172 Chapter 171 ~Rescue 1~.txt

The night when the faint moonlight illuminated the town and people were completely asleep.
I had come near Gram's mansion, which I had killed the other day.
Once I left town, I remembered what I had to do, and I was the only one who came back.
Crow, Leah, and Amelia are waiting for me, camped outside of town.
The night was on my shoulders, as usual.

'Here or ......'

I stop at a place near Gram's mansion, which is in the city but unpopular and unnaturally warded to avoid being seen by people.
It seems that they couldn't hide that place, which seems to be empty, from me, who has the "World Eye".
If I were hiding someone, I would hide them close to me, but underground.
As long as the door is completely hidden, most people won't even know there's an entrance to the basement.
Ironically, Gram and I seem to have a similar thought process when hiding something.
Besides, the intricate city of Uruk was the perfect terrain to hide something.

''Shadow magic--activation.''

As instructed, the 'shadow magic' only eats the wards.
There was no other damage at all.

I still don't know what kind of magic 'shadow magic' is, but I use it a lot because of its practicality.
Probably if Commander Saran saw it, his eyes would light up.
...... No, come to think of it, it was only after Commander Saran's death that the 'shadow magic' started to listen to me.

There was a sound like glass breaking and a ward being broken.
A door appeared where there had been none earlier.
Probably the type of wards that confuse the eye.

'Are you ready for the night?'

"Aye, Lord. Ready when you are.

After calling out into the night, I opened the door.
It was dimly lit inside, and I could barely see my feet in the moonlight.
It's dusty, and I don't think people walk through it on a daily basis.
As soon as I opened the door, there was a staircase, which seemed to lead to some basement somewhere.
Since it was Gram, I thought they were doing some kind of trick, but apparently it was only the wards that hid the door.
That's a little disappointing.
Well, the warding alone was enough to hide them, so ordinary humans might not be able to find them.
I suddenly felt a sense of discomfort and looked inside the door, the doorknob that was on the outside wasn't there.
So it's safe to assume that whoever is here is imprisoned.

My footsteps are the only sound of my steady footsteps in the darkness, which gets thicker the further down I go.
The stairs are wide enough for one person to pass through, and I can still see my feet faintly.
Maybe I should have brought some kind of light.
I thought about it for a moment as I descended the stairs, wary of every step I took.

There's a reason I'm here, of course.
I had forgotten it because I had left Uruk in a flowing fashion because of Crow, but I had been asked to help a family that had been kidnapped by the elves.
I think I responded with something like, "If it's lying in my path, I'll pick it up."
When I did the assassination, I took a quick look at the structure of the building and I noticed a hidden door.
I left it alone in the shock or something after I did the assassination.
This would have been a broken promise.
This is why I came all the way back.

...... Well, I'm sure those guys would have wanted to go help themselves if they could.

Let's replace it with me.
If my mother and sister Yui were kidnapped and I couldn't go to their aid because of other ties, would I think of leaving them to other people?
No, I'd probably work on my own now.
They are more than just beastmen, they are elves who live longer than the beastmen and have magical powers.
I'm not going to abandon the wishes of the elves, who were so determined to avoid conflict between races that they entrusted me with their wishes.

''What did you say? The "Lord

No, it's nothing.

I must have gone down about two basement levels.
I finally reached the end of the stairs.
My eyes, accustomed to the darkness, finally focused on something other than the stairs.

...... Is there someone out there?

A word with a strange intonation that sounded like some kind of dialect came through.

"They want me to make medicine again," he said. Like I said before, I'm not making drugs to ruin people anymore! I don't want to eat anymore. I'd rather die than make a drug that destroys people! These people wanted to get home as soon as possible!

His voice was shaky, but he sounded firmly core and determined.

'...... So, you're Amaryllis Craster?'

The winner of the contest some generations ago, who is said to have created the enhancement potion, was mentioned in the document that night has been sneaking around.
Leah and the others have been looking for him, though they didn't know he existed, but they didn't expect him to be right under their noses.
It's just like being in the dark under a lamp post, isn't it?
Come to think of it, when we were asked to show our IDs at the reception, we showed our dog tags, which are proof of adventurism, and most of the IDs had our occupation written on them as well.
Of course, it may have been for identification purposes, but it may also have been for the reason of confirming my profession.
I don't think those guys had the brains to figure out that a mere woman was a pharmacist and try to take advantage of her.

'...... who?' Show yourself.

At the sound of my voice, Amaryllis' voice changes to one of fright.
I used a magic stone to light a torch hanging on a nearby wall.