163 Episode 162-I'm hungry-Tsushi Sato's eyes.txt

That was back a few days ago.

After leaving Uruk first and heading to the confluence point of the place closest to the Demon Race territory in the Beast Race territory, Ziel and the group of brave men were in the biggest pinch.

''I'm ...... hungry~''

Don't say that, Ueno! You're even hungrier than you already are.

Yes, it was a matter of food.
As the brave group had been traveling along the city so far, they had no trouble with food as long as they had money, and most cities were practically immune to starvation as they could get money from the adventurer's guild and similar huddles if they killed the demons.
However, the place where we are walking now is in a dense forest.
What's more, there's no city beyond this place, and the demons we're able to defeat now are going to become more powerful.
It takes a lot of energy to walk between trees with unstable footholds that aren't even beast paths.
The food we had brought with us had run out prematurely, and the lack of food was a problem that should be solved as quickly as possible.

'Although, I didn't expect to see so many animals out here.

I looked around and sighed.
There was no scent of beasts in the forest, which had been quieted down.
My status, which had been greatly improved from the beginning, increased my physical abilities and my five senses became keen.
I can tell the difference between a mere animal and a demon by the difference in smell.
There are no demons or animals within a 20 meter radius at least.
The birds flying freely in the sky are not in this forest ...... or beyond this place at all.
I'm sure that's how strong the demons ahead of us are.
And we have to defeat it for the sake of the crystals that will come later.
...... No, I don't know about Crow-san, but I think Akira and Amelia would take them down in one hit.

I chuckled as I thought about that much.
I'm not sure what kind of change of heart it is, but my feelings towards Akira have changed a hundred and eighty degrees from before I was summoned to this world to now.
I'm sure it has something to do with what happened in the labyrinth and when Akira left the castle.
I'm a simple guy.

What are you laughing at, Tsukasa? This is a big deal! If we do this, we'll starve to death.

I honestly apologized to Ueno-san, who lifted his eyes, and I thought about it.

I confirmed that there was a river with clean water running nearby.
There was nothing wrong with my body even after taking a sip of the water.
Really, all we needed was food.
Besides, we can't stay here forever, and we need food that we can carry with us if possible, and that will last for a long time.

For now, each of us will act around this place and bring back what we think will be food. "For the time being, each of you should focus on this place and take back what you think might be food. Mark a tree and do not go alone.

The team consists of me, Ueno-san, Tsuda-kun's team, Asahina-san, Waki-san, Hosoyama-san's team, and lastly, Jir and Nanase's team.
We're going to act separately against the slightly open area we used as our base of operations.
If we can only find out where they came from, we can return to our original location.
I turned to Giel-san to check, and he agreed, though he looked a little difficult.

When the sun is directly overhead, you must turn around and come back. Let's go. ...... Come on, let's go.

We really shouldn't even act in groups of three, but it won't take long for the sun to be right above us.
With me, Asahina-kun, and Jir-san, we can at least defeat the demons until they get here.
It should be fine.

In hindsight, I was probably too hungry to think normally at this time.
Otherwise, we wouldn't have moved separately in this forest where we didn't know what was out there.