148 Episode 147 ~ Documents ~.txt

There was a 'reminder' from the night early in the morning, and I told them where our lodgings were, and a few minutes later, the night and Lattisnail came to my room.

''Lord Lord, this is what we were asked to do.''

In the morning, when the sun hadn't yet fully climbed, both Amelia and Crow were still asleep in the other room.
I took the papers that Night was holding in my mouth and patted them on the head and under my chin, and I circled around and cleared my throat in a pleasant way.

'Oh. Thank you. And thanks for the lattice nails, too.

As I said this, Lattisnail held his head in front of me.
I just nodded my head, not knowing what that meant.

'It's ......,'

Then Lattice Nail looks up slightly and puffs out her cheeks.

'Already! I meant for you to pat me on the head too! If you could understand it with her, how could you not understand it with me?

'Yeah, it doesn't matter if you know what a woman's feelings are other than Amelia's, just knowing Amelia's feelings is enough, right? Also, I don't pat my head.

Rather I nodded my head.
What are you taking for granted, you demon race.
Then Latisnail sighed and looked up to the heavens.

''I, at one point, tied for first place with your girlfriend in the contest. I'll lose myself.''

I still think the result of that contest was a fluke with the lighting and the angle, though.
I looked at the night and saw that I couldn't be bothered with Lattice Nail, who was shaking his head in frustration, and the night was looking at Lattice Nail with some difficulty.

'What's wrong?'

When I took the night in my arms and asked her about it, her gaze now turned to the papers I was holding.
Come to think of it, I hadn't seen the contents yet.
That's because Latisnail said something strange.
I opened the folded document.
Then I noticed the discomfort.

'Where did you find this at night?'

The night looked dubious when he heard that line, but he answered while tilting his head.

''The attic of the Adventurer's Guild, though. Lattisnail-sama also said the same words. ''Are these documents really that strange? Is it fake?

I patted the anxious night's head and calmed it down, and it was a reflex, or maybe it was a reflex, and it was throttling in circles again.

'No, it's not like that. It's too good to be true. But perhaps the information is real.

It's funny because it's real.

'If the place where this was located was the attic of the Adventurer's Guild, there would be someone who wanted to assassinate Gram. And it's close to Gram.

I nodded at Lathisnail's words.
'If we don't do this soon, they might take our prey.

'Well, wait! Why would you think that just because those papers were in the attic? Isn't that usually the negligence of Gram?'

I nodded oh and showed the papers to the night.

'See, it's weird, isn't it?'

I'll tell you what's wrong with it, laughing that I was a little too mean to the night who still tilts his head in the air.

''This document, first of all, the paper is too sturdy. The documents I've seen in Ur's guild weren't this sturdy, and the way they were stored was sloppy. Yet this one has no damage other than the creases that Night folded, and it's not bent. And I saw a paper as sturdy as this one at the royal castle yesterday. The rest of the information is written on this one sheet of paper, isn't it strange? ...... names of human traffickers, organ traffickers, murderers, and mercenaries for hire. It's well put together. It's called the paper, and it looks like they've been saving it to offer to some king. I think this one piece of paper alone would cause a war. Human trafficking is legal among the Beastmen, right? If someone close to Gram told him to leave this in the attic where it was unlocked, as if it was an order from Gram to leave it there, then that guy was either going to deliver this to someone else, or he was deliberately trying to get it stolen. The night found it first, though.

I guess he understood what I was saying, and the night's complexion was getting worse and worse.

''It's not even a war. The royal family of Uruk will be completely destroyed. If that happens, Lord Lear won't be safe.''

In the Beastmen race, it was the royalists of all people, of all people, who were trafficking in human beings that were so disgusting to hear about.
Of course it would be.

According to the paperwork, it wasn't only the beastmen who were sold as traffickers, but also the humans and elves.
Probably some of these people include the wives and children of those who have bowed to me in the Elven tribal territory.
I can't ignore them before I said I'd pick them up if they were on the path I'm aiming for.

'Honestly, I don't care what country in this world gets destroyed. But you can go to .......

Now that I've stuck my neck out, I want to do something about it, and I can't help but wonder if I can't do something about it.
There's not much I can do, but Leah set up the wards in the brute labyrinth, and yesterday she saved me from a mess.
Amelia seems to like Leah as well.

I sighed.
Now it would be great if I could find out which country I was supposed to report that to, but as expected, it doesn't say that much.

'The country of Leytis,'

I looked up at the voice I heard unexpectedly and saw Crow standing in the doorway of the room.
This guy, this is the only way he can appear.
It's heartbreaking, as usual.
But this time, the discomfort came before the surprise.

''Leytis Country?''