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Human trafficking.
It is also considered an illegal act in this world.
It seems that in the past, the beastman race used to buy and sell the human race that had come to migrate as slaves.
And it was made to quit by the third generation of heroes who were summoned from another world.

In this world, heroic summonses had been summoned four times in the past, and the four heroes had affected each continent in various ways.
Apart from the first and second generation heroes who were related to the elves and demons, the third and fourth generation heroes, who are relatively young and easily recorded, are listed in various documents as heroic tales of the beastmen and men.

The third generation heroes are particularly famous for their incidents of bodily skill, swordsmanship and human trafficking.
He taught physical skills and swordsmanship to the beastmen, who had more physical ability than magical aptitude, and forced them to completely quit the human trafficking that had been going on.
Although his body was of the human race, he seemed to have a large bear-like body and a powerful personality like the beastman race.
He had a charisma that was unparalleled even among the brave men of the past, and his popularity has not diminished even now.
It was precisely because of him that he was able to eliminate the evil custom of human trafficking that was prevalent in the continent of the beast race.
In honor of the Third Hero, the children of the Beastman Tribe could first be taught to use their power for the benefit of the weak.
This was written in a book that was in the storeroom of Leitis Castle.

I glanced at Crow and saw that he was grimly baring his teeth and turning his hair upside down.
To the beast race, human trafficking was the most abhorrent act of all, an act of desecration to the esteemed Third Generation Brave.
No wonder Crow couldn't notice it.
In the first place, it was unbelievable that such a thing still existed within the beast race.

...... Well, there's a continuation of the rumor, though the information seems to be mixed, with some people saying it's a poor quality joke that someone spread on their own because the contest winners disappeared one after another, and others saying it's because they were spilled.

If you are going to break it up, does that mean organ trafficking?
...... Although human trafficking is truer, considering that it's a beauty contest.
Let's keep that in mind, though.

"...... Anyway, just letting you know. It's within his reach here, too.

Crowe's eyes flashed darkly.
The only person with these eyes would be Gram, who said he was his sister's revenge partner.
Certainly, the Uruk that Gram was the guildmaster from here in Mari was not far away.
If the human and organ trafficking is true, then there is someone in the background who is capable of controlling information.
Gram is a former vizier and seems to know a lot about such things.
That would be possible enough.

'Akira, I asked you to do that for me.

I look up at Crowe's voice, and just like that day, his sharp, dark eyes are shooting through me.
I pull my chin back lightly, feeling my mouth dry out in an instant.

That thing is what he told me when he invited Crow to the festival, the reason he saved us.
I still don't have an answer for that.
I guess Crow knows that and is rushing it.
You can tell how serious he is by the fact that he goes out of his way to call me by my name, even though it's usually you.
But it's not something that I can easily answer, so I don't intend to rush the conversation.

Even the slightest reaction may indicate that I'm firmly distressed, and Crowe is satisfied with his decision to leave the alley.
The remaining Mr. Giel looked at me and scowled with concern.

'...... I can see from the atmosphere that this isn't something I can advise you on, but don't get too rooted.

Apparently Crowe hadn't said anything to Ziel either.
I laughed consciously.

'That's not a word I'd want to hear from Mr. Ziel, who is a company man to the core.

I don't know if Commander Saran had anything to do with it, but I didn't expect him to follow us to this place after we left the castle and became complete strangers.
Besides, I don't think the brave men could have gotten out of Leitis Castle by themselves.
There must have been a lot of rooting around by this guy for sure.
I'm not sure if it's just my imagination that I'm meddling, or if it's just that I feel like I'm going to go to the trouble myself even though I'm a hard worker.

When I said that, Ziel-san's face broke into a picture-perfect expression of earnestness.

'It certainly was,'

As I walked out of the alley, I saw Amelia, Latisnail, and the brave party gathered there.
Although it seems to be correct that the brave men are watching Amelia and Lattisnail talking in a friendly manner from a distance.

''Ah! Akira, Crow should go to the inn first.

Oh, I remembered that you said you had to go separately to get lodging.
The story that followed was so shocking that I had forgotten some of it.

'What about you, Lattice Nail, what about you?'

When I asked one of them, who would not be in the number of people, Lathisnail chuckled and shook his head.
He glanced at the brave men and ducked his head.

'I'll camp out there. They'll sleep better when they're not with me, too!

She parted from Lattice Nails on the spot.
Amelia seemed a little sad, as if she liked Latisnail too much.

''Did you want to be with her that much?''

...... That girl looks like Kirika in some way and I can't leave her alone. Kirika might get mad at me for saying this, though.

That being said, I nod my head.
Is it similar to ......?
Well, the only time I had anything to do with Kirika was that time in the elven tribal territory, so maybe it's a feeling that only my family can understand.

''Well, we'll see each other again tomorrow.

I suppose Latisnail will be targeted if it's as rumored, but after seeing that status value, we're probably not going to be the ones to slow them down.
Aside from me, the brave men and women who don't have a good impression of Lattisnail will certainly be in the way.