in a circle, forming a magic circle.
Various symbols, from letters that I've never seen before to patterns that can't be called letters, line up without an inch of deviation.
The letters glisten and are very beautiful.
After completing a terrifyingly detailed magic circle in just a few seconds, Mahiro immediately activated it.

''Body Puppet.''

The magician's circle, which glows red with magic power, flies towards us.

''Avoid! Amelia!!!!


As I braced myself to see if I was the target, Amelia was the one the magicians were headed for.
I noticed and called out to her, but I couldn't get to her in time.
Amelia was blown away by the magic circle and hit the wall.
She remained motionless.

'd*mn! Amelia!!!!

I run over to Amelia and pick her up.
She's bleeding from her head, but she's not dead, just unconscious.
But it was such a shock that if it was a human race, he would definitely die instantly.
Since it was the back of his head that was struck, it would be better to show it to the doctor once.


'Ahhhh, are you aware of how bad you look? You're looking at me like you're about to kill me.

I can feel my blood rising in my own head at the tea line.

''Lord, don't be provocative.''

Before I knew it, the night that collected Leah quieted me down.
I clench my fists.
I want to punch him one time, but I know I can't beat this guy with me.
I have to get away somehow.
In the first place, Aulum also planned to escape as soon as he collected Amelia.
He didn't let me escape, though.

'Can we count the Black Cat there as being completely in your camp already? I'd be pissed if I wasn't.

The night returned to its usual black cat form.
The golden twin eyes glowered at Mahro.

'I'm not going back to the demon king anymore. I'm not a black cat anymore, I'm the night.''

'I see. So I can make clothes out of your fur and you won't get mad at me anymore?

Night bared her teeth at Mahro, who grinned at her.

'Do it.'