181 Episode 180-Breaking the Limit-Tsushi Sato's Eyes.txt

His whole body is glowing faintly.
I don't know how long this, which is a skill of Mr. Ueno's, will last.
If we don't defeat this before then, we'll all die.
Maybe it's because I've never passed through the death line for so many days in a row, or maybe it's because my strength has reached its limit, but the sword that I should have practiced and wielded until it became part of my body felt oddly heavy.
My arms screamed every time I was attacked by a demon, and my legs and the muscles I moved twitched every time I moved my body.
My head is starting to hurt because I have to stand around while thinking about various things or I'll get attacked.
I don't need to think about it, I'm at my limit.

'I was so close. ......

We are almost to our destination, the safe house.
And yet, the strongest enemy here is standing in our way.
It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

I have to work out how to defeat an opponent whose attacks can't pass.
My first plan was to remove the joints of my arms and legs in melee combat, and if I could, I would make them unable to fight by fumbling with their limbs, but in the first place, I couldn't get any closer than crossing swords, and a particularly hard material was used around the weak points of the joints.
The sword would be repelled.
The second plan I thought of was to lower the level from the first one and let it scramble for now.
Whatever the case, I attacked with my feet in time with everyone's timing to block that mobility, but I didn't freak out even though I aimed at the foot that would be the axis when one foot came up.
What is this strength?
What in the world was it designed for?
I mean, who made this devilishly nasty stuff?

It's not working.
My thoughts are going in a weird direction and I'm not thinking straight.

"If only I could get that strength to work.

I got into a battle with a demon in the forest when I went with Tsuda and Ueno-san to look for food for everyone, and we fought to the death and I became incapable of fighting.
If you can produce that power now, I think you can defeat it.

But I've never been able to activate the holy swordsmanship before or after that time, and to begin with, I have an ordinary sword now.
It's tougher than the others, but it's not a holy sword.
Apparently there is hardly any literature left on what a holy sword is in the first place.
It used to be in the country of Humanity Power Yamato, but it was lost.

Considering this, one can only assume that the time when the holy sword technique was activated was special.
If that's the case, then you can't hope for a one-hit kill.


While I was thinking about this, Asahina-kun fell in the corner of my vision.
It seems that he was hit by an attack that was coming from a blind spot.
Asahina-kun collapsed and left the battle, the equilibrium that had just barely been maintained until now is broken.
The fallen Asahina-kun was carried behind Tsuda-kun's shield by Nanase-kun's magic.
Now, only me, Jiel-san, and Nanase-kun were left to fight.
Tsuda has not yet regained consciousness, and his shield is still held by Wagi.
Waki is not lacking in power, but his experience and knack are inferior to Tsuda's.
You may have been able to block one strike, but not the next.
It's no longer good enough to let a long-range attack escape behind you.

''Tsukasa! Next time!

When Nanase-kun's shouting made me huff and focus on the battle again, the robot that was slashing with Jiel-san was coming towards us.
Not good.
Waki-kun and the others are behind us.
If I take the attack seriously, the aftermath might go behind me.
However, if you let it pass you by, your back might turn into a target.
That's the only thing we must avoid at all costs.
How to do that .......
For now, whether to receive or tease the attack, I was going to prepare my sword.
But there was no sign of a limb moving.
Even though the robot is right around the corner, the body, which has reached its limit, ignores the commands from the brain.
I don't know what's going on with the human body structure in that area, but it's not moving anyway.
Even the sword hanging on the ground didn't move, not even a twitch.
What am I so far?
Everything seemed to be in slow motion.
Even if I died, at least we'd all have to protect .......

'So, who's going to protect you?'

Suddenly, I heard Akira's voice.
I don't remember these words being said by Akira, but this voice must belong to him.
Come to think of it, some of my memories of the labyrinth in which the curse had been activated had flown away.
I wonder if it was said then.

The sword hanging from his arm twitched.

''You are not there to protect everyone. Your power should be used to defeat the demon king.''

My whole body feels like it's back.

'Yes. My power is to defeat the Demon King.

I can't just fall down here.

Skill 'Limit Breakthrough' - Activate!

There is a sudden gust of wind around me, which was supposed to be windless, and my hair curls up.
My body moved as if it was a lie that I hadn't moved before.
I received the robot's attack, which felt so threatening, with the sword I held in one hand.
There was no impact behind me.

"But, Akira. I'm not able to switch and be merciless like you. ...... I will protect myself, protect everyone else, and still defeat the demon king!

He held the sword in both hands and gathered his strength.
For a moment, the power that was antagonistic was decided when the robot was blown up.
I chase after the robot before it crashes to the ground and slam my sword into the robot, as if to hit it with my rising thoughts.
The armor, which had suffered so much from the lack of attacks, easily passed through my sword, and its arms were quickly disintegrated into shreds.
It swings its sword further and its legs also crumble into pieces.
The robot with its limbs disassembled further blew off its lower body with the impact of hitting the ground.
Screws, bolts, and various other parts scattered around.

''Haha, haha.''

And I fell to the ground too.
The back of my throat was screaming.
Apparently, I hadn't been breathing during the 'breaking the limit'.
Hosoyama-san ran up to me without checking if the robot had stopped completely.
What if we haven't defeated it completely?
That's dangerous.
I was in a daze due to lack of oxygen, but I thought about it.

Sato-kun! Get a grip!

Hosoyama-san's 'healing' and Ueno-san's 'detoxification' caused his vision to be enveloped in light.
Apparently, Ueno-san's skills had run out before I knew it.
I see, when I thought my body wasn't moving, it seemed that the paralyzing poison was spreading throughout my body, although fatigue was of course one of the causes.

''You're being too reckless!

'It's true! I thought my heart was going to stop!

Despite the fact that he had defeated the demon, he couldn't help but chuckle at the reprimand from the two girls.
He didn't dislike these times.
And then, as if to whip the loose air, Ziel-san raised her voice.

'Vigilance! It's still working!

When I got up with a bang, the robot and the scattered parts that had fallen nearby, which should have been knocked down, were shaking and moving in small increments.

'No way, it's still working!

Horrified, he picked up the sword that had fallen to the ground and retreated inch by inch, sheltering the two men behind him.
The robot, which had been moving in increments, lifted off the ground, parts floating around it.
I groaned in the back of my throat.

'No way, self-renewal?'

As if to affirm my mutterings, the parts went back to where they were each, even the ones that had been slashed by the sword, sticking themselves back together.
It was as if we were watching a video of it playing in reverse.
Once again, the robot is in perfect condition and points its blade at us.

'How do I defeat ...... this kind of thing?'

Hosoyama-san let out a shaky voice at my back.
At the same time, the sword fell out of my hand and rolled to the ground.
The real limit came.
I didn't have the strength to pick up the sword, and if I moved poorly, the two men behind me would be split in half.
I glared at the robot.

Just then, a voice rang out from the trees.

"Hoho. I'm not sure I've ever worn out my "Usako 11" to this point since the master of the forest. Very interesting.

I let my gaze wander to a young voice that is disproportionate to this situation.
Even though it is the voice of a girl, probably around ten years old, its tone is pompous.

You can't fight anymore? I'm not going to be the only one who can do that. ...... I don't mind giving you some warmth.

The eyes, which had been closing in on me before I knew it, narrowed mischievously.
She must be two heads shorter than me, but I got the sense that I was looking up at her because of her somewhat condescending tone of voice.
Behind her was a robot very similar to the one I had been fighting.
The robot that was moving to attack us has also ceased its actions.
It seems to have survived.
When I got to that point, I collapsed to the ground with a sense of relief.
I'm barely conscious, but my body doesn't move.
Finally, it was over.