126 Episode 125-Human-.txt

"Akira, have you been sleeping lately?

The next day, Amelia asked me with a worried look on her face as she woke up before everyone else.
I look away from Amelia as I sip my coffee-like drink.

To tell the truth, I haven't been able to sleep lately.
I already know why.
It's because of what Crow told me that day and what he asked me to do.
And it's because of what Giel said last night that bothers me even more.

'I haven't been able to sleep. But it won't be a problem for the battle. I can only count on one hand the number of times I've slept deeply, other than passing out, since I've come to this world.''

I say, covering half my face with one hand.
I probably look pretty terrible.
I'll have to do something about it before everyone else wakes up.

As I was thinking that, Amelia looked into my face.
She moves one hand away from covering her face and takes my face between her hands.

'Holding back and holding it alone is Akira's bad habit. Are you that untrustworthy?'

'Yes, no, that's not what I'm talking about: ......

Scarlet eyes stared at me from the front, and I couldn't look away from them because of the hands between my face.
For the first time, I was afraid of Amelia's eyes.

'I know that Akira can't tell you because he's trying to protect us or someone else. If you're ......, I'll take a hard line to protect Akira.

Oh, hey!

Before I could stop her, Amelia increased her magical power.
A pale blue light enveloped my body.

''I'm sorry, Akira. 'Magic generation' ...... 'Forced sleep'!

Ame ...... re, a ......

The last thing I saw on the verge of losing consciousness was Amelia's pained face.
And I despair.
Was I driven to the point of making the person I love look at me like this?

  ~Amelia Rose Quartz's eyes~.

He draped the blanket over Akira, who had been forced to lose consciousness, and watched his innocent sleeping face.
He gently stroked the dark circles under his eyes.
They are darker than yesterday.

''You're quite the violent princess.

I look up at the quiet voice and see a sleepy-faced Crowe on the couch next to me, grinning at me.
I stare at his face.

'What did you blow into Akira?'

Crowe turns away from my gaze and stretches out like a cat.
I stand to protect Akira from Crowe as I glare at him.

'Don't wrinkle your brow so much. You'll never get back. ...... And I only asked for the reward I deserve.

I huffed at the words "commensurate rewards".
The image in my mind was the back of Crow who saved us from our predicament in the labyrinth.

'Is that why you saved us in the Brute Maze? Answer me at .......

He glared even more at Crowe, who looked away from him.
Crowe frowned slightly.

'No, I don't know. It was simply out of goodwill that I helped. It wasn't until later that I saw the value in the ...... act.

My eyes widened at the look of weakness on his face.
I don't relate to or understand this man as much as Akira does.
However, I felt like I could understand his desire for revenge for not being able to save his sister, and I scolded Crow for trying to get rid of his vengeance over time, but I don't even know if it was the right thing to do.
I was surprised later to find myself feeling sorry for him, even though my first impression of him should not have been a very good one.
The principles of action between me and this man are probably very similar.

'I used to have a crush on you, you know.

I was about to raise my voice at the change in topic that seemed to be off topic, but I stopped with my mouth open at the words.
Crow laughed a little when he saw the look on my face.

''The princess who saved the elven tribe from their plight. A user of 'Resurrection Magic' and 'Gravity Magic' that could be seen in a heroic tale. To me, you were the person to aspire to be. ...... Well, I'm having a bit of second thoughts about that human side of you after meeting you.

...... I hate people who look at me like that.

Because honoring me is also shaming Kirika for bringing about that hell.
Crow chuckles at me like that.

''That's right. That's the kind of person you are. ...... Did you hear that I made Leah's wand?

I shake my head.
Perhaps that's what he said to Akira.
I haven't had time to talk to Akira at leisure lately, so we've been able to make a difference in our information about each other.

'That wand allowed me to see the predicament you guys were in. Leah's name, it sounds a lot like yours, don't you think?

...... did you get that from me?

Yes. I named him to be just like you.

My eyes widen at the unexpected connection.
And then I narrow my eyes.

'So what is it?'

Leah - what does this have to do with the First Princess of Uruk?
Crowe scratches the back of his head and looks out as the morning sun begins to rise.

'Come on. I just want to try out that person you recognized as Akila Oda. I'm not going to lie to you about what I said to this guy, but I wanted to see if he's worthy of being in line next to you. Because when I gave Leah that name, I had no idea that someone would be standing next to you. Of course, I still do, but of course.

I felt the blood rush to my head at those words.
Because without saying it, Akira is saying that he shouldn't be standing next to me.

...... how much of a burden your selfishness is putting on Akira!

Crow stopped moving at my words.
I couldn't see his expression clearly due to the rising morning sun, but he seemed to be somewhat weakened.

'I didn't think it would bother me this much either. Apparently, this guy is in love with you with all his heart, but not enough to abandon a human.''

Love can be blind at times.
I've lived many times as long as Akira has, so I know that much.
If Akira is going to be blinded because of me, I should probably back off.
I smiled a little.

'That's the man I expected.'

Crowe cowered his shoulders as he cast his gaze on the morning sun.

'Looks like it. But you seem to be indebted to me enough to bother me properly. This man, perhaps if he has a few more things to do with you, he'll abandon the human.

Be careful.
After glancing at Akira with that, Crow walked out of the room.
In the end, I couldn't get what he said to Akira.
It was more because what he just said was shocking.

'...... Akira, are you going to abandon a human for me?'

I couldn't help but ask, even though I knew there was no answer to my question.