169 Episode 168-Rocket Punch (Tentative) -Rintaro Nanase's Eyes.txt

I woke up an hour later, apparently.
I got up, soothing Giel, who looked worried and recommended that I stay asleep.
My body felt a little lazy.
I'm not sure if it's because I focused more than ever in my short life history to successfully perform my first auxiliary magic and two different types of auxiliary magic, but my head hurts a bit too.
Even when I was playing a game, I had never concentrated this hard before.

''Probably because I used the magic power of a circuit that I don't normally use. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have forced you to do that.''

I panicked at Ziel-san's regretful look.
Auxiliary magic is magic that is ineffective unless it is cast by a magician other than the person himself.
And since the quality of magic power used is different from attack magic, it is said that there are mages who cannot use auxiliary magic.

It's a bit of a surprise to me, as I only knew about attack magic.
It's normal for games to have power-up and speed-up magic as well.
How could it not be in this world?
It was a blind spot.
To begin with, I was a gorilla player who only focused on attacks, so any kind of supplementary magic had completely slipped my mind.

''That guy just now was attacking us in packs, right? Could it be possible that there are other similar swarms out there as well?

I think the reason why Ziel-san went to the trouble of teaching me to cast auxiliary magic was partly for the purpose of giving me more options, but really it was to keep my strength and magic power from being reduced.
I used to discard the others in order to keep the strongest character alive, I used to do that too.

The Trent I mentioned earlier was a herd.
If I had to make an analogy, it would be like a big family that was working together.
It's more plausible to think of this place as a home for Trent, rather than a herd of others.
If they were waiting for us to split up, it would be a hunting ground.
Either way, it seems we've done exactly what they wanted us to do.

You can find a lot of people who have been in the same boat as you.

I'm not sure if it's the same as the brave party. You and Akira, your knowledge is somehow distorted.

Now it was my turn to chuckle.

'Me and Akira have almost the same genre of interest. It's a type of entertainment over there, so I don't have enough knowledge to call it a specialty, but that doesn't mean I have no knowledge at all. That's about where Akira and I stand. So if you ask Kyousuke, for example, you won't get the same answer.

Entertainment ...... and Mr. Giel snarls.
I'm sure he doesn't understand how something that would be a tactic is a form of entertainment.
I'm sure that in a few hundred years, this world will be peaceful and free of conflict.
Especially if there are people like Ziel-san.

Come to think of it, does Tsukasa play games or something?
He doesn't look like he watches anime, let alone games, but they say that people are not always what they seem, and I'll talk to him next time.

'Anyway, I think you have a good idea. 'Anyway, I think you're right, this is where Trent and his friends live. It is the home of Trent and his friends, and there is no doubt that other groups have been attacked as well. And besides, these Trent's have a nasty disposition.

Anyway, at the urging of Jir, who said he would talk to me as we moved, I packed up my belongings that were scattered all over the place for the battle.

'Trent has the ability to measure an opponent's strength. It's not their habits or skills, only their abilities, but that's why they're hard to defeat. Do you know why?

...... Trent's going to take action. If I'm Trent, I'll make sure that after I've measured my abilities, I'll make sure that I have friends who are as good or better than the enemy.

Giel nodded at my answer as I ran.
His face was grim and he was staring forward.

'We've divided the group of eight into three. From here on out, it's my subjective opinion, but the one that hits the strongest Trent is probably not us, but .......

At that moment, a large pillar of light stood in the direction we were heading.
A roar echoed belatedly, and the entire forest buzzed.

''It's not us, it's likely the group with the brave Tsukasa Sato-kun.

Mr. Gilles paled.
He increased his running speed a little bit.

''But that was Tsukasa's technique, wasn't it?

''Yes, I'm sure you're right. But if we continue the battle, we might wake up the Forest Lord.

Giel says that he woke up the previous brave men and women and they had a hard time.
It's not possible for us to be a match for the master of the forest that the previous brave men had trouble with.
I finally understood the meaning of Ziel-san's pale face.

'Oops, you're still here.

As I was running to the source of the pillar of light earlier, I encountered a group of torrents.
They mimic the trees nicely, but if you look closely, you can spot them, even if you were in a hurry earlier.

'Probably a bunch of leftover Torrents,'

Mr. Giel looks at Trent and the others and analyzes them calmly.
If that's the case, I might be able to come up with something I just thought of and want to try.

''Mr. Ziel, can I take them down?''

After a moment's thought, Mr. Ziel nodded.
I stepped in front of Trent and the others, on condition that Jiel-san was right behind me, just in case.
Gilles-san is watching my every move as if he's curious.

"Njama, just a rocket launcher!

He wraps his fist in wind magic and thrusts his hand out as it is.
Just like the technique of Commander Saran seen in the Cantinen Labyrinth, the torrents that were an extension of my fist are blown away.
As expected, it doesn't go as far as that move, so it's very uncomfortable to watch them disappear in pieces.
It's a good idea for an impromptu show, but I definitely don't want to deal with human-shaped demons or demons that bleed red.

'Nanase, what was that? "Did you say 'Rocket Punch'?"

Mr. Ziel looks into my hand.
I heard about Commander Saran's eccentricities from the knight who was in charge of instructing me, and I think Jir-san is one of them.
When he wants to know something, he throws everything out.

The current Rocket Punch is just that, a technique in which he wears his own wind magic on his fist, but that wind is the only thing that matters.
I made it up based on knowledge I got from a certain ninja manga, and I think it was a technique called ...... that had a tiny wind blade inside this wind that could cut your opponent on a cellular level.

After all, it was a long-lived manga that lasted nearly twenty years and was finally completed.
My memory is much fuzzier, but I'm glad I remembered that the nerves in my hands would be torn to shreds if I continued to hit them.
I remember the main character also changing it into a shuriken shape and throwing it.
The series started about the year I was born, and I cringed when it was finished.
Let's get back to the story of Rocket Punch (tentative).

I'm going to run with a quick explanation of the manga it was based on - which I put together as an "amusement" because it doesn't really work.
If you could come to our world, Jill, I would love to read it for you.

'We'll be there soon. Get ready!

As he said it, a little later I saw three familiar faces along with the smell of burning.