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...... Akira and I see things differently with our 'world eyes', so I don't know what Akira sees and cares about. But it's dangerous for Akira to respond the same way to someone who hides his abilities like that girl.

That's for sure.
Now that I know what I'm really capable of, I think, if Lattisnail goes on a rampage, I might not be able to stop her.
I have Crow here and I might be able to handle it, but when Crow isn't here, will I really be able to stop that woman?

I wish I hadn't taken on .......

Blurting out, Amelia shook her head.

'Akira's response was right. If I hadn't put it away right then and there, I might have really gone off the rails. But what I'm trying to say is that since you have the eyes to know exactly what your opponent is capable of, you should make use of it.

Amelia's red eyes, flickering quietly, light up with compassion.
She's like a mother.

''All right. Next time I'll make sure the status of the first person I meet is properly checked.

When I said that honestly, Amelia nodded and stroked my head with Yoshiyoshi.
It's very cute that she's stretching her legs and standing taller with a pull due to the height difference.

The actuality of this is that it's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.

We were just getting into the air, just the two of us, when the night came in, coughing.
He jumped on my shoulder without assistance.
'Oh, by the way, you said you'd explain about the lattice nail later.

'So? Who is that demon in the hood? I suppose there's only so many people that the night can respect.

The night nodded and opened its mouth as it glanced at Latisnail.

''She, Latisnail-sama, is the daughter of ...... the Demon King-sama, to put it simply.

I almost nodded at him with a hmm ...... and stopped.
What did you just say?
The Demon King's daughter?
Is that it?

It makes sense from a ...... status standpoint, but it doesn't look like it at all.

I agreed with Amelia's honest opinion.
Maybe it's because I can't feel almost any magic power, or maybe it's because of the way she says and does things like a picture of innocence, but I don't think she's the daughter of a demon king.
It's surprising since he had a ...... daughter.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you can't get your hands on any of them. This time, he must have run away from home after fighting with her again. I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world," he said.

I didn't make it clear that I would know, but for now, I knew that Lattisnail wasn't as demonic as I thought he was.
Or rather, is it the extent of running away from home to cross the continent?
Are the levels there different for the demon race?

'For now, as long as you don't lie in front of Lady Lattice Nail or say racist terms, you'll be fine. Those two things she particularly dislikes.'

Oh, by the way, you were ranting earlier about how discrimination is bad.
...... that your father was saying that discrimination is not allowed.
By father, you mean the demon king was saying that?
...... My impression of the Demon King is going to change completely in the next few minutes.
It's totally different from the image.

Slightly stunned, I nodded my head.

''Got it. I'll tell Kyousuke and the others as well.

"Take care of it, my Lord. I'll stay with Mistress Amelia. Do not displease Lady Lathisnail.

With that, the night jumped from my shoulder to Amelia's.
You ran away from the lattice nail.

The next thing I knew, the contest had begun.
Since Amelia, Latisnail, and the girls from the brave party were the last to enter, it seems that they were also the last to be called.
I looked up at the top of the stage in a daze while taking care of Latisnail, who was chattering next to me.

All of them are beastmen and human races, but they are all pretty enough to be there.
Thanks to seeing Amelia's beauty every day, I don't get any more feedback than that, but they seem to have enough faces to compete with each other.
Well, Amelia is stunningly beautiful, though.
...... No, there was still one person whose face I hadn't seen yet.

...... Speaking of which, don't you take your hood off?

When I asked my eyes, which were almost in the same position, Latisnail Hanu twisted her head and narrowed her purple eyes.

''Look, this is the big stage, I want to make everyone gasp! If I exposed my face from the beginning, people would know I was going to win, right?

In other words, he's confident in his own face.
To be able to say such a thing after seeing Amelia's good looks, does Lattisnail really have enough good looks to win, or is she just self-conscious?
It's scary because this guy could be the latter.
However, if it's the former, I'd love to see it.

"What is it? Oh, hey, sunshine, are you getting interested in me now? Would you like me more than that elven princess?

I poke a knuckle-dragging Latisse Nail, who laughs with Nimanima, telling her not to get carried away.
Even if there was a more beautiful face in this world than Amelia's, I didn't fall in love with Amelia for her face alone, so I wouldn't fall in love with Lattisnail on the off chance that I did.

'Chi, your love is so dazzling. I don't know how you've been able to put up with it all this time, Yol.

I chuckled at the deliberately tongue-in-cheek lattice nail.