174 Episode 173 ~ No Attack ~ Looking at Zeal Asti.txt

We wanted to go deeper into the forest, but our progress was more difficult than we had expected.
We were struggling with the appearance of a demon.

'It's going that way, Nanase!

Yes, sir! Just drop to the ground! --'Windblade'!

Asahina-kun's voice made Nanase-kun release his magic.
Even though it was a very beginner's magic that wind mages are taught first, Nanase's 'Wind Blade' was as powerful as an intermediate level.
If you look closely, you can see that the wind around him is gathering to him.
If we weren't in the middle of a battle right now, I'd ask you right now what that power is and how it can be produced.
The demon that was in the air sinks to the ground.
Taking advantage of the opportunity, Asahina-kun and Sato-kun each held their weapons at the ready.

To answer the question as to why they are fighting again, you have to go back in time for about five minutes.
The tree demon - having escaped from Trent and joined us, we walked along the pathless paths of the forest, taking care to avoid encountering the demon as much as possible.

'Come to think of it, what was that ball they gave us in the labyrinth, I wonder what it was?

Waki-kun muttered as he walked behind the cat he had trained.
As I recall, the investigation report when the minotaur appeared in the Kantinen Labyrinth despite the low level, said that the ball of demon repellent used by Satou-kun had attracted the demons.
I knew I'd have to listen to the story thoroughly later, but after that, Commander Saran died and it was a bit of a blur.
The crucial Akira-kun, who defeated the Minotaur, left the castle because of the commotion, and now that I think about it, it was probably just a ploy by the kings.

'I don't know. The last thing I used then was the one handed to me by that princess. I used it to avoid fighting demons while working with the rest of the squad. ...... No, I'm pretty sure mine was a different color: ......

My eyes widened at Satou-kun's last murmur.
The smoke balls that ring and repel demons are usually sold in the adventurer's guild, and their performance differs depending on the color of the ball.
I was going to teach the brave men a lesson later, but it seems that the kings were the first to set it up.

''Do you remember what color they were?''

I think it was red, sir.

Satou-kun, who replied with his gaze slightly up in the sky, made me feel that I knew it, and I felt disappointed in the royalty he was protecting.

'As you may have guessed from the fact that the other balls were a different color, the red ball is a ball that attracts strong demons. Normally, they are used to make it possible to level up at lower levels, but I think it was only the ball that Satou-kun had, and it was the one that called in the demons instead of repelling them. We, the knights, also neglected to check our belongings. I am sorry.

When I bowed my head, Satou-kun and the others would hurriedly tell me to raise my head.
I wanted to share that humility with the kings.
In the past, they shouldn't have been the ones who used people like disposable tools.
That's why we, the Knights, were the knights who protected the king.
It was not supposed to be the role of protecting humans from the king by mistake.

''But why would they target Satou and the others?''

What, you don't need a brave man anymore?

I nod my head at Nanase-kun's words.
Before the summoning of the brave, I think the kings were extraordinarily obsessed with summoning the brave.
It was only after the queen's death that the king began to investigate as if he was possessed by something.
Yes, everything started to get distorted after the Queen's death.
The king who seems so long ago was a kind-hearted king who also cared for us knights.

...... Now, be that as it may, let's proceed. I hope we don't run into any demons at this point.

That's what we call a "flag," Mr. Gilles, we call it a flag.

Not paying attention to my words as I dared to avoid the topic, Nanase-kun said with a bemused look on his face.
I'm deeply relieved that Akira-kun isn't here.
He wouldn't miss my little stammering.

Then we started to walk, but suddenly our surroundings were in the shadows and we each put our hands on our weapons in alarm.
I'm impressed by their movements, which are much more accustomed to than when they first came to the castle, and I also put my hand on the hilt of the sword at my waist.
I looked up fearfully above me and exclaimed, "A whale!

''A whale!''

Satou-kun seems to know what that was.
A huge creature that seemed to cover the entire field of view was floating leisurely in the sky.
It had a large mouth and a body reminiscent of a fish.
A few sharp fangs were also visible.
Its small, barely visible black eyes were looking down on us.
Apparently, it has been recognized as an enemy.
I just wished we hadn't encountered them just now.

''Flying demons can only reach us if we drop them on the ground! Let's use long-range magic to drop it to the ground for now!

When I called out to her, Asahina-kun, who was relatively close to the demon, immediately released his magic into the sky.

''Burn my soul and burn my enemies--'Inferno''

Asahina-kun's flame magic covers the entire field of view.
The advanced level of flame magic, Inferno.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.
I'm not sure I'm going to be the only one who can use it, but it's one of those advanced magic that only a few people in this world can use.

''...... It's not working!

Nevertheless, the big demon was not even scratched after the smoke cleared.
It's just that the place it's flying is much closer to the ground than it was at first.

''Maybe it's just that the magic doesn't work! Let's just drop it on the ground for now.

Satou-kun's command to try out the long-distance attacks you can make.

'No! It's not working at all!

Waki-kun groaned in despair.
Even if it wasn't at full strength, he certainly felt the attack hit him.
However, its huge body didn't freak out.
If it was a demon whose magic just didn't work, he had encountered it a few times in the Kantianen Labyrinth.
But the current attack also included the arrows Waki-kun had fired, and the daggers coated with poison that worked on the demons thrown by Hosoyama-san and Ueno-san.
All of these must have reached the demons.
Nevertheless, the demon was still flying in the sky without any injuries.

I couldn't help but sigh in this tense situation.
I see, the closer we get to the demon tribe territory, the more uncommon demons like this will increase.
It's no wonder that Akira-kun has difficulty with their, and my, intervention.
His concern is really hard to understand, though.
It must not have been that long since I knew him, but he's like some clumsy blacksmith.

''There's an attack coming!

Tsuda raised his voice and raised a large shield in front of the non-combatants.
He has grown up a lot compared to just recently.
Would this forest make me do that?
I chuckled softly at the thought of such an impossible thing.

''Aaaaaaahhhh. !!!!!''

With a screaming cry, something sharp like a needle shot out from under the demon's belly in countless numbers.
He flicked his sword at all of them and looked around to see if they were safe.
Then they chuckle again.
Even though they were hurt, their eyes were not dead.

'They're over there, Nanase!

Oh, I think I can see now that Master Crow is almost bonded to Princess Amelia, even though he said he wouldn't take an apprentice so much.
It's a very satisfying feeling to see a person, a student, growing up.
So much so that I want to see more.

''Yes! Just drop to the ground! --'Windblade'!