146 Episode 145-Uruk at Night-Looking at Night.txt

"Truly, my Lord has a rough following: ......

And the demon hunter.

There is hardly a soul in the city at night, except for a single black cat plodding along and a human following him.
The night in Uruk is much quieter than other towns in the country.
Other towns have lights on and at least a few people walking around even at this hour.
In contrast, there is not a single shop open in Uruk, and there are no lights or even streetlights.
But because of that, the stars looked beautiful.

''But I didn't expect Latisnail-sama to follow me.

The Latisnail-sama I knew was a free-spirited princess who obeyed no one and didn't listen to anyone's requests.
She was so free that the Demon King had a hard time wrapping his head around it every day.
She would play tricks on the Demon King every day, always making someone else feel embarrassed.
Even Mahro was no match for Latisnail-sama's pranks.

'I'm in pursuit of fun every day! I'm only following the one who finds it interesting, and the reason I followed you is because I found it more interesting to be here. Your master is especially interesting. I'm sure you've read that I'm following you, too, haven't you?

I'm still not sure about this person.
For a long time, I thought he would not be a good match for me.
I don't understand anything about his way of life or his way of thinking.

Lady Lattisnail looked around with her wisteria-colored eyes squinting happily.

''Well, Onyssan asked me to corroborate the information next, right?''

I nodded, changing my mind that I would sigh if I lost my mind.
The way Lattisnail-sama speaks is very distracting.

''Yes. Uruk's adventurer guildmaster, Gram's evil deeds will be exposed. Specifically, find out what is believed to be an enhancement potion that Gram or someone in his vicinity is generating, and find out where it has leaked to. It's at .......

In addition, it would be nice to know that it's being delivered to Leitis Castle.
...... Really, your squires are too rough, Lord Lord.
If it weren't for Lady Lattisnail, there's nothing I could do about this.
As Latisnail-sama says, he must have read that she was following me.

After separating from the Lord, the seemingly human-like Latisnail-sama approached her target thanks to her extra skill "magic power concealment", and while I was there, I entered the room and received information from her.
Even if my presence is discovered, I can still get through it with Lady LatticeSnail's "mesmerizing" skill.
He doesn't want to use it too much because this usage is like robbery, but I hope you'll do your best for the sake of my Lord.
This is how he was able to get through in Mari and Uruk when he was asked to corroborate information in the same way.

Perhaps it would work in Uruk as well, but bedtime is too early in this country.
Very few people would be awake any longer.
This was all because of Latisnail-sama's grazing on the road everywhere, and although we were really planning to arrive in Uruk before nightfall, we were far behind.
The Lord's request could not be accomplished in this way.

'Come on, Yol-kun, let's go.

When he looked up at Latisnail-sama's words, he saw his own person looking at the building of the Uruk Adventurer's Guild with a suspicious look on his face.
What is he going to do?

''Are you ready?''

"...... What the hell are you doing?

Lady Latisnail thought she had gone around the back of the Adventurer's Guild building and suddenly grabbed the back of my neck and lifted me up.

''Then, have a good day!

Saying that, Latisnail-sama threw me with all his strength.

''Hey, what are you doing?

I landed on the roof, screaming.
I couldn't help but scream out even though I didn't want another human to find me, but it wasn't my fault.
It's the fault of the person who threw me aside without consulting me.
When I looked down to complain, Lattisnail-sama was laughing at me, looking in a different direction.

''What ......?''

I gasped with a huff as I turned my gaze in the direction I was looking to see what I was laughing at.

'You! What are you doing here at this time of the day!

When it seemed like there was a lot of light coming at him, Latisnail-sama was immediately surrounded by soldiers.
In contrast to the grim-faced soldiers, Lady Latisnail is smiling with a smile.

I'm a traveler and this is the first time I came to this town today, but everyone disappeared before I could get a place to stay, and I was just getting lost! I'll be camping out today, soldier, so can you take me to the outskirts of town? I mean, where am I?

I was surprised by the lies that flowed from his mouth so smoothly and smoothly.
I've never seen him lie before, even though he calls himself an ally of justice, and I've never seen him tell a lie before.
He hated people who lied to him, and I think he hated the lies themselves.
I didn't know that such a Latisnail-sama would lie, even if it was to get through without having to fight a soldier.
This is the one that must not fail.

''You, this is the back of the Adventurer's Guild, okay? It's not just the outskirts of town, it's the center of town. Besides, didn't they say it's dangerous to walk around this town without a guide?

'No! Really? Do you think I'm directionally challenged?

As many times as there are, Lord Lathisnail is taken away by soldiers who seem to be used to it.
When the soldiers' eyes left the room, Lady Latisnails winked at me.
I guess that means you should do it well.
I nodded in response and broke in through the unlocked skylight.